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Dining Room Decor Ideas To Make Every Meal Memorable. A dining room is more than just a place where you sit down for a meal.

Dining Room Decor Ideas To Make Every Meal Memorable

It is an integral part of your home, and it should reflect your personality. And so it is a good idea to decorate the dining area of your home to make it warm, cosy, pleasing, stylish and inviting. What you do with your dining room space is absolutely up to you. But, if you are looking for some inspiration, we have some great ideas for you to follow. What are some elements that can instantly perk up a dull dining space and make it stand out? Set Your Style. Interior Designing Trends We Will See in 2021 - lemoninteriors. Internal designing ideas witness constant changes with the introduction of innovative ideas and concepts.

Interior Designing Trends We Will See in 2021 - lemoninteriors

Interior designers across the globe are trying out novel methodologies to give an elegant and distinctive appeal to the homes by introducing new interior design trends for 2021. Living in a mesmerizingly decorated and spaciously arranged home gives the inhabitants a blissful life. That’s why home interior design trends for 2021 are of paramount importance. Trying out home interior designers will be the ideal thing to make your private world, inside the home, more beautiful. Let us discover what are the interior design trends in 2021 that will bring your home a new and sensational look in this new year.

Contemporary Styling Merge contemporary design features to turn the rooms appealing. 10 Tips To Design Your Home Office Space. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the normal office life to a halt and all the working professionals are now working from their homes.

10 Tips To Design Your Home Office Space

While the trend is not going to be gone anytime soon, it is still going to change the work-life landscape for the years to come. One of the most common problems faced by people working from home office space is productivity. Some people also find it hard to work at home because of an isolated environment. Some also complain about the lack of interest or motivation while working from home. 10 Minimalist Living Room Ideas To Declutter Your Home. Minimalist decor involves clean, sleek lines, without frills, and is designed on the principles of ‘less is more’.

10 Minimalist Living Room Ideas To Declutter Your Home

It’s quite a contrast to the traditional Indian style of creating the interiors, where the focus is on colours, embellishments and opulence. Minimalist decor is rather stark, in comparison, and can be perceived as lacking warm vibes. However, when done right, the minimalist living room is visually appealing—it is simple in design, and the uncluttered, open spaces enhance and add to the appeal of the home. Let’s walk you through some exciting design aspects that can be incorporated while planning a minimalist living room interior. Choose the right furniture Minimalist furniture is practical and useful with flat, clean lines and smooth, strong surfaces that create bold statements. There is no room for large pieces of furniture in this design theme. Trendy Kids Room Decoration Ideas on Limited Budget.

Kids go where there is excitement and they stay where there is love.

Trendy Kids Room Decoration Ideas on Limited Budget

So, imagine how happy they would be when they can open up their eyes to both excitement and love. To make them stay happy, all we can do is to give them a world they dreamt of. A dream of every single person starts from the bedroom. How To Design Your Bedroom Simple Yet Comfortable. The bedroom is one such place in a home where all your defence mechanisms come down.

How To Design Your Bedroom Simple Yet Comfortable

It is the most private space with which a person can relate and where a person can let all the worries of the waking hours vanish into thin air. The simple thought of having a cosy and comfortable bedroom with just the right ingredients for relaxation brings a smile on our faces; right? If lately your bedroom has fallen short of these expectations or has lost the charm it must have, we are sharing some of the best tips for bedroom interior design that you can follow.

These tips come from reputed interior designers and don’t require a lot of investment. So, while the pandemic is raging in the outside world, compile, renovate, redesign or decorate your bedrooms with the easy tips given here. You can create a simple yet super comfortable bedroom by following the ideas given below.

Warm tones and Dark shades. Tips to make your home outdoor living space attractive. Outdoor living spaces of homes have a unique quality; of not being constricting.

Tips to make your home outdoor living space attractive

Perking up your home interior design or the outdoor living space of a home, to make it attractive, need not be a challenge. Just be sure of what you want, before you set out to give the space a makeover. You may want to consider certain factors, such as the size of the area and how you would like to use it. Begin designing the space based on these considerations. Difference Between Modern And Traditional Home Interior Design. Home designing has undergone changes with change in times.

Difference Between Modern And Traditional Home Interior Design

A plethora of designing features has been introduced in both exterior and interior elements of homes. Reduced availability of space, changes in construction materials used, new technologies, and software aided designing methodologies have been instrumental in the gradual change that happened in the home interior designing. How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home. Choosing the right flooring for your home can be tricky.

How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home

With so many choices available, how do you pick a flooring style that is right for your home? It is a difficult job, but we are here to help. We have curated a guide that will assist you through the process. Skim through the pages of glossy magazines on home interior design, and you will be surprised to see the wide variety of flooring options available in the market—tiles, wood, marble, granite and stone etc. How To Create a Perfect Balance in Interior Design of Your Home? Interior designing has the power of transforming empty spaces of all kinds and all types.

How To Create a Perfect Balance in Interior Design of Your Home?

However, most of us have this impression that interior design refers to decorative objects’ tasteful arrangements. When it comes to interior designing, many things become crucial – color templates, proportion, scale, repetition, symmetry, and rhythm. When the design is done keeping all these things in mind, the result is a flawlessly designed space that oozes a unique charm. But, when you fail to plan the interiors according to them, you end up with wastage of resources and effort. In the following discussion, we will share some of the best ways to create a perfect balance in interior designs. Let Us Begin By Understanding The Term – Balance In Interior Design. Balance means a visual harmony projected in a space when all the things are arranged properly. Speaking technically, there are two ways to balance the interiors – Asymmetry and symmetry. Let us understand this with the help of a few examples. 7 Tips To Choose Your Perfect Bedroom Wardrobe Design - lemoninteriors.

Tips To Make Your Small Room Look Bigger - Room Renovation Idea. If there is anything that has become common in modern homes, then it is the compactness. With the real estate prices rising and lesser spaces being available in the cities and urban areas, a large number of people are left with a limited amount of space to build homes. Even if you are buying a readymade home, the chances of making do with the small and compact houses are very high. However, no rule states that a small home cannot look spacious or well-organized. If you have a small house with small rooms that might seem too difficult to be decorated then worry not! You have reached the right page where you can get some of the best small room design ideas. So, let’s get started and read some amazing ideas for decorating small spaces such that they look spacious. Go for a monochromatic scheme. 10 Things to Keep in Mind before Installing Modular Kitchen. The modular kitchens have become the heart and soul of modern homes.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they also make it easier to work inside a kitchen. The modular kitchens come with specific space for everything, which makes it easier to keep the kitchens organized. While the traditional cabinet and shelf-based kitchens used to offer simplicity only, the modular kitchens offer utility and smart organization along with simplicity. All the kitchen tools, gadgets and appliances have a specific place in the modular kitchens. Many kitchen appliances are wall-mounted as well, such as ovens, coffee machines and dispensers. Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Modular Kitchen. Interior Designing Ideas to Refresh your Home in Lock-down Days. So, you are locked down inside your home, sitting idle and getting bored.