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Dental Doctors Mailing Addresses. “…Remember, Oral surgery is not expensive…Neglect is…” (TahoeOralSurgery) In business too, it’s unwise to neglect even the smallest issues.

Dental Doctors Mailing Addresses

So be focused and make the right choices in the beginning, to avoid greater mistakes in the future. Medical Oncologist Email List. (Total Records-2,134) In 2015, it is estimated that there will be 1,658,370 new cancer cases and approximately 589,430 deaths due to cancer in the United States – American Cancer Society There are facts that drive action – and this is one of those facts.

Medical Oncologist Email List

For medical marketers, CME program providers, pharmaceutical companies or any others, this exponential rise in the number of patients suffering from cancer, is the right time to invest in a relevant email marketing list of medical oncologists, to reach out to specialists who would benefit with the right medical supplies and services. Attorney Email List. “Time is money, especially when you are talking to a lawyer or buying a commercial” – Frank Dane So value your time and money, and let us at Lake B2B show you how!

Attorney Email List

We have been serving clients for the last 13 years and can show them the right approach to do business and campaigns to lawyers, attorneys, solicitors and other legal practitioners. Real Estate Industry Email Lists. (Total Records-728,512) The Lake B2B Real Estate Professionals Masterfile consists of over 500,000 agents, brokers, owners, managers and C-level professionals within the real estate industry.

Real Estate Industry Email Lists

Email, postal and telemarketing data are available for a multi-channel campaign. Top performers rely on proven real estate leads from Lake B2B. Whether you’re a realtor, broker or property manager, connecting with your ideal prospects is essential to your success. Neurosurgeons Email List. Did You Know: The brain only comprises somewhere around 2% of body weight.

Neurosurgeons Email List

But it uses 20% of its energy! If that doesn’t explain how important the brain is, then probably the fact that an established neurosurgeon has an average salary of $581,000 (AMGA Medical Group Compensation & Financial Survey, 2008) can explain things better! All that a person has to do is search on the internet and they will come across thousands of cases where the brain and nerves are responsible for a person’s ill health.

Radiation Oncology Mailing Addresses. (Total Records-1,508) The average radiation oncologist sees nearly300 patients annually, considering that almost two-thirds of all cancer patients receive radiation during their treatment – RT Answers And numbers don’t lie – especially then they are dealing with thousands of patients.

Radiation Oncology Mailing Addresses

The number of cancer patients has been rising significantly making it integral for oncologists to stay updated on medical innovation and R&D. Physician Assistants Mailing Addresses. “Employment of PAs in 2010 was 83,600 and with the BLS projecting a growth of 38-39% it is predicted that physician assistant will be the second fastest growing healthcare specialty, with projected employment of 108,300 in 2020 The figures stated clearly indicate that greater opportunities for business prosperity and expansion are possible in the future.

Physician Assistants Mailing Addresses

At Lake B2B we are here to build foundations below your ambitions by offering you the physician assistants email database! Integrating data with business strategies with Lake B2B’s physician assistants e-mail list If you have the ambition to prosper, then we can form a great team! With over 13 years experience in the field of database marketing services and solutions, we at Lake B2B can help marketers fill in the blanks. Dermatology Mailing Database. (Total Records-14,765) If you consider cosmetic and general dermatology as one, the specialty had the ability to generate US$12 billion in revenue with an annual growth rate of 2.5% (09-14) with medium barriers to entry the sector!

Dermatology Mailing Database

(IBISWorld) We cited those figures to make marketers realize the potential dermatology as a specialty has, and how much can be benefited from it only if one plays the game systematically and in a planned manner! Internal Internist Medicine Mailing Addresses. (Total Records-107,715) “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity…” – Hippocrates In healthcare marketing there are certain challenges that you will have to duel on your own – but for the others, especially those related to marketing databases, we at Lake B2B can be of service.

Internal Internist Medicine Mailing Addresses

In order to contribute positively to the enormous healthcare sector, as a medical marketer what you need to do is be able to reach out to the right specialists. With Lake B2B’s Internists email database we believe you can make the right beginning! Surgeons Mailing Addresses. “I don’t dawdle.

Surgeons Mailing Addresses

I’m a surgeon. I make an incision, do what needs to be done and sew up the wound. Email Appending Services. Email is the dominant contact information, and undeniably most businesses would prefer to communicate with you through email. We make your database enhanced and marketable via email appends of the email addresses that you specifically need for your business. Only those addresses which have opted in and are highly deliverable are considered for appending, without any scope for the rest. We bet that our appending services are unmatched and unbeaten. We ensure that an email address is current and ‘in use’ through validation or welcome emails.

Let’s discuss some of the pointers that will help you personalize when facing your prospects: Cosmetologist Email List. With more than US$40 billion in annual sales, the salon and spa industry was the only industry to witness a decline of only 0.1% in the number of establishments, even during the time of global recession!

The beauty industry has over the years emerged as one of the most consistent performers and have contributed significantly to the growth and sustenance of economies across the world. At Lake B2B, we take this as an opportunity for healthcare marketers to grow and offer the cosmetologist email database for marketers to invest in and foster growth through new client acquisition, market expansion, brand awareness and more. As a high-potential industry, cosmetology specialists are prone to receiving communications from marketers for the sale and purchase of their medical offerings. Endocrinologists Email List. (Total Counts=6,669) “My job is not to be easy on people. Mental Health Professionals Email List. (Total Counts=57,588) The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that there are over 552,000 mental health professionals practicing in the United States alone So we are assuming that as a medical marketer with a purpose in mind, you are not really keen to play the number game, but a quality game.

That is how many professionals are willing to invest in your brand and services. At such a point, we recommend making use of our email list of mental health professionals as a means of saving time and resources in trying to collate business data. While developing the mailing address lists of mental health professionals, it has been our practice to offer clients the option to invest in data-by-selects.

Lake B2B’s Mental Health Practitioner Mailing Lists Features. Loan Bankers Mailing Addresses. (Total Counts=20,81,211) “Awards do not pay the mortgage.” – Kevin Chamberlin So don’t go by the glossy decoration – instead, choose quality! Food and Beverage Manufacturing Email List. Internet of Things Customers Mailing Addresses. (Total Counts=92,930) Coined by Kevin Ashton first in 1999, IoT refers to the network of physical objects embedded with sensors, network connectivity, software and electronics that facilitates data collection and exchange.

It is estimated that by 2020 IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects. Businesses and organizations are going wireless. Chiropractic Mailing Addresses. If you replace Doctor visits for back pain with visits to the Chiropractor, Medicare could save $83.5 million a year! (Source: The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine) Fortune 1000 Companies Email List. Optometric Mailing Addresses. Did You Know: In the United States there are approximately 150 million people who wear corrective lenses? (American Optometric Association, 2010) 150 million people in the United States only – how many would that be if you consider the global population? CEO Mailing Addresses. Hospitals Decision Makers Mailing Addresses. “Education, housing and hospitals are the most important things for society.” – Zaha Hadid.

Nurses Mailing Addresses. “Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.” – Dag Hammarskjold Nursing is a healthcare profession focused on caring for individuals for improving and/or maintaining their quality of life. Psychology Mailing Addresses. What’s the one thing common between the U.S. states of California, New York and Pennsylvania? They had the highest number of licensed psychologists as of 2012 – American Psychological Association.

Physicians Email List. “My job as a physician is to make sure I have provided my patients with the best options to make the decisions that affect their lives.” – Ami Bera. Dental Doctors Mailing Addresses. Manufacturing Sector Mailing Database.