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BillsTeachingNotes - Numeracy Teaching Notes
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icttoolkit - IWB Maths These maths sites have a HUGE variety of games and ideas and you will need to explore them to find what suits you or your students.Campbell County School District’s Mathematic Skills for Grades 3-6 A list of internet resources- very useful! SMART IWB premade lessons Playground Smart Kiddies- Helping kids become better mathematicians A great website which includes video demonstrations from Australian teachers, activity sheets and interactive games. Also includes unit quizzes. icttoolkit - IWB Maths
icttoolkit - Maths tools This area of the wiki is dedicated to sharing and uploading teaching resources that use ICT in maths. What it is: Scholastic Study Jams is a fantastic collection of over 200 learning resource collections.Study Jams are videos, slide shows, and step by step explanations for science and math that will have your students discovering everything from invertebrates to the water cycle and the rule of divisibility. Each Jam includes a teaching video/step-by-step/slide show, key vocabulary, and a test yourself section where they can practice what they have just learned. Each Jam also suggests related jams where students can expand their learning and dig deeper on a subject. icttoolkit - Maths tools
icttoolkit - Assessment in Maths
Got any great examples of maths activities that make a difference? Why don't you add them here to share great ideas with others!!!Achievement Zones resources Some resources from Achievement zones wikispaces Check out for an extensive range of maths resources organised by VELS Thinking and Working Mathematically PD 20th February 2009 The following items are power points and video clips from the presentation. Please go to Thinking tools to access the **Thinking/ Graphic Organisers** tab, ie Exit pass and Blooms Taxonomy grid. icttoolkit - Teaching & Learning Activities icttoolkit - Teaching & Learning Activities
icttoolkit - Thinking & Graphic Organisers
Hench-maths - home Graeme Henchel's This site contains resources for maths teachers to incorportate ICT into their programs. . All resources on this wiki can be used freely for non profit educational purposes. You will also find resources to assist schools and teachers incorporate the domains of Personal Learning, Thinking Processes, Communication, Interpersonal learning and ICT. If you have any feedback, advice or would like to contribute please let me know. My email is Hench-maths - home
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Comments4Kids Today's post is a bit different. Coach Abernathy has put some of his students posts on a Google Doc and opened up commenting. This is the first time we have had a G Doc used as a commenting platform on
Educational-Blogging - How Do Your Third Graders Know How to Type?

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Support Blogging! - Links to School Bloggers The Top 100 Bloggers of 2013: Ten Niches, Ten Bloggers! Welcome to this compilation of the top 100 bloggers of 2013! I’m going to go through ten separate categories and take a quick look at all the best and brightest from those markets. Ranging from health and fitness to SEO and internet marketing, there’s a lot of fantastic bloggers.
Blog Examples - Google Toys for Your Classroom Outram School, New Zealand. Information and results from a wide ranging co-curricular PE/PA programme. Lots of different Web2.0 tools used too.Shakespeare TeacherMr Robbo- lots of ideas for integrating tech into PEPhysical Education Update Blog Comments on ports, coaching and PEUTE Pass Elementary Physical Education agenda, units, assessments, skills and more!Vermont Physical Education by the Physical Education Consultant for the Vermont Department of Educationsmallsteps - integrating technology in Physical and Health education.FitMet - A physical education and health blog. Blog Examples - Google Toys for Your Classroom
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