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Coogan's Run - Wikipedia. Episodes[edit] In order of broadcast: Get Calf featured the already well known characters Paul Calf and his sister Pauline (both played by Coogan).

Coogan's Run - Wikipedia

Paul gets into trouble with three criminal brothers after witnessing a bank robbery and being forced to identify them in court. He joins a cult and retreats to their residence where he is lured into a porn film. In Dearth of a Salesman, Coogan plays the insensitive, egotistical computer hardware salesman, Gareth Cheeseman. A Handyman For All Seasons: Main character Ernest Moss had previously appeared in live shows giving a safety lecture (as seen on the 1994 video release Live 'n' Lewd). Thursday Night Fever: Mediocre club entertainer Mike Crystal (Coogan) invents an alter-ego, Clint Stallone, when his career begins to falter. Natural Born Quizzers, featuring the mad, trivia-obsessive brothers Stewart and Guy Crump (Coogan and Patrick Marber). External links[edit] Coogan's Run at the Internet Movie Database. Asylum (BBC TV series) - Wikipedia.

The series has yet to be released on DVD.

Asylum (BBC TV series) - Wikipedia

Moving Wallpaper - Wikipedia. The title, "Moving Wallpaper", is a disparaging term applied to uninspiring TV shows, or to television in general, referring to the perception that modern television viewers are "mindless absorbers of images", as if staring at wallpaper.[2] Production[edit] A six-episode second series of Moving Wallpaper was commissioned and began airing on ITV on 28 February 2009, again in the Friday 9 pm slot.

Moving Wallpaper - Wikipedia

Appropriate Adult - Wikipedia. This article is about the 2011 television series.

Appropriate Adult - Wikipedia

For the legal term, see Appropriate adult. Production. Taxi (TV series) - Wikipedia. The show focuses on the employees of the fictional Sunshine Cab Company, and its principal setting is the company's fleet garage in Manhattan.

Taxi (TV series) - Wikipedia

Among the drivers, only Alex Reiger, who is disillusioned with life, considers cab driving his profession. The others view it as a temporary job. Elaine Nardo is a single mother working as a receptionist at an art gallery. Tony Banta is a boxer with a losing record. Bobby Wheeler is a struggling actor. A number of episodes involve a character having an opportunity to realize his or her dream to move up in the world, only to see it yanked away. Learn German Through TV: 8 Great Shows for German Learners. You’ve already read the must-read German classics.

Learn German Through TV: 8 Great Shows for German Learners

Next you turned to music, and continued learning German with some great modern songs that still get stuck in your head from time to time. And then you began watching German movies to take your German skills to the next level. The movies have been great so far! But sometimes you just don’t want to commit to a 3-hour long film, am I right?

Lost Highway: The Story of Country Music. The four-part, four-hour documentary travels the Lost Highway and uncovers the story of country music on a journey to the heart of America and the music that has come to define it.

Lost Highway: The Story of Country Music

From the makers of the award-winning series Dancing in the Street and Walk On By comes another major heritage music series charting the history of American country music in the words of its greatest performers, producers, musicians and songwriters. Lost Highway will chart the history and growth of country music from its roots in mountain music, through bluegrass to the emergence of Hank Williams and honky tonk, the rise of the pop friendly Nashville Sound, the extraordinary emergence of female performers to positions of dominance in the industry and the success of newer forms of the genre from country rock to alt. country.

It includes exclusive contributions from Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch, Hank Williams III, Kris Kristofferson and Dolly Parton amongst others. BBC Three parodies Making a Murderer in Sexy Murder - Media Centre. Burnistoun - Wikipedia. Maybe later |Close Thank you!

Burnistoun - Wikipedia

We will send you a reminder email. Dear readers in Canada, time is running out in 2016 to help Wikipedia. To protect our independence, we'll never run ads. Campus (TV series) - Wikipedia. The main characters in Campus.

Campus (TV series) - Wikipedia

Top row, left-to-right, Flatpack (Bailey), Lydia Tennant (Wells), Imogen Moffat (Jackson), Nicole Huggins (Pascoe) and Jason Armitage (Adamsdale); Bottom row, left-to-right, Matt Beer (Millson), Jonty de Wolfe (Nyman) and George Bryan (Ryan). General Specific. Drop the Dead Donkey - Wikipedia. Drop the Dead Donkey is a situation comedy that first aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom between 1990 and 1998.

Drop the Dead Donkey - Wikipedia

It is set in the offices of "GlobeLink News", a fictional TV news company. Recorded close to transmission, it made use of contemporary news events to give the programme a greater sense of realism. It was created by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin. The series had an ensemble cast, making stars of Haydn Gwynne, Stephen Tompkinson and Neil Pearson. The series began with the acquisition of GlobeLink by media mogul Sir Roysten Merchant, an allusion to either Robert Maxwell or Rupert Murdoch. The Worst Week of My Life - Wikipedia. The Worst Week of My Life is a British television sitcom, first broadcast on BBC One between March and April 2004.

A second series was aired between November and December 2005 and a three-part Christmas special, The Worst Christmas of My Life was shown during December 2006. It was written by Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni. Plotline[edit] Series one[edit] Hogan's Heroes - Wikipedia. Hogan's Heroes is an American television sitcom set in a German prisoner of war (POW) camp during World War II.

It ran for 168 episodes from September 17, 1965 to April 4, 1971 on the CBS network. Bob Crane starred as Colonel Robert E. Hogan, coordinating an international crew of Allied prisoners running a Special Operations group from the camp. Criminal Justice (TV series) Criminal Justice is a British television drama series produced by the BBC and first shown in 2008.

Written by Peter Moffat, each five-episode series follows the journey of an individual through the justice system and was first broadcast over five successive nights on BBC One. The first series, first shown in 2008, starred Ben Whishaw as Ben Coulter, a young man who is accused of murder after a drunken and drug-filled night out, though is unable to remember committing the crime. It was directed by Otto Bathurst and Luke Watson. In 2009, the second series featured Maxine Peake as troubled housewife Juliet Miller whose husband was stabbed in their bed. The Thick of It. The Thick of It is a British comedy television series that satirises the inner workings of modern British government. It was first broadcast for two short series on BBC Four in 2005, initially with a small cast focusing on a government minister, his advisers and their party's spin-doctor.

The cast was significantly expanded for two hour-long specials to coincide with Christmas and Gordon Brown's appointment as prime minister in 2007, which saw new characters forming the opposition party added to the cast. These characters continued when the show switched channels to BBC Two for its third series in 2009. A fourth series about a coalition government was broadcast in 2012, with the last episode transmitted on 27 October 2012. Show me a hero. House of Lies. Premise[edit] The show focuses on the personal and business lives of Marty Kaan (Don Cheadle), a manipulative, immoral, driven and cold management consultant. Originally, Marty was a highly successful partner at consultancy firm Galweather Stearn, where he headed up a pod consisting of engagement manager Jeannie van der Hooven (Kristen Bell) and associates Clyde Oberholdt (Ben Schwartz) and Doug Guggenheim (Josh Lawson).

He later leaves this position to head up his own firm, Kaan & Associates. Hatfields & McCoys (miniseries)