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31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects. DIY Beaded Stackable Bracelets {EASY} How to Create a Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet. A Super Easy DIY Beaded Leather Bracelet.

How to Make a Fork Bracelet DIY Fashion and Craft Tutorials. I've always loved taking everyday items and making them into something interesting.

How to Make a Fork Bracelet DIY Fashion and Craft Tutorials

Ever since I was a little crafty kid I loved devouring books that taught me how to make little dolls from clothespins, beads from rolled up magazines, and little fairy ornaments from wire and fake flower petals. The first time I saw my friend wearing a bracelet made from a fork a few years ago, I knew I had to try it (*ahem Carly ;)). I wrote up a tutorial a while back, but I've had some questions about the directions I gave so I decided to make a proper tutorial with a video! :) (Please excuse my intro, if you can't hustle your website on your Youtube channel, where else are you supposed to do it? What you need:♥ A fork. I think these forks are the easiest to use, and I've used a lot of different forks. :)♥ Pliers, 3 pairs. 1 jewelry pair, 1 regular pair or needle nose, and an adjustable wrench.♥ Piece of thick fabric like denim or corduroy.♥ Strong hands.

I've always really liked layering bracelets. DIY Bath Jellies. Monday, March 18, 2013 DIY Bath Jellies Hi Everyone!

DIY Bath Jellies

Easter, Mother’s Day, and Spring is coming so I wanted to give you all a new and refreshing Do It Yourself project. I will be showing you how to make Bath Jellies inspire by Lush! This is basically a body wash but in jelly form. (click on title to continue reading) What you will need: -Fun jars or containers for storing the jelly soap -Body wash, color or scented in fine. Make sure to follow the measure in the instruction on your gelatin package. DIY Tiffany & Co inspired Jewelry Box. Here’s my video tutorial I don’t know about you, but I have accumulated a large collection of rings and having them bang around int he bottom of my jewelry drawer just wasn’t cutting it.

DIY Tiffany & Co inspired Jewelry Box

I needed a way to organize them as well as a way to easily and quickly find the rings that went with the outfits I was wearing. As a result, I made a really cool storage box out of a shadow box display from my local craft store. This tutorial can also be modified and used for other items besides rings. So first, you need to buy a shadow box that opens from the front like a jewelry box. Ok, next you will need to select your paint if you want to give it a pop of color.

When it comes to painting acrylic paint, I like to use foam brushes for their ease of painting a smooth finish without brush strokes showing. Ok, you will also need a ruler, scissors, a sharpie, masking tape, cloth and foam. Ok, so first step is to mask the glass so you don’t end up painting it. DIY Nicole Richies’s Inspired Hair Jewelry. Friday, October 12, 2012 DIY Nicole Richies’s Inspired Hair Jewelry Hey Lovelies!

DIY Nicole Richies’s Inspired Hair Jewelry

So I have always loved the way Nicole Richie rocked out her Indian inspired hair jewelry. DIY Rotating Necklace & Jewelry Stand. Hello Everyone!

DIY Rotating Necklace & Jewelry Stand

Have you looked into your jewelry box to find a great necklace to top off your outfit only to find a huge ball of tangled jewelry? Do you have a lot of statement necklaces that you just can’t figure out a way to display and organize? I know I do! After making my spinning nail polish holder, I was inspired to make this great display! What is great about this project is that you make one a no cost or jazz this up with some thirfted items and a lazy busan bearing. I will be using some plates I found these at my local thrift store, which were $1.99 for 2!!! Next, you will need spacers to put between the plates. Gold Plated Sweater Dress. Like this: Like Loading...

Gold Plated Sweater Dress

Filed under Dresses, Sweaters, Tops. Yellow Gathered Grecian Dress. Carrie Underwood Make-Up Tutorial by Kandee.