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ProWay Livestock Equipment. Since 2000, ProWay has been driven to play an active role in the betterment of Australian livestock exchange facilities.

ProWay Livestock Equipment

We believe our pursuit of excellence can be utilised across the design and build of your livestock facility. If you use ProWay products you’re getting the best available. This is because they have been designed by combining practical experience, industry feedback and OH&S requirements. ProWay has substantial experience in delivering projects to local councils and private operators of livestock selling complexes of all scales. From operations that host annual sales through to high throughput facilities that process 10,000+ of stock on a weekly basis. We specialise in custom solutions in terms of complete facility “design and construct” or can focus on improvements to key areas within saleyard facilities. Men's Style Consultation - Personal Stylist Melbourne. Get Quality Steel Strapping Tools - Gateway Packaging.

Personal Style Workshops Melbourne. Why a workshop environment is great for learning?

Personal Style Workshops Melbourne

We learn more when others are learning with us. The fun and relaxed personal style workshops run by Sally Mackinnon and her team, create a safe atmosphere where you can ask anything and say anything. Having a group of close friends participate means you all learn how to become style consultants for each other. And by learning about all kinds of style, fashion and body types your confidence and eye for style will improve no end. The workshop is hosted in someone’s home. Personal Shopping with men's stylist.

Sally is Melbourne’s leading and most experienced Stylist for Men.

Personal Shopping with men's stylist

Instead of dreading a trip to the shops, have fun when you shop for clothes with someone who knows what makes you look great, listens to you and can effortlessly help you overhaul your wardrobe with her objective eye for style. Sally works with your budget, ensuring you only spend what you feel comfortable with. With Sally’s exclusive stylist discounts, you’ll get even better value for money. Thanks to years of experience under her belt, Sally receives generous discounts with most retailers. Your CEO Mentor. In order to unlock your leadership potential, Marty needs to have an in-depth understanding of who you are and where you’re going.

Your CEO Mentor

This is achieved by first closely examining your strengths, experience, capability, and career goals, and then working to implement the changes that will drive the highest value for you, immediately. Step 1: Discovery + Planning Session An initial half-day consultation meeting sets the parameters for the engagement. This would involve a Zoom or face-to-face meeting (depending on location and COVID-19 travel restrictions) to cover, amongst other things:

ProWay Livestock Equipment. Tiles Talk: 5 tips for selecting the perfect kitchen splash back tile - Perini. Kitchen tiles and more specifically, splashback tiles provide the means of completing and perfecting your entire kitchen scheme by drawing a connection between your selected cabinetry finishes, benchtop, wall paint and flooring.

Tiles Talk: 5 tips for selecting the perfect kitchen splash back tile - Perini

There are several key considerations to keep in mind when it comes to selecting your new splashback tiles, from the material used, to sizing and scale, as well as grout types and colours in order to create the perfect look. Which materials can I use as a kitchen splashback? Kitchen splashback tile materials can vary from porcelain to ceramic, glass or stone. It is important to note that there are certain restrictions and guidelines that must be followed if you are to include a gas cooktop in your new kitchen in order to meet Australian Standards. A gas cooktop differentiates from other models as the heat radiates from the burners rather than being targeted directly to the underside of your cookware, as is the case with induction cooktops. Sheep Shearing — Safety Guide. “‘Body stressing’, ‘hit by moving object’, ‘open wound’, and back and arm claims are proportionately higher in shearing than in all other industries.”– ‘Health and Safety in Shearing’, WorkSafe Victoria.

Sheep Shearing — Safety Guide

The sheep shearing industry has deep roots in Australia. It has a long history of hard work, long hours and unfortunately plenty of safety risks. However, it’s also a very rewarding line of work when operated in a safe environment with all necessary safeguards and procedures in place. There are three main causes of injury to staff in Australian shearing operations; poorly designed shearing sheds and sheep yards, individual, injury-causing movement, and dust, chemical, and noise exposure.

Personal Safety Given sheep shearing is considered a high-risk occupation, it is important to maintain a general level of caution about your daily tasks. General Safety. Dog Walking Brisbane - Kat's Kritters. Our great dog walking service is easy to use, flexible and affordable.

Dog Walking Brisbane - Kat's Kritters

Our prices are all-inclusive and easy to follow. Our prices stay the same whether you own one dog or three – we don’t charge any extra for extra dogs from the same household. Our affordable dog walking service starts from just $25, for a 30-minute dog walk. Our most popular dog walking service of a 45-minute walk is just $30. We have a great deal for regular dog walks – if you book in for 6 or more 45-minute walks per month, you’ll get 10 per cent off. Organic Spicy Salsa.