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Leena Jose

I am leena Joseph working as an Web developer. i know about all web development languages. In our company agriya provides following web development services. html5 development, angularjs development, node.js development, cakephp development services, laravel development services, yii development, and then bootstrap development services.

Laravel- The PHP based framework to establish your own eCommerce website. 7 Excellent Tutorials to Learn AngularJS in an Innovative way. Still a newbie to AngularJS?

7 Excellent Tutorials to Learn AngularJS in an Innovative way

Looking forward to learning this open source web application framework in a smart way? If so, nothing could stop you from becoming an AngularJS developer, with the availability of multiple online tutorials. AngularJS, in recent times, has been gaining a wide range of popularity, especially in the development of dynamic web applications with the use of JavaScript and HTML. Maintained by Google and individual developer community, this framework, which follows the MVC and MVVM architectures, offers developers to easily design client side applications. Any attempt to browse the web to find the best tutorials to learn AngularJS will only make the aspiring learners a confused lot, as there are too many tutorials for you to pick up.

Tutorials point. The best Bootstrap tools for Designers. Necessity of the web design is gaining more important in an online world and has wide scope in IT industry.

The best Bootstrap tools for Designers

The process of website design provides you simple concepts for presenting the unique websites with effective designing elements. It plays a key role in creation of websites with stunning presence and increases heavy traffic flow for the web-pages via web services. In 2011, Bootstrap has entered into a website designing field and environs internal tools, plugins, and add-ons which help a Bootstrap designer in designing of web projects effectively. Let us see some of the unique Bootstrap tools for designers based on a web development. Jetstrap It creates an effective dynamic interface for websites with drag and drops functionality in a simple coding structure. X-editable Designers can make use of this library tools to create editable modules and elements including both popup and online modes on your webpage. Layoutit Grid Displayer Divshot Conclusion. Node.js Development: Frequent Errors Made by Node.Js Developers.

Programmers prefer a framework to develop an application or website for several reasons such as simplicity of usage, demands of the task assigned, and reliability.

Node.js Development: Frequent Errors Made by Node.Js Developers

Node.js falls in the list of such frameworks which a developer chooses to build complex applications. It is a programme widely accepted by multi-national business giants to run their web applications. Node.js, being an extensively used platform has received many favorable as well as unfavorable remarks. Most of the times, developers who switched to Node.js, having elemental knowledge in similar programs, stumble upon several errors. Awesome CakePHP Tutorials and Resources. CakePHP is a rapidly growing and leading, open source framework among the web developers for its robust capabilities.

Awesome CakePHP Tutorials and Resources

It mainly focused on the architectural base of your websites and pursues the concept of Model-View-Controller (MVC) that ensures extensible architecture for developing simple coding and deploying applications. Five major reasons to use a Twitter Bootstrap. Bootstrap is a well-known HTML, CSS, and JS framework for creating responsive mobile based projects on the web quickly.

Five major reasons to use a Twitter Bootstrap

It is an open source tool for creating website applications and it makes front-end web development faster and easier. A responsive utilizes of the Bootstrap are built in breakpoints so that the framework does not fit for all requirements of the tasks. Most probably the Bootstrap is built for general layouts so you customize it easily, but when it comes to unique designs, then it will be more effective to use your own styles. To overcome this issue, the “Twitter Bootstrap” provides a unique concept and turnkey solutions to a bootstrap designer. The “Twitter Bootstrap” provides an innovation path to build websites and apps easier. Rapid Bootstrap development. Essential tips to improve the performance of AngularJS. In the recent years, the use of AngularJS has increased drastically because of its varied features.

Essential tips to improve the performance of AngularJS

However, complaints about AngularJS applications have also seen a rise. So how to address the issues like initial load time, user command responsiveness, etc.? Following some essential tips would be really helpful. Tips to better the performance of AngularJS Avoiding watchers: When an AngularJS developer uses too many watchers, it can make the Angular app slow. Reduce or avoid using ng-repeat ng-repeat creates poor performance. Use $watchCollection Rather than using $watch with a 3rd parameter, use $watchCollection. Backbench the functions using console.time console.time, which is a wonderful API, is very helpful, especially when debugging issues. Benchmark your watchers using Batarang Batarang is really an awesome tool. Developing AngularJS apps would be easier and the performance can be greatly improved by following some useful tips.

Important-tips-before-hiring-nodejs. How Node.js is perfect for creating REST API? Create Real-Time Applications with Node.JS. Invented in 2009, Node.JS is a cross-platform runtime environment.

Create Real-Time Applications with Node.JS

It is open source and the applications are written in Javascript. The arrival of Node.JS was certainly a revolutionary of sorts with its ability to develop real-time web applications that are fast, scalable and data driven. A Node.JS developer can use event driven programming model to build hugely scalable servers. It is a known fact that Node.JS has been built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine. The reasons being that, V8, is an open source, focused on the web, and is extremely fast. Features of Node.JS Running the applications within the Node.JS runtime on Windows, Linux and also MAC OS X is possible without the need for any changes.