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Wat Ik Heb Geleerd Van De Opruim Challenge - Lisa Portengen. A great and fun website that has some decluttering possibilities at Decluttering and Organizing, topic 933502. Perusing (added note-- I'm crossposting this in lonely because I was feeling really lonely and depressed this afternoon and finally snapped out of it by making myself go to farmer market and romancing myself with flowers and a massage in one of the booths :D Anyways, I came home and cleaned up a bunch! Even vinegared the mirrors! And I don't feel lonely--so I just wanted to bring some more lonely folk into the decluttering forum) hey everyone; I too was really surprised to see a decluttering forum at curezone, and thought it was super cool.

The studio is actually divided into entranceway and bedroom with a small bar counter. As it's a california king, I'll be able to hang ALL my clothes (and this is my biggest bane-- I'll have piles of clothes because there's a lot of stuff that I don't want to get rid of...and I have pruned it little by little) AND store stuff. Here's the plan for my bed (though I made it out of Douglas Fir and not scrapwood-- what can I say? Hometalk | Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers. Every-day Solutions to Staying Organized. Source: peter lee This post was originally published several years ago but continues to be one of our most popular. If you’re looking for simple, effective strategies to get organized, start here! The number one question I get from my readers is “help, I’m so overwhelmed with my home, where do I start?” Maybe you can relate? Sometimes it isn’t so much about starting with this pile here or that pile over there but more a matter of introducing a few daily organizational habits to help keep the clutter and chaos from becoming more than you can manage.

Here are 10 things you can do today to help you stay organized. 1. Often chaos ensues because we are trying to juggle too many things in our brains. Grab yourself a notebook and just start brain dumping all that needs to be done. Source: organizing junkie 2. Now take your list to your calendar (and if you don’t have a central family calendar, get one quick!) 3. You may not be menu planning for the whole week yet, but you can menu plan for TODAY. Professional Organizations and State Resources. I'm an Organizing Junkie - clutter & chaos free...most of the time. Your Total Home Organizing and Decluttering Guide. So here we are, yet another new year with more clutter, more stuff, and more ways to ORGANIZE it.

More bins and baskets to corral it, which will for most, become next years additional clutter. You want to slap me right? (Go right ahead.) Here's a tip: Reduce it all by about thirty percent. Better yet, fifty percent. Sadly, unless you are talking about the kind of "organizing" that maintains basic order in a home; the dishes washed and returned to their cabinets, the beds made, the baths wiped up, the trash out and the floor swept, recycle dealt with, bills paid, laundry done and put away's usually a case of too darn much stuff. Professional Organizer Community. Start Here - I'm an Organizing Junkie. I hope my site can offer you some encouragement and humor as you set out on the journey of creating organized solutions and systems that work specifically for you and your family.

In addition to saving you time, money and sanity, organizing can also be fun, it can be addictive and it is most definitely pleasing to God (1 Cor 14:40). All terrific reasons to organize our spaces and our lives. I truly believe organizing is a PROCESS not a destination. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things it’s time to do it all over again. I’m here to help. I’ve created an acronym to help you conquer any space or system easy and efficiently. PROCESS is defined as a series of actions used to produce something or reach a goal. That is what we want to do when organizing. The Organizing PROCESS is Your Force…Use It How to Get Organized Using PROCESS Steps Linen Closet Organization with PROCESS Steps The Rewards of Living an Organized Life When You Don’t Know Where to Start How to Combat Clutter Excuses. Become a Professional Organizer and Get Paid For What You Love.

Hudson Valley Life and Wellness Coach, Certified Professional Organizer, Expert Estate Clearing and Kitchen Organizing Services | Revamp is located in Ulster County, New York. Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home. National Association of Professional Organizers. 30 Days To An Organized Home - Get Organized Wizard. What Is It? 30 Days To An Organized Home (also known as the 30-Day Organize-athon) is a power-decluttering program for getting rid of household clutter in 5 or 10 minutes a day over 30 days. Over 30 days, I’ll help you to: Each day’s task takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Who Is It For? If you: Can only manage a few minutes of declutttering at a timeWant to move quickly and get fast resultsFeel overwhelmed by long projectsDon’t know where to startNeed some guidance, motivation, and acountability to get it done… Then 30 Days To An Organized Home is perfect for you!

When Does It Start? To see when we are next running 30 Days To An Organized Home ‘live’, please see the Program Schedule. You can join me and do the program ‘live’ as each day is unlocked. It doesn’t matter where you live or what time of day you want to do your tasks. Or you can start the program at any time and go at your own pace. Either way, there’s always support and interaction. How Do You Get Each Day’s Task? What Does It Cost? How My Weight Loss Journey Can Help You Get Organized. Welcome! Simplify your blog reading by signing up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox). As many of you know last year I finally decided to get serious about getting healthy. I’d put on weight over the past several years and despite all my efforts I struggled to lose it. Then last January I wrote a post that you can read HERE talking about doing hard things.

I was in the middle of a ‘no chips” challenge and was realizing just how many similarities there are in the struggle to lose weight and get organized. “Organizing comes easy to me because I’ve been doing it for so long and have experienced the rewards being organized produces. And boy did it take time for me to lose the weight. I’ve learned so much in the process and having gone through something so difficult I now have a better understanding of what some of you are going through on your organizational journeys. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fitbit: My FitnessPal: Treadmill: Send In Maureen. Organizing Basics. Room By Room Organization for the Home. Reader Success: Organizing a Linen Closet Using the PROCESS Steps. Welcome! Simplify your blog reading by signing up to read my blog via RSS (get updates in a feed reader) or via email (get updates delivered daily to your inbox). Hi friends, I always love to hear success stories from my readers and I especially love to see how my PROCESS steps have helped them get from a cluttered Point A to an organized Point B. Today I’ve got Amy sharing how she used the PROCESS to help her organize her linen closet. She did a great job! I think the REMOVE stage tends to scare everyone the most but as you can see in this example it is most beneficial. Send me an email if my PROCESS steps have worked for you and you too could be featured on my site!

Now here is Amy…. I love my house organized but let me confess, I’m a horrible organizer! I was checking out a friend’s guest post here and ran into PROCESS. Let me show you a few before pictures. Yikes! Plan of attack Normally, my plan of attack is no plan of attack. I decided this closet should serve the following purposes: 30-Day Declutter Challenge. How to Clean and Organize Your Closet | POPSUGAR Latina. How to (Finally) Streamline Your Closet. Simply organized. 31 Smart, Low-Cost Home Organizing Ideas.

Organizing. Get Organized. Planning and organizing on Pinterest | Bullet Journal, Planners and Bullet Journal Key. Simply organized: organized hanging files. Any time i have a spare moment, i've been hiding away in the office continuing my quest for an organized paper system. i'm almost done and can't wait to show you the end result. i have a new system in far so good. just a few tweaks before i can share it all with you. i suppose it's looking pretty good because yesterday my husband said, "the office looks the best/most organized i have ever seen it. ". wow! How is that for progress! My man even noticed?? :-) yesterday, in my weekly coupon shopping post, i shared this photo... i used my staples reward money to buy the above items in an effort to tackle 2 filing drawers in the office desk. not only did i want to drawer to be organized, but i thought a bit of color would make me smile a little. our office is pretty *blah* on the color spectrum right now. anytime i can add a little pop of color, i'll do it!

What i was left with was... 1. a list of main sections and 2. a list of the folders that would be contained under those main sections. Containerstore. Video 1 - What it Takes - Profitable Organizer. Leitz-esselte.pdf. Linens That Glide | 9 Decluttering Secrets From Professional Organizers - Real Simple. IHeart Organizing: Filing Cabinet Organization. Although it is basically unavoidable, I love a clutter free workspace. As someone who is easily distracted, having piles of papers and accessories makes me twitchy.

So yeah, my desk typically looks pretty snazzy.... the secret lies within the nearby drawers! As in my dirty little secret. It is like I basically use my arm to swoop my clutter right into the drawers of my filing cabinet tucked below my desk. See?! I actually really love the filing cabinet itself... A winner at concealing my clutter in a very unorganized way. A few weeks ago quarterly taxes were due and I searched high and low for those statement stubs. Here is what I started out with. The top drawer held random files and a lot of clutter. This was NOT a quick process. As always, I emptied out every last drawer to see what I was working with and to just go big or go home.

I started with the fun accessory drawer stuff, I would rather organize items than boring papers any day... And drawer number two: And then it happened.