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The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. SpecTrek Light - Android Market. Zombies, Run!

SpecTrek Light - Android Market

5k Training is an 8-week training program and audio adventure for beginners that’ll improve your fitness so you can run a 5km distance. We give you clear and detailed instructions about when to walk, jog, run and stretch, building up your confidence and stamina over 25 workouts - combined with a gripping story delivered straight to your headphones. (If you already have some running experience, check out our “Zombies, Run!”

App with extra features including 30 more missions, ‘zombie chase’ interval training, a base-building game, time and distance audio notifications, and more!) Zombies, Run! Featured by the New York Times, BBC, Time, Wired, and Runner's World! WHAT PLAYERS SAY ABOUT ZOMBIES, RUN! A PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED 5K TRAINING PROGRAMDevised by Julia Jones and Shauna Reid of Up and Running e-courses, this 8-week, 25 workout training program combines awesome storytelling with expert training know-how. PERFECT FOR BEGINNERSEverything about Zombies, Run! Parallel Kingdom. 6 Alternatives to the Android Market. Unlike the iPhone, Android users are free to download apps from sources other than Google’s official Android Market.

6 Alternatives to the Android Market

With Google not yet offering paid-for apps in the Android Market in all territories and some manufacturers not including access to the Market at all, alternative stores can be an attractive way for developers to reach a wider potential audience. However, are they worth trying from a user’s perspective? With the news this week that Amazon is now busy preparing to sell Android apps itself later this year, we thought we’d round up all the current alternative Android app stores that are already available.

Our list includes services that sell apps directly as well as those that act as an alternative front-end to the Android Market. GetJar GetJar bills itself as “The world’s second largest app store with over 1 billion downloads to date, second only to the Apple App Store”. AppBrain SlideME MobiHand OnlyAndroid. Mobile Application Development Mobile Tracking iPhone LBS GPS NFC J2ME. Cost Sheet Pricing Details - Basis of Pricing XEN offers forward-looking IT outsourcing engagement models to our clients that go over and beyond tactical outsourcing.

Mobile Application Development Mobile Tracking iPhone LBS GPS NFC J2ME

These models offer the opportunity to accelerate outsourcing higher along the collaborative value chain. Broadly there are three engagement models that move from a low involvement, low control mode to a very high involvement, very high control mode. These are: Advantages of FTE arrangement are: This is a least cost option hence you'll have budget predictability and IP ownership. Fixed Price / Project based pricing or Fixed bid This model allows the clients to get a predictable budget for your project and considerably low perceived risk Fixed Price Model suits best for clients who wants fixed price for fixed scoped project.

The typical Features of this model are: Typically asked for by clients with less project requirement clarity and offered by us only when we have high clarity on the requirement. Android Mobile Apps & Custom Facebook App Developer. Facebook app that creates events. Events.create - Facebook developers. Integrating Events into Your Applications - Facebook developers. We’ve just released some changes to the API that allow your applications to integrate with Facebook's Events application.

Integrating Events into Your Applications - Facebook developers

These new API calls allow applications to create, modify, and cancel events, as well as submit a user's RSVP to any event that the application created. With an active session and the appropriate extended permissions, your application can manage your users' schedules for any events created through your application. These events appear on their profiles alongside all their other events, so they can easily keep track of what's coming up as well as invite more friends. Applications that could take advantage of this include those that manage personal events and those that host events. We're sure you'll come up with a lot more ideas!

We updated events.get and events.getMembers to include this sessionless use case; they will return events created by the application without a session. Let us know what you think.