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BillsTeachingNotes - home. BillsTeachingNotes - Numeracy Teaching Notes. BillsTeachingNotes - Literacy Resources. Australian National Curriculum Resources F-6 - home. Icttoolkit - Maths. Icttoolkit - IWB Maths. These maths sites have a HUGE variety of games and ideas and you will need to explore them to find what suits you or your students.Campbell County School District’s Mathematic Skills for Grades 3-6 A list of internet resources- very useful!

icttoolkit - IWB Maths

SMART IWB premade Playground Smart Kiddies- Helping kids become better mathematicians A great website which includes video demonstrations from Australian teachers, activity sheets and interactive games. Also includes unit quizzes. There is a free trial, but it is worth signing up to this website- ($$). Cool4Maths** Grade 4+ Maths games. addition, subtraction, number monster, long division, brain benders, times table, jigsaw puzzles, decimals, fractions, tessellations, monster mind reader (think of a number add it together eg 63 = 6+3, then subtract the answer from your original number and the monster will give you the answer eg 63 – 9 = 54 (look for the answer in the symbols on the left).

Icttoolkit - Maths tools. Icttoolkit - Assessment in Maths. Icttoolkit - Teaching & Learning Activities. Icttoolkit - Thinking & Graphic Organisers. Hench-maths - home. Blog Assessment Rubrics. Comments4Kids. Educational-Blogging - How Do Your Third Graders Know How to Type? Support Blogging! - Links to School Bloggers. The Top 100 Bloggers of 2013: Ten Niches, Ten Bloggers!

Support Blogging! - Links to School Bloggers

Welcome to this compilation of the top 100 bloggers of 2013! I’m going to go through ten separate categories and take a quick look at all the best and brightest from those markets. Ranging from health and fitness to SEO and internet marketing, there’s a lot of fantastic bloggers. Blog Examples - Google Toys for Your Classroom.

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