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2X Eachine 3-blade Propeller 8Pcs & 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor 4Pcs for DIY Micro FPV Quadcopter Frame Sale - Item Name: 3-blade Propeller Prop Diameter: 65mm Centen hole diameter:0.97mm Meterial:ABS Color: black&white, black&red, black&green, red&white, green&white (Optional)Quantity: 2 sets (1 set with 4 propeller, 2 CW and 2 CCW ), a total of 8 Pcs blades Weight :10g Usage: suitable for 90mm-150mm DIY Micro Quadcopter Frame Kitsfor 1mm shaft diameter Coreless motor 7*16mm, 7*20mm, 8*20mm for 1mm shaft diameter Carbon Brush motor N20, M20, N30 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor: Motor Diameter: 8.5mm Motor Length: 20mm Shaft Diameter: 1.0mm Cable Length: 60mm Weight: about 5g Option: Clockwise Motor(With Red Blue), Anti-clockwise Motor(With Black White) Quantity: 4 pcs(2 CW and 2 CCW)

2X Eachine 3-blade Propeller 8Pcs & 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor 4Pcs for DIY Micro FPV Quadcopter Frame Sale -

Micro Scisky 32bits Brushed Flight Control Board Built-in DSMX/DSMX Compatible RX Based Naze32 For QX100 Sale - Micro Scisky 32bits Brushed Flight Control Board Based On Naze 32 For Quadcopters Typical use: Description: Size: 20.0*33.5*6.0mm (not including the USB protruding part) Weight:2.5g (including DSMX/DSM2 compatible 7CH receiver by serial port output.

Micro Scisky 32bits Brushed Flight Control Board Built-in DSMX/DSMX Compatible RX Based Naze32 For QX100 Sale -

Cheap and Easy Micro Quadcopter. Fpv (First Person View) is one of the best experiences in the rc world.

Cheap and Easy Micro Quadcopter

I love building 250 size quadcopters because of their speed and fpv capabilities, but they're too big! I can almost never fly them if there is anyone nearby because of the bulky size and dangerous props. - Toutes les facettes de l'aéromodélisme. Modèles réduits d'avions à l'échelle Cacahuète - Peanut Scale. Video of EPP Eagle. Painting the EPP eagle.

Painting the EPP eagle. Painting the EPP eagle. Convert Guillow kits to RC. Guillow’s Nieuport balsa kit frame Most modelers are familiar with the Guillow’s line of balsa model airplane kits.

Convert Guillow kits to RC

Guillow kits were first introduced in 1926 and were an immediate hit. The boxes have an inviting depiction of the aircraft to be modeled. Guillow kits are updated today with advances such as laser cut balsa as opposed to the earlier die cut process for aircraft parts. Guillow typical kit contents – note plastic nose cowl and canopy, where required The Guillow kits were designed primarily for rubber powered free flight. Building the kit Guillow kits included clear building instructions and full size plans.

The kits did go together well and the finished airplane was a nice presentation. ParkZone electronics and electric motor placement over Lancer fuselage plan With the advent of low cost miniature radio control gear, powerful electric motors and tiny lipo batteries, many modelers are returning to the Guillow line and seeking to convert these aircraft to RC flight. Plan Pottier 100 TS - Modèles réduits d'avions à l'échelle Cacahuète - Peanut Scale. Guillow's Conversions - The list of conversion threads. Guillows G504 Spitfire (Balsa Kit): Jeux et Jouets.

Guillows Warhawk (Balsa Kit): Jeux et Jouets. - Toutes les facettes de l'aéromodélisme. Le héros qui "cartoon" dans le film Planes de Disney. - Toutes les facettes de l'aéromodélisme

Chris Lee Vacuum Form Machine. 1/32 Heritage Aviation Vulcan by Aaron Hughes. After I finished the Heritage 1:24 Lightning I was so pleased with the result I sent a few pictures to the owner or Heritage.

1/32 Heritage Aviation Vulcan by Aaron Hughes

He rang me and said he was planning to build a 1:32 Vulcan (number 1 of a limited run of 25) to donate to the Vulcan Operating Company to be auctioned to raise funds to keep the worlds only flying Vulcan in the air. As he was impressed with my build would I build his model for him, In return he would give me one of the remaining kits. Click on images below to see larger images. Scratch-built 1/72 Peyret-Mauboussin PMH X by Gabriel Stern. Looking apparently for a niche in the market for economical and affordable single seaters, Mr.

Scratch-built 1/72 Peyret-Mauboussin PMH X by Gabriel Stern

Pierre Maubossin designed a plane that was built by Louis Peyret (of Peyret Tandem fame) The Peyret-Mauboussin PM.X all-wood, ABC Scorpion-powered cute machine was ready in 1929 and had a wingspan of 10 meters. A floatplane version, the PMH.X bis (H for Hydro) was later developed. PEYRET MAUBOUSSIN type PM-X - MAQUETTES EN PAPIER. En collaboration avec Pierre Mauboussin, Louis Peyret conçut le PM X.


Exemplaire unique, ce petit monoplace à aile cantilever à profil épais et grand allongement, était animé par un moteur ABC Scorpion II de 34cv. En septembre 1929, il battit, aux mains de Charles Fauvel, toute une série de records du monde dans la catégorie des monoplaces de moins de 200kg de masse à vide. Pourquoi le choix de ce modèle? Me familiarisant actuellement avec Photoshop pour la mise en couleur de mes futurs modèles, j'avais besoin de tester le mode opératoire depuis Autocad jusqu'à l'édition après passage dans Photoshop. Ne possedant pas, ni 'ayant accès à Illustrator, la seule solution qui m'était accessible consistait à scanner mes planches en noir et blanc (sans couleurs), une fois imprimées avec Pdf creator, puis de les récupérer sous Photoshop et les mettre en couleur, un peu à la manière d'une BD.

La documentation n'est pas très riche en ce qui le concerne, mais le plan en modèle "cacahuète" de E. Micro Spitfire w/ 5A ESC, BL-Motor, 2.5g Servo & LiPo. Durafly™ Mk-24 Spitfire with Retracts/Flaps/Nav Lights (PNF) Durafly® ™ once again set the standard with this beautiful Mk 24 Spitfire, no Warbird collection could be complete without this most iconic of fighters, the Spitfire was the only allied fighter to be in service from pre to post WW2, this final version of RJ Mitchell's masterpiece was a testament to the brilliance of his design.

Durafly™ Mk-24 Spitfire with Retracts/Flaps/Nav Lights (PNF)

The Mk 24's graceful yet aggressive lines make it one of the most handsome fighters ever built and there can be no doubt, Durafly® ™ have captured the very essence of the ultimate Spitfire! As well as looking fantastic, this Spitfire is plug and fly, meaning very little assembly work is needed. The powerful outrunner motor, ESC, navigation lights, servoless electric retracts, split flaps & servos are all pre-installed leaving you with little to do, in fact you could easily be in the air in less than half an hour! *Note: Some customers may find the CG indicated at 120mm from the L/E in the supplied instruction manual. SinkScience avec la turbine Tesla CD. SinkScience with the Tesla CD Turbine. Mini-ornithoptère Prototypes.

Somewhere around 1996 I got caught up in that Magic: the Gathering card game that was going around like the flu.

Mini-ornithoptère Prototypes

One of the cards, the Ornithopter, had a picture of a set of wings made from sticks and cloth that I found facisnating. I haven't played the game in years, but that card got stuck in the back of my memory, probably because its name is fun to say. I've had a resurgence of interest in these devices thanks to the growing popularity of micro air vehicles (MAV), like palm sized helicopters and quadcopters, and suddenly had the need to try build my own ornithopter. This Instructable documents my recent attempts at crafting my own micro-orithopter from inexpensive components. This is really more of an Instructadon't, as none of these prototypes actually fly.

920mg Sous Gram Ornithopter - avec la vidéo. Uwe, The motor is very hot, and draws about 95 mA at 3.7v with one of Robert's 1" props. That's all the data I took before I put the motor on the orni. Its more powerful than I wanted but this orni seems to need it. With it I will probably end up with about 3 minutes of flight... Vet, To the best of my knowledge this is the lightest. Petter's Hummer is 1.1g 100cm span orni is the closest orni in weight to this one, but it only has throttle control, so its sort of free flight.

I know what you mean about the gears. Methuso, The wire does add a bit of weight, but its important to have the strength for the crank shaft due to the stress its under. Rob, Next time, buy two r/c toys! But to answer your question, there is a lot of starting torque required to flap the wings. Robert, Nice to see you back! Géant Paper Airplane !!! Paper Fighter (yes it flies) 3D Print flying model rockets. RC Eagle for Bird photography. Crocheted Fairy Wings. Avitron V2.0 - remote controlled R/C bird/ornithopter by XTIM - Shop Online for Toys in the United Kingdom. : The Avitron 2.0 - newer, improved version! A revolutionary patented drive and control technology enables ultra realistic flight behaviour. The remote-controlled bird flies so lifelike that it has virtually no difference in flight behaviour from its biological counterpart. It is ready to fly and easier to control than a remote-controlled helicopter.

It is controlled by a simple remote control with a vertical lever and a side steering arm. 2011 12 07 Oiseau bionique SD. Super Tough Warbird Glider. Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit.