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Promoting Mental Wellness Amid the Pandemic. As of writing, the World Health Organization has recorded over 10 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, including approximately 500,000 deaths, and still counting.

Promoting Mental Wellness Amid the Pandemic

Because of the rapid increase of infection, the government has taken action to help reduce the contagion by implementing strict quarantine and lockdown protocols. The current situation is pushing massive changes to our daily routines, causing stress and overthinking. Mental Stability: Its Importance to Seniors. Good mental health is not only held significant to a specific age range.

Mental Stability: Its Importance to Seniors

As stated in the World Health Organization website, over 20% of adults aged 60 years old and above suffer from a neurological or mental disorder, and 6.6% among people who have disabilities are attributed to neurological or mental disorders. It is only evident that your senior loved ones must be well taken care of and accompanied by a compassionate and trustworthy caregiver. A quality provider of home care in Little Rock, Arkansas, has the home care professionals you can truly trust. Maintaining your loved one’s physical health isn’t enough to say that they are overall healthy. Tips for Seniors: How to Be a Smart Shopper? When we reach the age of 40, our strength and flexibility start to decrease, heightening our need for healthier meals and regular exercise.

Tips for Seniors: How to Be a Smart Shopper?

However, amid this fact, we tend to take the foods we buy for granted. For instance, we put in the cart the foods we only want to eat, not minding its label and the risks it may bring. Mental Health: Its Importance to Us. A healthy mind means stronger mental stability.

Mental Health: Its Importance to Us

Problems and issues will come to the surface and some of which are very unpleasant and could affect one’s way and quality of life. Encountering such things are inevitable. But it all varies on how the person handles it. Stroke Prevention Tips. Brain abnormalities such as stroke are common among older people.

Stroke Prevention Tips

Stroke is the leading cause of disability and it decreases the quality of life of seniors. As a family member, you can ensure the health of your senior loved ones through the following: Three Benefits of Cleaning the House. How often do you clean your house?

Three Benefits of Cleaning the House

Do you regularly change your bed and pillow sheets? Do you usually clean the floor and sterilize the air? If you still don’t, you might need to make a change. Having a clean home can be very beneficial for your comfort and health. Here are some of the benefits: Decreases Stress. Maintaining the house clean is very essential to everyone who lives within its comfort. Importance of Compassionate Care for Seniors. As people age, their social connection often falls apart—leaving them alone, with only their television, radio, and photographs to remind them of the memories of the past.

Importance of Compassionate Care for Seniors

Senior Care in Arkansas is here to keep seniors who live alone in good company. How to Manage an Elderly Person’s Incontinence. It can be too easy for a lot of people to delay taking a trip to the bathroom.

How to Manage an Elderly Person’s Incontinence

However, for people with urinary incontinence, holding it can never be an option. Incontinence can occur at any age but is common to seniors. In their case, this needs careful attention because it can interfere with seniors from enjoying life. Receiving help through our home care services can be the best option you can have for your loved ones. Their professional caregivers can give you useful tips in preventing urinary and fecal incontinence such as: Caring for Someone with Parkinson’s Disease.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a movement disorder that commonly occurs among older adults.

Caring for Someone with Parkinson’s Disease

This happens when the part of the brain that regulates body movements starts to deteriorate. This deterioration eventually decreases the level of dopamine, a vital hormone that helps in maintaining normal body functions. The reduced dopamine levels in the brain result in limited physical activities among PD patients. Creative Ways to Remember Taking Medicines. There are several reasons why people neglect their medications.

Creative Ways to Remember Taking Medicines

A few of them include the fear of side-effects, high cost of prescriptions, forgetfulness, depression, mistrust, or a misunderstanding of the need for the medicine. Patients with chronic illness, those who are taking multiple medications, those who have failed to see immediate improvement, and those who don’t feel any difference when they start or stop taking their meds are the ones who are most likely to discontinue their prescription intake. A provider of Home Care in Little Rock, Arkansas understands how serious medication non-compliance is.

Aside from posing serious health consequences, it can also raise healthcare costs. Here are some tips to help you remember taking your medicines: Learn about your medicines Learning about the importance of your medications and medical condition can be a strong motivator. Uphold Seniors’ Quality of Life with These Services. Seniors have unique needs, be it for their physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. If you want to fully uphold their quality of life, it would be wise to avail of expert assistance. This is when you might need to contact a provider of senior home care in Little Rock, Arkansas. Choose one or more of the following assistance services for your elderly loved ones: Personal Care Assistance Seniors could certainly use a helping hand in doing their activities of daily living or ADL. But you shouldn’t hire just anyone.