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Hospitalfield – Hospitalfield, Arbroath. Various Artists : Town is the Garden - Deveron Projects. [N]ow, shakily on this little remnant of allotment, he sets a few beans.

Various Artists : Town is the Garden - Deveron Projects

Because it is the time of year: it is time to sow beans.Adrian Bell A community food growing project, of sorts. The Town is the Garden began in 2017 with Joss Allen (Green Coordinator), Camille Sineau (Project Assistant) and Lindy Young (Project Gardener), and was joined by Caroline Gatt (Project Assistant) in 2018 and Rhian Davies (Project Assistant) in 2020. The Town is the Garden team can be found in the margins of the garden. Crofting Commission. Has my application been received?

Crofting Commission

We will acknowledge receipt of your application once it has been checked and validated. We also put a list of applications received onto this website which is updated on a weekly basis, so you may wish to check that list before contacting us. Documenting - Deveron Projects. Publications, Archive, Town Collection, Libraries Deveron Projects has built up a sizeable archive of books, music, essays, films and other digital and physical records over the years.

Documenting - Deveron Projects

All of this is available to everyone and ensures that the projects, outputs and outcomes live on in the town and beyond. Publications Most projects have concluded in a publication in forms of books, CDs or DVDs. You have the opportunity to buy these in our shop which also offers a wide selection of postcards or official Huntly merchandise.


News & Events — MUTUAL. Rural Development Trust. Winter Residency 2020 - Scottish Sculpture Workshop. We are no longer accepting applications for this residency.

Winter Residency 2020 - Scottish Sculpture Workshop

Our Members — MUTUAL. Michael Di Matthew Niall Morvern Katariina Nat (( past ))

Our Members — MUTUAL

Transmission. Transmission is hosting… Ubuntu Women’s Shelter, Yon Afro Collective, The Glasgow School of Art PoC Collective and The Royal Conservatoire PoC Collective.... to offer contributions and reflections around precarity, care and communities.


The state of precarity is an experience of dealing with simultaneous multiplicities, in conditions that manifest through configurations of sexuality, race, gender, nation, class, and ethnicity. This project focuses on the increasing number and variety of forms of precarity and precariousness, existing within the arts, academia, education, in various modes. We begin with Transmission as a site of this creative, transformative process to open up ways for conversations to take place, strategies for resistance and a sense of solidarity within ourselves to rethink this space as a home for seeking refuge, a space for collective fragility as well as a coming together for community-building.

The precarious have no common identity, only common experiences. Find Us - Glasgow Autonomous Space. Home - Scottish Refugee Council. Scottish Rural Parliament. Camphill School Aberdeen - Our Mission To create a community where children and adults feel a sense of belonging, support and personal growth.

Camphill School Aberdeen -

A place where there is an inclusive, lifelong learning culture with an integrated approach to health, education and care. Our Vision To be recognised as a centre of excellence where children and adults can live, learn and work in an integrated community based on mutual respect and the unfolding of individual potential. Our Ethos We are committed to treating everyone with respect and dignity to enable them to discover their potential. We strengthen our community through social integration in the celebration of personal achievements and cultural life. Black Bull Close: Feasibility Study. We have just received the options appraisal report/feasibility study on our proposal for the Black Bull Close and the buildings within.

Black Bull Close: Feasibility Study

This is a really exciting time for us and it’s important we know your thoughts on it all. We have left two printed copies at the library in the Bleachingfields and you can also access it here. Your feedback, thoughts and concerns are crucial and we want to hear them, please do take a moment to complete a short survey that you can access here. There are only ten questions so it won’t take long at all and if you have anything else to add please just drop us an email. Food Justice Workshops - Nourish Scotland. In Scotland we have an opportunity to effect much needed change through the Good Food Nation Bill.

Food Justice Workshops - Nourish Scotland

We also have many very active and engaged community groups living the change they want to see. From 2017-2019, Nourish Scotland are running a series of participative food justice workshops to exploring what a rights-based approach has to offer. We hope to see the groups we work with participate in the Good Food Nation Bill process and complementing their existing work with a human rights analysis. Each workshop is tailored to the host groups needs, but we generally work around these themes: What the right to food means in law and in practice.What the potential of the Good Food Nation Bill is, andHow groups can advocate for a rights-based approach to the social and environmental justice issues they see. Life Science Centre. Agenda - Semaine du 3 février 2020. Compte rendu voyage ecosse. The Green Arts Initiative. Map Data Map data ©2020 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, Inst.

The Green Arts Initiative

Geogr. Nacional, Mapa GISrael Map DataMap data ©2020 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, Inst. Geogr. Paisley Arts Centre / Renfrewshire Leisure ArtformMulti-form Green Champion Carla Marina Almeida Address Paisley Arts Centre 15 New Street Paisley PA1 1EZ.


Architecture vivante Pishwanton Project. À la conquête des musées d’Édimbourg. St Peter's Seminary, Cardross. Atlas Arts - Contemporary visual art on Skye. The place for tartan and highland dress. 26, Kyle Industrial Estate, Kyle of Lochalsh, Kyle IV40 8AX, Royaume-Uni - Google Maps. Edinburgh Green Anti-Capitalist Front - Home. Story - Edinburgh Tool Library. The Story So Far: A Tale of Tool Cities By Chris Hellawell The story of the Edinburgh Tool Library began in the summer of 2013, when I was visited by a friend from Toronto. While chatting about social enterprise, she told me about a her home town’s new tool library, which lent out equipment to it’s members. I thought this was a great idea and made so much sense, so I started looking into it. Emails were exchanged with the Toronto Tool Library and arrangements were made for my return visit to Toronto the following October.

Curiosité Ecosse