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Tech Tools by Subject and Skills. Tom Daccord, Director of EdTechTeacher (MA) Justin Reich Co-Founder of EdTechTeacher (MA) Greg Kulowiec, Instructor & Presenter (MA) Beth Holland, Communications & Instruction (RI) Shawn McCusker, Instructor & Presenter, (IL) Patrick Larkin, Senior Associate & Instructor (MA) Douglas Kiang, Instructor & Presenter, (HI) Kate Wilson, Web Coordinator & Instructor (RI) Sabba Quidwai, Instructor & Presenter (CA) Jennifer Carey, Writer (FL) Avra Robinson, Instructor (IL)

Tech Tools by Subject and Skills

Top 10 Resources for Special Education Teachers. Finding effective strategies and resources is imperative in helping students with special needs excel.

Top 10 Resources for Special Education Teachers

Since many aspects of the field are continually changing, teaching professionals should consider obtaining an advanced special education degree, focused on research-based strategies for student achievement. Examples of industry change include: New educational studies that provide better information on teaching methodsPsychological research advances on specific health issues such as autismRegular advancements in technology to improve learning for special need students In addition to advanced training and professional certification, there are plenty of helpful online resources for new and creative teaching tools and techniques. Here are ten of the best resources for special education teachers today: Activities and Games Do2Learn has thousands of pages that will help students improve on social skills, behavior and academics. Curriculum and Classroom Techniques Higher Education Staying Informed. - Internet's Most Popular Educational Website For Kids - Thousands of Free Educational Kids Games And Activities.

Practical Sites for Teachers-General Sites, Gateways, and Meta-sites. Gateways and Meta-sites Education Lots of information, lesson plans, articles and the kitchen sink.

Practical Sites for Teachers-General Sites, Gateways, and Meta-sites Features an up-to-date database of over 15,000 education related web sites and resources. Networks of support, lesson plans, behavior management, administration--this site has it all. Sites for Teachers A not-very-well organized, but extensive site with links to lesson plans, literature, reference, ideas, activities, and organizations. The Surf Report Links to all kinds of educational web sites, sponsored by the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board. Thinkfinity A gateway to a wide variety of materials including lesson plans and a deep range of professional development and training material.

Library Media Specialist Sites American Library Association's Great Sites Although actually a link for parents, this site includes 700+ appropriate web sites for children. Teacher-to-Teacher sites A to Z Teacher Stuff Education World "Where educators go to learn". The Best Search Engines for Teachers and Students. Do you know Lycos and Yahoo?

The Best Search Engines for Teachers and Students

(But do you really know them?) Have you heard of Google? If you are frustrated by search engines that give you unrelated responses ... if you are spending too much time looking for on-line resources ... if you are worried that students may access the wrong kind of information ... read on! There are many search engines that can help you find pertinent, accurate, and safe information, but you need to find one that "thinks" the way you do! Included: All the common search engines plus some you probably haven't heard about! Have you ever performed an on-line search that resulted in totally unexpected matches? However, the key to effective searching may be in finding a search engine or directory that "thinks" like you!

Howard B. "Different engines 'think' differently," he said. Are you feeling lucky? There are many search engines and directories on the Internet, but the trick to good searching is finding the one that works best for you.