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Le FLE à la Une. How to Learn A Language with Amazon Prime - SPEAK AT HOME TONIGHT. How to Learn A Language with Amazon Prime - SPEAK AT HOME TONIGHT. 10 Child Friendly French Movies + Where to Watch these Movies. It can be challenging to motivate kids to learn another language– until you give them some popcorn. Encourage the kind of dedication your kids need to learn French by curling up in the evenings with a good French movie.

French movies have a bad reputation for being strange and hard to grasp. These titles aren’t the Hollywood blockbusters that American audiences might be used to, but they are certainly entertaining. The New York Times. La petite Pokou en streaming, série Afrique. PARENTS MODE D'EMPLOI Saison 5 - Don de sang/Info cruciale en streaming. 10 New Netflix Shows For French Immersion Kids to Watch in the Summer of 2016. Last year, I did an article about shows on Canadian Netflix to help keep your grade-school-aged French Immersion child in practice over the summer break.

10 New Netflix Shows For French Immersion Kids to Watch in the Summer of 2016

Wow, was it surprisingly popular! I decided to do a new version for 2016, since a lot of new shows have come out! Most of these shows are more appropriate for slightly older kids. So if you’ve got littles, or ones who are new to French Immersion, you might want to refer back to the 2015 post, because my son helped me grade those by an approximate difficulty level. Don’t worry, I checked; all of those shows are still on Netflix except for Zooboomafoo (which arguably was the most difficult show anyway). English is the default for all these shows, but all of them have the possibility of English and French dub and English and French subtitles. MyFrenchFilmFestival. Dilili in Paris / Dilili à Paris (2018) - Trailer (French) 3 raisons de voir le film français Roxane. Le Noël de Mog le chat. YouTube. Les Choristes (Intermediate Low) - Ma Révolution française. We all agree that teachers are heroes, right?!

Les Choristes (Intermediate Low) - Ma Révolution française

But there aren't nearly enough good films about the extraordinary role that teachers play in transforming children's lives. Les Choristes is a favorite of mine because it's got a simple, yet rich story, a variety of engaging child and adult characters, and lots of themes to mine in discussion. Even my year 1 students can really dig into this film and its themes with a little guidance. Here's my Pinterest board with a few links to other great lesson plans on this film.I spent 6 days on Les Choristes and could easily spend more. My student Can-Dos for the unit are:I can name and describe the main characters in this filmI can describe the overall story arc of the filmI can summarize key scenes from the film using il dit, ils disent, il écrit, ils écriventI can talk about themes in the filmAnd my essential questions are:What makes someone a hero ?

Apprendre le français avec les séries TV (1) : « Mère et fille » Voici un cours de renforcement en FLE que je propose ce semestre à des étudiants de niveau A2/B1 : apprendre le français avec des séries TV.

Apprendre le français avec les séries TV (1) : « Mère et fille »

Je partage cette pratique car le retour que j’en ai chaque semaine est très positif. Il s’agit de proposer une approche de l’enseignement du français, différente, plus ludique et proche de la réalité de la vie quotidienne française. Pourquoi la série « Mère et fille »? J’ai choisi de m’appuyer sur la série TV « Mère et fille » qui existe depuis 2012 sur la chaîne Youtube de Disney Channel FR et qui met en scène une adolescente de 14 ans, Barbara et sa mère, Isabelle, 39 ans, divorcée : cette série, destinée à un public plutôt jeune, a le mérite d’éviter des scènes trop légères ou violentes qui pourraient déranger dans un contexte scolaire ou au vu de certaines cultures des apprenants.

C’est surtout une comédie, qui fait vraiment rire, tant les apprenants que leur enseignante, incitant donc à apprendre le français avec plaisir. Mère et Fille - C'est le Plombier ! - Episode en entier - Saison 2 - Sur Disney Channel ! Alice in Paris - Transcriptions et activités – Google Drive. Le jour ou jai fait une phobie scolaire Episode 7. Bella y la Bestia - Google Slides.

Miraculous The Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir 01 Climatika. Favorite movies for French learning - French Cultural Center. Looking for ways to keep up your French this summer?

Favorite movies for French learning - French Cultural Center

Check out a movie from our library to practice your listening comprehension! In the States, foreign language films sometimes get a bad rap for being dull or depressing, but these flicks prove just how untrue that is. The French like comedies - and romances, historical dramas, and cheesy tearjerkers - just as much as anyone else. You may even find it easier to keep up with the action if you are already familiar with the conventions of a particular genre. France 5 Kids videos. France 5 Kids videos. (108) World Citizen Artists Awards 2017: Landfill Harmonic and Recycled Orchestra of Cateura.

Un village presque parfait Belle et Sébastien - épisode 18 en replay et en streaming : Tivi5monde+ La llorona. I heard that the new movie La Llorona came out this past weekend, and I thought to myself, welp, there’s my lesson plan for tomorrow!

La llorona

I mean, come on, the legend is scary and spooky and compelling and cultural… so awesome on so many levels! And best of all…this was one of those Great Idea No Prep Lessons that was fun for all! Chalk Talk- Visual Lecture- Storylistening There are a lot of names for the same thing: using the whiteboard to illustrate as you explain, which aids their comprehension and slows you down (since it takes longer to draw than speak!) I had a blast sharing the legend of “La Llorona” with my students in slow and comprehensible Spanish. If you’d like to see what it looked like, here you go! Spanish 1: Spanish 4: Write and Discuss Oh how I love “Write and Discuss” and with my Spanish 1 Little Darlings, we wrote out the story. Movie Trailer So after my little darlings had listened to the story, and then written about it, I showed them the movie trailer. Le Petit Prince Movie Guide the Little Prince by La Libre Language Learning.

This film guide far surpasses the typical one-dimensional question and answer sheet and encourages French language use, literary analysis, evaluation, and creativity--all with infographic style.

Le Petit Prince Movie Guide the Little Prince by La Libre Language Learning

Le Petit Prince: Guide pour le Film is intended for use with the 2016 Netflix film version of The Little Prince, based on the classic novel. Your students will fall in love with the characters and be inspired to read the book as their French progresses. Extr@ French - Episode 1. (380) Pinterest. Tivi5Monde+ Replay dessins animés et émissions jeunesse. Les Gaulois by Ashley Lowe on emaze. Over 220 Cartoons and Kids Shows to Watch in French on Netflix - UPDATED LIST... Parlez du cinéma en français ! Le vocabulaire utile. 5 Appropriate movies for middle and high school Spanish. Inside: Movies that would be perfect to show in a middle school Spanish class, or a lower level or more conservative high school Spanish class that have a rich cultural background for Spanish class.

5 Appropriate movies for middle and high school Spanish

We are getting there folks. It is the end of the year in Spanish class and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The last couple weeks for us always include strange schedules due to assemblies, incentive parties, finals and everything else. I used to think that putting on a movie was a cop out move for teachers who just can't at the end of the year. (If it is The Lion King in Spanish like I watched every year in high school). Depending on the group will decide which audio and subtitles I use.

Activités pour communiquer FLE : Reconstituer une affiche de film. Téléchargez et imprimez une idée d’activité à mettre en place avec des affiches de cinéma : reconstituer une affiche de film !

Activités pour communiquer FLE : Reconstituer une affiche de film

Premier temps d’une série d’activités et de fiches qui s’intéressent à l’utilisation des affiches de cinéma en classe, cette ressource permet de travailler la description physique du visage et la description simple des images. Le principe est très simple : découper les personnages d’un poster de film et faire décrire les personnages afin de reconstituer l’affiche. Cette activité a toujours super bien marché dans mes classes enfants, ados et adultes. Apprendre le français avec le cinema francais - Isabelle Servant. El cuarto misterioso: Episodio 1. El portal de cine para colegios e institutos - Aulacorto. CINE.AR. Les films francais avec sous-titres francais en ligne gratuit. A Taste of Cinema and Learning: 8 French Movies for Middle School Students. “A movie?

A Taste of Cinema and Learning: 8 French Movies for Middle School Students

Thanks, madame!” There’s no better way to please your French students than to let them know today’s French movie day—but choosing a movie is another matter entirely! Picking a film that’ll please a gaggle of middle school students can be tough even when the film is in their native language. Middle schoolers aren’t all interested in the same things and they don’t all have the same emotional maturity. But when the films are in French, yet another level of difficulty is added: How can you be sure that kids will understand and enjoy the movie you choose? The trick is to select films that address themes and have characters that appeal to a wide variety of middle schoolers. Still unsure? Bonoov. Les films francais avec sous-titres francais en ligne gratuit. 10 grands films pour les débutants à regarder pour apprendre le français. Netflixeando: The 10 Best Spanish-Language Netflix Original Series. Given that Netflix has always had its sights on global domination (TV-wise, at least), it’s no surprise to have seen it slowly producing more and more “global content.”

Netflixeando: The 10 Best Spanish-Language Netflix Original Series

That’s included French shows like Marseille, Brazilian hits like 3%, German dramas like Dark, and even Korean comedies like My Only Love Song. The streaming giant knows that its audiences don’t just want English-language fare. They also want local productions in their own languages.