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House approves lowering tuition for Colorado illegal immigrant students, bill goes to governor. DENVER - A bill allowing lower tuition rates for illegal immigrant students received final approval from state House lawmakers Friday.

House approves lowering tuition for Colorado illegal immigrant students, bill goes to governor

The bill passed 40-21 and will now proceed to Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is expected to sign the bill. Nancy Pelosi: Tax cuts are spending, and we must curtail spending. By Doug Powers • March 7, 2013 04:33 PM **Written by Doug Powers The good news: Nancy Pelosi wants to reduce spending.

Nancy Pelosi: Tax cuts are spending, and we must curtail spending

The bad news: She thinks tax increases are spending reductions: Concerned citizens rally in support of … Dorner? Posted at 11:01 am on February 17, 2013 by Jazz Shaw I first expressed some concerns over this growing meme one week ago, and MK Hammer found it cropping up in other places a few days later.

Concerned citizens rally in support of … Dorner?

Now it’s apparently spilling out into the streets of California, as people attempt to make the recently expired cop killer Christopher Dorner into some sort of martyr / hero. Dozens of protesters rallied outside Los Angeles police headquarters Saturday in support of Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer and suspected killer of four who died after a shootout and fire this week at a mountain cabin following one of the biggest manhunts in recent memory.Protesters told the Los Angeles Times they didn’t support Dorner’s deadly methods, but objected to police corruption and brutality, and believed Dorner’s claims of racism and unfair treatment by the department.

High Public Debt Damages Economic Growth. When President Obama says he wants “a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth,” he means more government spending.

High Public Debt Damages Economic Growth

This is why his State of the Union provided a laundry list of new government initiatives that will require new government spending. As Heritage expert Romina Boccia demonstrates in a new paper, the problem is that government spending that leads to massive debt actually damages economic growth in the future. Even without a Greek-style debt crisis, high levels of debt held by the public hamper economic growth and reduce opportunity in America. According to Boccia: A full-fledged fiscal crisis hits a country with the same force as a patient suffering severe trauma. Slower economic growth is not an abstract concept. One reason high debt harms growth is that government spending crowds out private investment and impedes entrepreneurship.

This is economic reality, not some far-off theory. Outgoing transportation secretary: America is one big pothole right now. **Written by Doug Powers President Obama, February 2009: “Because of this investment, nearly 400,000 men and women will go to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, repairing our faulty dams and levees, bringing critical broadband connections to businesses and homes in nearly every community in America, upgrading mass transit, building high-speed rail lines that will improve travel and commerce throughout our nation.” ***** Joe Biden, February 2009: “Starting today, our administration will be working day and night to provide more aid for the unemployed, create immediate jobs building our roads and our bridges, make long-term investments in a smarter energy grid, and so much more.

Outgoing transportation secretary: America is one big pothole right now

Nancy Pelosi, January 2009: “While there are many components to this economic recovery and jobs package. Ray LaHood, June 2009: “Within the first five months, we have made $19 billion — roughly 40 percent of our recovery funds — available to all 50 states and three territories. The Hill, July 2012: Amnesty gang to law-abiders: You’re chumps! Amnesty Gang Throws Law-Abiders Under the Bus by Michelle MalkinCreators SyndicateCopyright 2013 President Obama and the bipartisan Gang of Eight in Washington who want to create a “pathway to citizenship” for millions of illegal aliens have sent a message loud and clear to those who follow the rules: You’re chumps!

Amnesty gang to law-abiders: You’re chumps!

Have you patiently waited for months and years for the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to slog through your application? You’re chumps! Have you paid thousands of dollars in travel, legal and medical fees to abide by the thicket of entry, employment, health and processing regulations? » America on fast track to tyranny: Could this really happen here?

CURL: The terrifying mindset of Secretary Clinton. Her words are already long gone from the daily flow; in fact, they never really resonated at all, were all but ignored by the mainstream media, and were characterized more as a feisty in-your-face comeback than what they truly were.

CURL: The terrifying mindset of Secretary Clinton

And what they truly were was horrifying — but at the same time a deep insight into the Democratic mindset, as well as a peek at what may be coming in 2016. Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton finally appeared to answer questions before two congressional panels on exactly what happened at the U.S. Woman Tries Buying iPad with Food Stamps - Food Stamps.

Louisville, Kentucky (The Weekly Vice) - Tracy Browning, a 38-year-old Louisville woman, was jailed after she allegedly tried to purchase several iPads with a food stamp card, then fled to another location where she tried to make the same transaction.

Woman Tries Buying iPad with Food Stamps - Food Stamps

According to Louisville police, Browning went to the Valley Station Walmart and tried to purchase two iPads with an Electronic Benefit Transfer card. Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns. When the Supreme Court, or any other court for that matter, makes a ruling in a case they first look for precedent, in other words to see if there has been a court decision rendered on the same subject in the past and usually defer to the old decision in ruling on the case.

Precedent Teaches Us The Left Really Wants ALL Our Guns

The greatest teacher in life is experience; it only takes one time of burning your fingers on a hot stove to know that you never want to touch another one. The next greatest teacher is observation, paying attention to someone else's experiences and profiting from their wins and losses, trials and errors. In my generation I have seen the rise and fall of fascism, communism, different experiments in socialism and the kind of downright social and fiscal foolishness that leads to what has recently happened in Greece. Hannity foresees states leaving union if federal government continues 'radicalized, abusive' pattern [VIDEO] On his Friday radio show, conservative talker and Fox News host Sean Hannity warned that the United States may fall apart if tax rates remain high.

Hannity foresees states leaving union if federal government continues 'radicalized, abusive' pattern [VIDEO]

“The states are now fighting and battling against their own federal government,” Hannity said. ”Same thing with individuals. Retired Navy Adm. James A. Lyons: Disarmed by Shariah. Retired Navy Adm. James A. Lyons was commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations. Police Kicked Out Of Belleville Denny’s For Being Armed. News Get Breaking News First Receive News, Politics, and Entertainment Headlines Each Morning. Letter to Feinstein. Cheney Takes Flamethrower To Obama - Dick Cheney. Watch the latest video at <a href=" Former Vice President Dick Cheney was honored last night at the Hudson Institute’s 2012 Herman Khan Award Dinner at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.

Cheney was introduced by Lewis “Scooter” Libby, who spoke in detail about Cheney’s life and accomplishments, joking about how Cheney twice flunked out of Yale, and joking about Cheney’s hunting incident. In his remarks Cheney was harshly critical of President Obama and the administration’s policy in the Mideast. The Terrifying Line in Obama's Speech That Everyone Missed. President Obama's convention speech got rough reviews, and rightly so.

The Grand Old Republican Party Is Over. Obama’s jobs council chairman on China: State run communism might not be your cup of tea, but their government works. By Doug Powers • December 12, 2012 08:23 AM. United Nations Declares Contraception Access a "Human Right" In the United Nations Population Fund’s (UNFPA) recent State of World Population report, access to contraception is described as a “universal human right.” While the report has no legal force, it declares that cultural and financial barriers to accessing contraception are an infringement on women’s rights. Why Isn't Romney Slaughtering Obama? By any objective standard, Barack Obama’s presidency must be judged a failure. Obama's Regulatory Agenda Goes Undercover. Throughout President Obama’s tenure, the number and cost of major regulations has approached record levels—exceeding $46 billion in new annual costs during his first three years.

The U.S. Should Emulate Israel's Gun Culture. Ethanol Mandate: List of Opponents Keeps Growing. Graph: The ‘green energy’ implosion. **Written by Doug Powers The Renewable Energy Industrial Index (RENIXX) tracks the stock of the 30 largest renewable energy companies in the world with more than half of their revenues coming from “green” business (wind, solar, biofuel, etc).

New insurance fee in health overhaul law likely to hit consumers. Are Entitlements Corrupting Us? Yes. Food-Stamp Use Climbs to Record, Reviving Campaign Issue. Food-stamp use reached a record 46.7 million people in June, the government said, as Democrats prepare to nominate President Barack Obama for a second term with the economy as a chief issue in the campaign. Chart: Government Spending Drives Debt Limit Higher. Ryan asks if Obama will meet deadline to submit a budget request this year. Paul Ryan: Obama 2nd term ‘won’t be pretty’ - David Rogers. U.S. Farmers Seeing Record Profits, Thanks to Taxpayers and Government. Why would anyone possibly contemplate working for a living? Carney: Deficit reduction is not a worthy goal onto itself. Social Security Pays Benefits to Millionaires' Children. EEOC’s New Employment Guidelines and Impact of Barring Criminal Background Checks.