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A Geocacher’s First Day. Hopefully you read this article before heading out to find your very first Geocache, but even if you’re reading it as a well–seasoned veteran you might find some tips pretty useful.

A Geocacher’s First Day

Let’s begin by explaining what Geocaching is. According to a lot of people, Geocaching is a high–tech game of treasure hunting or hide and seek. From some people, that’s about all the explanation you’ll ever receive. I see it differently. Geocaching is a grown man’s justification for playing in the mud, a grown woman’s justification for not always getting dolled up, and a child’s justification for being a kid.

While Geocaching is fun, it can also be dangerous depending on the terrain and climate the cache is located. What You’ll Need The first thing you’ll need is a membership at a Geocaching website, such as You’ll need a GPS device unless you’re an expert with compass and map. Most importantly, you’re going to need the coordinates to the cache; how else will you find it? Choosing the Geocache. GPS Essentials. BIG EASTER SALE -50% on Europe, World, Brasil or North America!

GPS Essentials

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Can you input GPS coordinates into iPhone? Groundspeak's Geocaching Application. How to Use Geocaching in the Classroom. Geocaching Quito (Without a GPS) Some friends and I have gone out looking for geocaches in Quito the last two Sundays.

Geocaching Quito (Without a GPS)

There are about 20-30 here, which is a small number considering the size of the city, but the activity hasn't quite caught on here yet. (If you missed my first post on geocaching, here: Anyway, most of them are in one of the best places in Quito: Parque Metropolitano. There are a few in another awesome park near me as well (Parque Itchimbia) and maybe one or two just outside of the city. My friends and I don't have GPS devices, so it was a bit of a ridiculous task since both of these parks are huge. But, we found two out of the five we looked for! Also, I should mention here that parks in Quito are one of the best things about the city. Anyway, both days were huge successes. This Sunday, we went to Itchimbia and made a day of it with a picnic blanket, some mimosas, and a frisbee. How to Use Geocaching as a Classroom Teaching Tool. Geocaching is an activity enjoyed by clubs, families and individuals.

How to Use Geocaching as a Classroom Teaching Tool

It is a sport that aids physical health, with lots of outdoor activity, as well as mental stimulation, with geocachers tracking a fun "prize. " These factors and more make it a beneficial classroom tool. Getting Started If you are not entirely sure what geocaching is, the Bright Hub article What is Geocaching? By Michele McDonough will clear that right up. While most geocaching enthusiasts track down existing geocaches listed on websites such as, you are not restricted to doing so with your classroom (although you certainly may benefit from one). Benefits of Using Geocaching to Teach Math and Science If you are weary of hearing students in your math classroom lament, "I'll never use this stuff in the real world," consider the benefits of using geocaching for a math lesson.

Select a geocache location. New Teacher Tools: Geocaching and Education. Louie Bliss and Foxfire working the Geocaching Booth Teachers say geocaching can be a powerful learning tool that involves critical thinking, hands-on learning and active engagement.

New Teacher Tools: Geocaching and Education

Over the past few years, geocaching has become more commonly used in the world of education. Now offers more help to teachers who incorporate geocaching in the classroom.