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FO: Muskat Blanket ‹ Yarn Madness. ETA: I’ve noticed that I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest looking at this blanket! Yay! And, at the same time I noticed that my link is dead, and I can no longer find Fairysteps blog. Therefor, I’ve edited my post and included rough instructions for making a square below. Enjoy! I finally got around to take some photos of the projects I surround myself with at the moment. I like to keep my Ravelry notebook updated with pictures!

Here’s the Muskat Blanket, all finished and blocked now that I have my house back again. I found the original pattern (called LOVE blanket) on Fairysteps blog. Rough instructions: For the first square: Setup row: Ch 16. For the next square in the vertical direction: Work the same as for the first square, but begin with a plain row rather than an setup row.

For the next square in the horizontal direction: Join yarn in the corner of a finished square. My blanket is 7 times 9 squares big, and was a surprisingly quick and entertaining project! Grova instruktioner: FO: Muskat Blanket ‹ Yarn Madness.