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I’ve been able to seize more of my ambitions, but I still let myself down 8 times out of 10. I keep writing notes to myself, reminding myself by making to-do lists, but really my efforts are often fruitless. I find most of my motivations today come in constantly trying to refine my self-image, and often times it is to try and make an impression. This need to improve self-image could be misused with selfishness, but I know in my heart that is not where true happiness resides.

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  1. percepia Apr 3 2013
    What type of post were you talking about? post that they enjoy the same intrest as yours? Because I have people comming on to my pearl tree asking for money and stuff and I'm really not liking it. But I don't know how to report it yet. because I'm still new.
  2. legerem Dec 23 2011
    Thanks! I have 4500 stumbles, all of them unorganized, and I see you have 4500 pearls. Interesting...