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A perfect listening lesson. English for kids. Level 1 - Low -Beginner English Listeing Activities. Lektion : This is me. The book about me. Super Teacher Worksheets. Reading. F-3. Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. Lesson Plan. Daily Routines Level: Beginners Aim: at the end of the class the students will be able to share some information about their daily routines with their partners.

Lesson Plan

New Vocabulary Wash my hands Wash my face Wake up Eat breakfast Get dressed Comb my hair Have lunch Go to bed Simon says How to play: 1 player takes the role of 'Simon' and issues instructions (usually physical actions such as jump or stick out your tongue) to the other players, which should only be followed if prefaced with the phrase 'Simple Simon says', for example 'Simon says jump. . - The teacher explans the studetns that they are going to learn about daily routines. - The teacher show the students a picture about the daily routines. - The teacher pronounce the phrases several times and asks the students to repeat too.

Listen the following song about Daily Routines. - Now the teacher shares to the students a hand out with a text on it. - The teacher asks the studets to read the text and complete the task. Put the sentences together. English Alphabet flash cards. Recycled PET Bottle Christmas Stars. Once upon a time, bottle bases were recycled to make glass tiles.

Recycled PET Bottle Christmas Stars

Today, we can recycle the bottoms of plastic water, juice or olive oil bottles into twinkling stars with a snip of the scissors. These transparent decorations reflect light from every direction and make eye-catching beaded garlands or hanging decorations suspended from a bit of wire. For a set of five stars and three snowflakes, set aside eight plastic bottles. They can be colored or clear. Odd one out. Engelska 2014/15. Free News, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Reference Articles and Classic Books - Free Online Library. English Alphabet flash cards. Colors listening tests with images, English listening activities on colors, colors worksheets to print. English for kids. Food 1 & 2. Body Parts Song - by ELF Learning (This is ME!) Transportation.

Flashcard. Rating: 4.0/5 (11 votes cast) List of Common Verb walk, run, play, sleep, read, write, jump, ride, talk, cry, laugh, climb, cook, wait, watch TV, dance, fight , fly.


English for kids. Red fruits and vegetables. Pronoun Song for Kids. The English Alphabet. - Kunskapsspel för barn. Fruits and Vegetables Bingo sheet. Food. Digital läsförståelse i Engelska åk 3-6. Teaching with songs. Kunskapsbanken, Övningar på engelska - Unga Fakta. Övningar på engelska Material Vi har fått många förfrågningar av lärare om Unga Fakta kan producera material på engelska och vi har därför satt ihop några roliga övningar på för användning i skolan.

Kunskapsbanken, Övningar på engelska - Unga Fakta

Siffror Lär dig räkna och skriva till tio på engelska. Varje siffra kan du även färglägga. Djur Lär dig namn på djur med hjälp av bilder. Korsord Enkla korsord på engelska som passar bra för nybörjare. Nursery rhymes I Storbritannien och USA är det väldigt populärt med ”Nursery rhymes”. Klassiker För de som läst engelska lite längre har vi plockat ut några korta stycken ur kända klassiker att läsa själva eller i grupp. Åsikter. Engelska år 3. Formativa arbetssätt för engelskundervisningen. Jag samlar länkar för att utmana mig själv i det formativa arbetssättet och för att variera undervisningen och hitta rätt inlärningsstil för eleverna.

Formativa arbetssätt för engelskundervisningen

Jag såg att vi är fler som vill utmana oss i det på blogghubben. Här kommer ett litet bidrag med de länkar eller arbetssätt jag just för tillfället kan bidra med. Den absolut bästa länksamlingen är gjor av IT-mamman, men även den på IKT-skafferiet är väldigt bra. Prepositions Flashcards. Download-1115574914. English for kids. Library Lion. Printable File Folder Games. Relief Teaching Ideas. This is one of my favourite spelling activities.

Relief Teaching Ideas

Most students already know how to play the traditional version of Tic Tac Toe so it’s an easy one to introduce to classes. They can play on paper or on mini whiteboards. Students play in pairs and take turns writing the word that they need the most practice with, into a box on the grid. First to get 3 in a row wins that round. Students can choose a different word to practice for each round. The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin is the most unique picture book I’ve come across. Unlike traditional picture books about colours, this book invites readers to imagine colours through the perspective of a blind person, using a person’s senses to describe each colour, rather than using bright, colourful pictures.

Kathy, one of the members of our Facebook community, recently posted some 5 senses poetry that her students wrote after reading the book. This is just one idea for this book. For more teaching ideas based on this book, click here: Kunskapsbanken, Övningar på engelska - Unga Fakta. Formativa arbetssätt för engelskundervisningen. Clothing Flash Cards - by ELF Learning (original) Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. Worksheets Pages - Daily Routines. The Morning Routines Song - Songs for kids learning English.