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Mobile Photo Workshop. Pictory Blog. Dilapidated industrial plants, a lack of a sewage system, and high air pollution burden the environment in cities like Ballsh, Patos, and Elbasan in central Albania.

Pictory Blog

Rivers, soil, and lakes are so heavily polluted that it would take decades to eliminate the damage and people have no other choice but to live in this pollution. The farmers use the contaminated water to irrigate their fields. Animals and human beings in these regions are in major health risk. African-American Faces Of The Civil War : The Picture Show. Hide captionThis rare portrait shows an identified Confederate noncommissioned officer, Sgt.

African-American Faces Of The Civil War : The Picture Show

Andrew Martin Chandler (left), and his named slave, Silas Chandler (right). It is the only Confederate photograph in the book by Rod Coddington, African American Faces of the Civil War. Born into slavery, Silas "was one of thousands of slaves who served as [body servants] during the war," writes Coddington. Collection of Andrew Chandler Battaile. Carine Brancowitz. Kate Pugsley. Die besten Fonts 2010.


ART FUCKS ME - Filed under 'photography' M jealous of random loveliness. I’m jealous of random loveliness I find all sorts of amazing bits & pieces in my travels around the internet.

m jealous of random loveliness

I usually post them to my “random lovely things” board on Pinterest, but today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you… a lovely/random way to kick off the weekend, yes?