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Cairo outburts

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Curating the Revolution: Building a Real-Time News Feed About Egypt - Phoebe Connelly - Technology. Andy Carvin is a senior strategist at NPR working on digital media.

Curating the Revolution: Building a Real-Time News Feed About Egypt - Phoebe Connelly - Technology

He's known for putting together comprehensive and innovative packages around breaking news stories, and for the past three weeks, his Twitter stream has been a non-stop curation of the Egypt protests. Carvin has turned himself into "a personal news wire for Egypt. " We talked with him about how he gained 4,000 followers, why he hasn't mapped his sources, and if curation is the new journalism. PC: This is not your first dive into deep social media coverage of a breaking event. How do you get up to speed on key local resources so fast?

AC: I've live-tweeted and live-blogged for a long time: 7-8 years as far as live-blogging is concerned, and four years for Twitter, especially during the '08 presidential election. So some of the people I've followed on Twitter in Tunisia and Egypt, I've followed them for several years already. PC: How are you picking people to retweet and follow?

PC: Have you built yourself any maps? Jörg M Colberg discusses why events in #Egypt... Noor Group, Egypt's last Internet service provider, shuts down. Égypte. Egypte. EGYPT CIVIL WAR:30.01.2011-Fighter Jets Fly Above Egypt Protesters. EGYPT-REVOLUTION-أنتفاضة الشعب المصري. Egypt - Fierce Clashes in Alexandria (29-Jan-11)(REVOLUTIONARY TIMES series - Politics) AlJazeera English (AJEnglish) Live blog 30/1 - Egypt protests. From our headquarters in Doha, we keep you updated on all things Egypt, with reporting from Al Jazeera staff in Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez.

Live blog 30/1 - Egypt protests

Live Blog: Jan28 - Jan29 - Jan30 - Jan31 - Feb1 - Feb2 - Feb3 The Battle for Egypt - AJE Live Stream - Timeline - Photo Gallery - AJE Tweets - AJE Audio Blogs (All times are local in Egypt, GMT+2) 11:54pm In an Open Letter to President Obama, a large group of well-reputed American academics calls for the US leader to demand swift change in Egypt: For thirty years, our government has spent billions of dollars to help build and sustain the system the Egyptian people are now trying to dismantle. 11:33pm Xeni Jardin at boingboing provides a useful list of online resources to track coverage of Egypt. 11:28pm One of our Al Jazeera correspondents in Cairo reports in 'No to Suleiman, no to Shafik': 11:05pm Egyptian demonstrators remain in Tahrir Square, in defiance of extended military curfew. 6:59pm ElBaradei is addressing the protesters with bold remarks:

Egypt's protests on Twitter - Middle East. Search - #Egypt. UK citizens told to leave Egyptian cities after unrest. 30 January 2011Last updated at 22:39 Foreign Secretary William Hague: "We keep our travel advice under careful and constant review" British nationals in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez are being told to leave if it is safe for them to do so, following days of violent protests across Egypt.

UK citizens told to leave Egyptian cities after unrest

But despite upgrading its advice, the Foreign Office (FCO) is not currently organising a formal evacuation. Foreign Secretary William Hague said he was concerned by the number of Britons trying to leave at Cairo airport. While flights were coming in and out, a lack of staff meant it was not functioning properly, he said. Meanwhile PM David Cameron and US President Barack Obama called for an "orderly transition" of government. After discussing the crisis on Sunday, the two leaders said the north African country needed a comprehensive process of political reform, a Downing Street spokeswoman said.

They urged the Egyptian government to respond peacefully to protests and condemned the violence of recent days. Egyptian soldiers show solidarity with protesters as Mubarak appoints VP. CAIRO - Under the protective gaze of Egyptian soldiers, thousands of demonstrators converged on this capital city's central plaza Sunday and vowed to occupy the site until President Hosni Mubarak steps down.

Egyptian soldiers show solidarity with protesters as Mubarak appoints VP

But even as the gathering gained strength, fears rose across Cairo of mass looting after sundown by armed thugs who were widely believed by Egyptians, as well as by soldiers, to be operating at the behest of the nation's much-maligned Interior Ministry. In Tahrir Square, the central plaza that has been the focus of anti-Mubarak sentiment, protesters and soldiers worked together to beat back two Interior Ministry vehicles that attempted to enter the site.

A tank commander then scaled his vehicle and announced to the crowd that the Interior Ministry, which operates the nation's police force, had deployed thousands of armed men who were bent on sowing chaos in Egypt. The army, he said, "would stand with the people. " "You are the owners of this revolution. Photo : - Shared by abanidrees. Egyptian Intifada - Imbaba - Images. Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now.