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How to create and keep an art journal. By aisling d'art ©2006 Artist's journals are illustrated diaries and journals on any theme. An art journal can be a record of your daily thoughts, a travel journal, an exercise or diet diary, a dream journal, a place where you jot down your goals or to-do lists, or... well, almost any record that you'd like to keep in a book or notebook. They become "art journals" when you add any kind of illustration or embellishment to the pages. These pages share ideas and tips for creating and keeping your own illustrated journal. How to create an art journal How I started my art journals - Early notes about how I work, from a 2001 email. Art journaling techniques How to collage in your art journals - A summary of the basics. Color basics for art and travel journals - An overview, preparing for my upcoming workshop and journaling tour. Materials and supplies for art journaling Composition book art journals - Affordable, fun notebooks for all kinds of journals and diaries.

Writing tips, prompts, and ideas. A Simple Square Zentangle. 'origami' flowers. Coffee Filter Flowers. Hello lovely readers, Apologies for the delayed post today. This post was originally one sweet little DIY tutorial all set to go live at 9am this morning then I got immersed in the intoxicating world of coffee filter flowers and ended up adding another and another until I was up to my eyeballs in coffee filter tutorials and inspiration! So it took waaay longer than expected but I do hope you’ll find it useful. If you’re looking for a cheap, simple and pretty DIY project for your wedding, coffee filter flowers could be just the thing! Photo via Just Simple Designs Who knew coffee filters could look so pretty? The great thing about coffee filter flowers is that they can be used in so many different ways, from decor (they’d make a mean ceremony backdrop) to centerpieces, place settings, wreaths and, if done in miniature, they’d look so sweet attached to escort cards or favor boxes!

You could even create a bunch of them, attach them to ribbon wrapped florist’s wire et voila! Dying Coffee Filters. Crepe Paper Roses. Today we’re happy to present the first Folding Trees tutorial from a contributor! (If you would like to write for Folding Trees, see our Submissions page for details.) Find out how to make SiSi’s beautiful crepe paper roses with our tutorial: You will need: Red crepe paper (at least 30″ long)Green crepe paper (at least 12″ long)Green wired stemScissorsGlue Instructions Fold the red crepe paper in half horizontally to form a long thin strip.

Roll the paper around that end about 3 times (you are forming the center of the rose). With the long end of the crepe paper, gently fold it backwards and continue to roll. A good tip is to hold the bottom part tightly so it does not become loose. When you get to the end, leave about 2.5″ unrolled. Insert the green wired stem at the bottom of your rose. Cut a piece from the green crepe paper, and cut out an X-shaped ‘leaf’ for the bottom of the rose. Cut the remainder of the green crepe paper in half to make it thinner. Finished! Painting with Water Color. Piktochart: Infographic and Graphic Design for Non-Designers.

Nationalmuseum. 2 Easter Paper Crafts. 1. Big paper eggs - easy to cut off and assemble, suitable for Easter decoration. We cut 4-5 green printer sheets into thin strips to make the grass on the photos. After that we crumpled it well and it turned into fresh spring grass. We used paper in different colors and it turned out well.

You can also decorate the eggs with pencils or felt-tip pens before assembling them. Print out our paper egg template on colored A4 sheets. 2. Color the legs, the beak and the comb after cutting out and folding the template. See more Easter ideas: Chogger - seriestripar. 6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Comics.

In the days of cold, hard newsprint, only people who could draw were successful comic strip authors. In some cases, this resulted in comic strips that had very nice pictures, but weren't all that funny (cough, Blondie). Thankfully, the Internet has taught us not to accept an inferior form of comic artistry, but a more flexible one. Comic strip enthusiasts who want funny but don't care about pretty drawing can have their strips, those who want artistry have theirs, and even those with very specific tastes can find something just right.

The best part about these developments is that they allow you, regardless of any talent as an artist or comedian, to create your very own comic strip. Depending on what you're going for, you can use one of these six sites to help you do it. 1. is easy enough for children to use, but there are enough options for adults to get a message across, too. One limiting factor is color. 2. The site does have some rough patches. 3. 4. 5. 6. DATORN i UTBILDNINGEN. 6427110201.pdf. Serier i undervisningen – Lärarhandledning. Lärarhandledningrdgrafiska2015-02-11T16:06:45+00:00 Urvalet av uppgifter i denna handledning är stort och varierat, med syfte att vara anpassningsbart utifrån gruppens och elevernas behov och intressen. Uppgifterna är skapade utifrån kursplanen i svenska, och täcker in ett stort antal av svenskämnets mål. Ungefär hälften av uppgifterna är framtagna för att man ska kunna arbeta med valfria och allmänna Kalle Anka-serier.

Resterande uppgifter är kopplade till tio noggrant utvalda serier som bedömts vara särskilt lämpliga för användning i skolan. Dessa serier finns samlade i en särskild volym, Kalle Anka och hans vänner. Handledningen innehåller även en detaljerad beskrivning av de vanligaste Ankeborgs-karaktärerna samt av de två populäraste Kalle Anka-skaparna: Carl Barks och Don Rosa. Som tillhörande bilaga medföljer ett särskilt kopieringsunderlag. Lärarhandledningen bedöms som lämplig för skolundervisning från årskurs 3. Författare: Melinda Galaczy, lärare, Södervångsskolan, Vellinge. Ink & Stains. Comics Pages. Grottmålning. Grottmålning Det här behöver du:- Pappersark- Vattenfärg- Tandborste- En hand eller andra saker att måla av Tillsammans med grottmålningar av olika djur så har man också hittat handavtryck på grottväggar.

Man tror att dessa konstverk har kommit till när våra förfäder samlat färgstarkt lerdamm i ett vassrör och sedan blåst ut dammet kring en hand tryckt mot väggen. Du kan göra din egna handavtryck på papper med en liknande metod. Doppa en tandborste i vatten, och gnugga den mot en färgkaka av vattenfärg. Lägg din hand mot ett pappersark. Håll den ungefär 5 cm ovanför handen och dra med tummen eller pekfingret genom borsten. När du har fått ett bra färgmönster runt handen är du färdig. Du kan också prova att spraya över saker som hör till vår tid som till exempel en sax, en penna eller en flaska. Forn. Rolled paper flowers. Welcome to flower week – five days of simple and delightful flower projects. I could probably do three weeks of flowers because there are so many different ways to create them, but I’ve limited it to five of my current favorites. Before we get started, let me make a few disclaimers: 1.

I find inspiration for projects all over the place {online, in shops, in magazines}, then figure out how to re-create them on my own. Each of these projects are my adaptation of something I’ve seen elsewhere. 2. 3. Okay, so let’s begin. Here’s what you’ll need: :: paper {either cover or text weight} :: florist wire :: scissors, pencil, glue gun STEP ONE: cut irregular circle This circle is approximately 8 inches, but you can do any size you wish. STEP TWO: cut spiral Start at the outside edge and cut in a spiral fashion to the center. I like a sort of bumpy shape so that the petals end up a bit irregular If you aren’t so sure about your cutting skills, feel free to draw your spiral before cutting. Paper Chain People. Paper Chain People Craft While putting together these Christmas paper chains, I decided to create several more paper chain templates of people, animals and fun shapes.

My kids love making accordion fold paper chains – I guess sometimes the simplest kids crafts can also be the most satisfying! Check out all of the printable crafts on Craft Jr.! Kids Crafts, Printables & Kid Friendly Recipes. Learn Basic Drawing. Six FREE easy and fun Basic Drawing lessons! The six Basic Drawing Lessons I have created have proven successful for beginning students over the past 40 years I have been an art instructor. I have written step by step, information-rich lessons that are easy to understand and fun to do!

Learning drawing skills and techniques is accomplished through exercises that acquaint students with drawing materials first, so that confidence is gained early on and the student is ready for the visual projects. Perhaps you are feeling cautious about drawing. Maybe you've never drawn before, or, you did drawings long ago but something or some one discouraged you and you quit. You may think that drawing is just for those gifted with creative talent. No!

Watch my video of the introductory basic drawing lecture that helps and encourages students like you to learn how to draw! Basic Drawing Lecture Here's the Basic Drawing Course Outline Doodling! "Samantha" Pencil drawing by Lois DeWitt Shading! Draw What You See! Drawing Lessons for Beginners. ART LESSONS LIBRARY. Looking for an art lesson? Click on any of the three categories below to show you my collection of lessons, posts and tutorials for each topic…. Easy snowflake Christmas ornament. Typography + Hand Lettering on Pinterest | 356 Pins. The pro's guide to hand-drawn typography. Illustrated typography has become a field in its own right, with illustrators, designers and self-made letterers working across media to present their unique spin on this growing trend. From traditional sign making in local communities to editorial illustration and publishing, to ground breaking advertising campaigns such as Kate Moross Cadbury’s billboards, hand drawn typography injects personality and playful fun into our daily lives.

Creating your own lettering might be something you do for fun, a simple exercise in doodling to kick start your creativity - but with an abundance of opportunities for specialists in this field it might be time to focus your energies on developing your skills. Carving out a niche Based in London and working collectively under the name Animaux Circus, Lana Hughes, Rory Elphick & Margaux Carpentier formed a bond over their mutual love of design whilst studying Graphic Communication at University of the Creative Arts. Work that resonates A love for type Technique. How to create and keep an art journal. Free art lessons - teach yourself how to draw, paint and design.

The Art of: The Mood Board. I have a bit of a confession to make: I love mood boarding maybe a little more than I love designing and it’s no surprise that for me Pinterest is one of my favorite tools. I think it stems from my need to classify things. Creating a visual representation of a new brand, a movie, or that next perfect fashion trend is exciting and part of the basis of every good project because without a mood board, you and your team/client can’t solidify the style/mood/theme etc. What is a mood board? A mood board is typically a combination of images, fonts, colors, and textures that define the style of the project. It is a tool for creatives and clients to come to an agreement about style. They come in many forms and they might even be called something different depending on the industry that you’re in. I’ve seen mood boards show up in fashion, film, photography, branding, web design, wedding planning, interior decorating etc. and they all have different ways of laying out their graphics.

Layout 1. 2. Designselection. Tinkercad: 3D digital design. Autodesk 123D Design. Sweet Home 3D. Bildsal@117 | flippad bildundervisning. År 4. Bildsalen | En blogg för bildämnet på Kilafors skola. Bildbloggen DBGY. Reklam. Att göra parafraser är ett bra sätt att studera bilder. Parafras= Man "härmar" en känd bild eller konstverk och gör om den på sitt sätt, ofta lite humoristiskt.

Avbildar man den är det ett plagiat. Många har säkert gjort parafraser på MonaLisa (finns även i denna blogg) och andra kända konstverk. Ett alternativ är att studera logotyper och reklam och göra parafraser på kända varumärken. Ingår dessutom i kursplanen för 4-6 : "Reklam- och nyhetsbilder, hur de är utformade och förmedlar budskap. " How to draw funny cartoons. Simple guide to improve your drawing skills. Skapligt enkelt i bildundervisning. Hur kan Skapligt Enkelt vara till hjälp i undervisningen? Målet med Skapligt Enkelt har aldrig varit att bli en heltäckande bank för att täcka det centrala innehållet för ämnet bild, men en del av de tips som finns här kan användas i bildundervisning i skolan. Se det som tips till det praktiska arbetet och utforma sedan själv lektionen med syfte och kunskapskrav i åtanke.

Nedan ger jag exempel på uppgifter som skulle kunna passa till de olika delarna i det centrala innehållet. Det är svårt att göra uppdelningen 1-3/4-6 då många uppgifter går att anpassa till åldrarna. Samtidigt som jag gjorde sammanställningen här, insåg jag att det fanns en utmaning för mig att fylla i de luckor som uppdagades. Vi får väl se vad som kan hamna där. Men tills dess hoppas jag att sammanställningen kan vara en hjälp så som den är.

Syfte med ämnet bild: Genom undervisningen i ämnet bild ska eleverna sammanfattningsvis ges förutsättningar att utveckla sin förmåga att Bildframställning Redskap för bildframställning. Five Card flickr completed story. Lektioner i bild. Color Scheme Designer 3. Art lessons - teach yourself drawing, painting and sketching. Kids think design | a design resource for kids, parents, teachers. Site Index. ART LESSONS LIBRARY. _Free Downloads_Free Art Lessons. Discover How to Draw & Paint Whatever You Want. The Elements of Art. Pastels Plus Links to Tutorials - Hodgepodge.

Aktuellt - Lillholmsskolans Bildakademi. Kliv in i historien - boken - Lillholmsskolans Bildakademi. Tejpakvarell. Bild-konststilar-pp-2. Målarbilder och foton | Drawing tool - DrawIsland. Science project: Food-dye Color Wheel. Collage Art for Kids. Nationalmuseum. Foto som källa - Stockholmskällan. Bildarkiv - Örebro kommun. DLTK's Crafts for Kids. Art Projects for Kids. Mandalas. Trimble SketchUp. Free Images - Pixabay.

Imagebase: Free Stock Photography. Everystockphoto - searching free photos. Clip Art - Backgrounds - Clip Art Frames. Clippix. Public Domain Images. Photos Public Domain. Flickr Commons. Tree Men. Morguefile.

Läsfixare-bokmärke.pdf. Unsplash. Wikimedia Commons. Psykopaint - Amazing art from photos. Color Scheme Designer 3. Hitta bilder som du får använda. Shape Collage - Automatic Photo Collage Maker. Everystockphoto - searching free photos. 25 Creative Packaging Designs That Practically Sell Themselves. Colossal | Art, design and visual ingenuity. Learn to Draw Tutorials for Kids.

Måla rita skriva. Mini Matisse. Art Projects for Kids. Skapande. How to draw. Heads + faces. Free art lessons online instruction - learn how to draw, sketch paint. Drawing Techniques & Reference Directory of Lessons & Tutorials with Step by Step Tutorials for How to Draw Cartoons, Comics, Illustrations, & Photo-Realistic Artwork. Shading Techniques. Drawing Techniques & Reference Directory of Lessons & Tutorials with Step by Step Tutorials for How to Draw Cartoons, Comics, Illustrations, & Photo-Realistic Artwork.

1M2rgVL. Miscellaneous Drawing Tutorial Links.