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Essential oil of the month - Clove Bud. Clove Bud essential oil (Eugenia caryophyllata) is a wonderfully seasonal, aromatic oil, producing a slightly sweet, fruity, warming, spicy aroma – synonymous with the Christmas period.

Essential oil of the month - Clove Bud

It has a pale yellow colour, and is a highly analgesic oil, which also has strong anti-bacterial properties. The Clove plant – grown and harvested in Indonesia, produces 3 different forms of essential oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Clove Stem Oil, and the oil produced from the bud. All three are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry as a source of eugenol. Clove Bud Oil is used in aromatherapy, as it has the lowest levels of eugenol, and is therefore considered safe. For many centuries Clove Buds were chewed to help relieve toothache, and the oil is still used as a pain relieving remedy in dentistry today. Safety note: Clove essential oil can be a mild irritant, and is not recommended for use in the bath or for those with sensitive skins. Clove Oil has 4 main uses: Joannah MetcalfeConsultant Aromatherapist. 義大利永久花—散淤與傷口癒合的第一把交椅. Which Essential Oil Companies Should YOU Buy From? My surprising findings on my quest to find the best - TheHippyHomemaker.

I am most likely going to piss off some people with this post, but the information that I found was too good to keep to myself and keep you guys in the dark.

Which Essential Oil Companies Should YOU Buy From? My surprising findings on my quest to find the best - TheHippyHomemaker

As always, you should do your own research and question everything (even me!!). I ALMOST fell for the ploy. I got really excited, because I felt like I was about to embark on a journey into the world of “top quality essential oils”. I thought that the lines I was being fed about these oils being “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” (or “CPTG”), “100% pure therapeutic grade”, and “therapeutic quality” meant that these essential oils HAD TO BE THE BEST. I was about to find out that all of these descriptions meant nothing in the eyes of the FDA and the aromatherapy world; they were just that, descriptions. In my ever growing quest to find the healthiest options in my life, I began to wonder what about my essential oils? What is in a smell? 精油成份功能表. Which Essential Oil Companies Should YOU Buy From? My surprising findings on my quest to find the best - TheHippyHomemaker. 精油的化學結構. 精油化學名稱中英文比對 @ Aromeli 艾諾整體芳療.

【芳疗专栏】为生活加香. By 赵沛萱 芙葳芳香学院校长 阿芙品牌首席培训顾问 国际芳香疗法治疗师协会(IFA)校长讲师 一个是乳香,作为基督教的熏香用品,其需求量大到因乳香贸易而形成了一条“乳香之路”的商路——类似中国的丝绸之路。



精油按摩-香草精油小铺官方网站. 芳香精油及芳香 法. 各類精油功效. 增加腦部活力、增強記憶力、集中注意力:黑胡椒 / 尤加利 / 歐薄荷 / 迷迭香 / 茶樹。 頭痛複方. 香草生活報. 尤加利精油 Eucalyptus. 簡述:減輕腹部絞痛或生理痛,治療氣喘、咽喉痛,預防感冒,利退燒,緩解發炎症狀,心絞痛、呼吸系統、糖尿病、風濕痛,降低血糖,治療及預防肺部疾病(如支氣管炎、結核病),利尿,抗感染,清除血液雜質並能改善日漸老化的肌膚。

尤加利精油 Eucalyptus

清涼身體、止痛、抗菌、抗痙攣、抗病毒、淨化、除臭、去痰、退燒。 對情緒有冷靜的效果,可使頭腦清楚,集中注意力。 【本質】主要產於澳洲,平均高度都在30公尺以上,味道涼涼略帶沖鼻的樟腦味,蒸餾自如獨木舟狀的樹葉,產量充足,故價格便宜,但效果奇佳,可說是價美物廉,唯一遺憾是其樟腦味極不易調入女性香水中,呈透明無色狀。 Beyond Aromatherapy. 苦橙葉. 天竺葵. 甜橙. 快樂鼠尾草. 夏天到了,需要冷藏的一些基礎油清單! - 手工皂問答 - 手工皂討論區 皂研工房手工皂討論區,內有各種手工皂配方,,手工皂教學,手工皂材料 - Powered by Discuz! 精油瓶的清洗方法 - 精油&芳療知識 - 手工皂-精油-美容討論區.


浸泡油. 迷迭香. 複方精酒油配方. Expand 的 BLOG - Yahoo! BLOG. Shea Butter Recipes - Shea Butter Guide. On this page you can find general guidelines which are applicable for almost all shea butter recipes you can find on this site.

Shea Butter Recipes - Shea Butter Guide

Making homemade shea butter creams or creating your own shea butter recipes is simple if you know how to make scented shea butter cream, how to melt shea butter, how to whipp shea butter and how to store shea butter. How to Make Scented Shea Butter Cream If you want to make simple hard shea butter cream, you basically need shea butter, some base (carrier) oil and some essential oil. Actually, adding base oil is optional, simple combination of shea butter and essential oil(s) will do as well.

Cream made with base oil(s) will be little bit softer and easier to apply than pure unrefined Shea butter. Targeted purpose of a cream (wrinkles, dry skin, stretch marks, …)desired scentpersonal preference Technology is very simple: melt shea butter on the steam using a double pot. If you don’t intend to make whipped cream, you can mix it by hand. ★★ 【精油化學】的日常應用 ~ 初識百里香精油的分類 ★★★ @ AromaLiving 小魔羯的芳香生活. 當你購買「百里香」精油時,你知道你買到的是哪種百里香嗎?

★★ 【精油化學】的日常應用 ~ 初識百里香精油的分類 ★★★ @ AromaLiving 小魔羯的芳香生活

你也許會覺得我的問題很可笑,你也許會認為既然指名要買百里香精油,買得當然是百里香精油啊~ 這麼說不算對也不算錯!! ( 上圖: 百里酚百里香,原圖網址 ) 編號1~6 ,雖然拉丁學名都相同,但是化學分類卻都不同。 這是因為植物在不同的土地、海拔高度、水文條件下生長,為了適應當地環境所演化出來的。 以上僅就百里香精油在日常生活上的應用做簡單的介紹, 若想要了解更多深入的內容, 歡迎您來參加我們在十二月 在台北的""精油化學""課程,將有更多更深入且有趣的內容。 [貼心提醒:芳香療法為輔助性自然療法,無法取代正統醫療] 若對芳療精油化學有興趣, 歡迎您參考我們今年十二月的 精油化學 (←點下去有連結) 的相關課程。 喜歡本文內容請給個""讚""喔!! 精油化學, 百里香, 唇形科, 脣形科, 龍腦, 百里酚, 香芹芥酚, 香荊芥酚, 沉香醇, 牻牛兒醇.

DIY 護膚