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General practice doctor: Job description. General practitioners, or GPs, provide primary and continuing medical care for patients in the community.

General practice doctor: Job description

They take account of physical, emotional and social factors when diagnosing illness and recommending the required treatment. Patients may be referred to hospital clinics for further assessment and possibly for treatment. GPs may run specialist clinics within the practice for patients with specific conditions. They increasingly work as part of a team alongside other healthcare professionals, including community health doctors, to discuss care options for patients and their families and help patients to take responsibility for their own health. GPs who are partners in a practice are also responsible for the running of the practice, which involves a range of administrative activities, such as employing staff, managing contracts and working within strict budgets. Typical work activities Tasks include:

Doctor (general practitioner, GP): job description. General practitioners provide confidential patient consultations and initial medical care within a community-based setting.

Doctor (general practitioner, GP): job description

What does a GP do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills General practitioners (GPs) are doctors employed by the National Health Service as independent contractors to work within local communities. Typical responsibilities include: patient consultations at home and within the surgery physical examinations diagnoses and treatment of illnesses/ailments minor surgery health education practice management and administration liaison with other health care professionals and/or hospitals The job can be demanding but it is nevertheless rewarding and highly respected and it gives more opportunity for flexible or part-time work than other specialisations.

Publications advertising vacancies include General Practitioner, British Medical Journal and The Lancet. Psychiatrist job profile. Psychiatry will suit you if you have a strong scientific mind, excellent communication skills and the desire to improve the lives of people with mental illness Psychiatrists are medically qualified doctors specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental health disorders such as: dementiadepressionbipolar disordereating disordersschizophrenia.

Psychiatrist job profile

Psychiatric disorders can be caused by physical illnesses, and many patients with mental illness are at greater risk of physical illness. Psychiatrists are therefore skilled in recognising the symptoms of both mind and body to evaluate, assess risk and draw up treatment plans, which may include prescribing medication. Doctor - GP Job profiles. Page Content Doctor - GP Hours50 per weekStarting salary£54,863 + per year.

Doctor - GP Job profiles

C1 MCAN Blog specialitytraining. Medical specialty training. After successful completion of the Foundation programme you are awarded the Foundation Achievement of Competence Document (FACD).

Medical specialty training

You are then able to go on to training in a chosen specialty, or general practice (GP) training. Training programmes differ in length and structure according to specialty. General practice lasts three years.Other specialties can last 5-8 years. Training for a career as a specialty doctor in the NHS. NHS Medical Careers has information on the full range of medical specialties that you can train in across the NHS.

Training for a career as a specialty doctor in the NHS

In partnership with the medical royal colleges, we have compiled data on what it is like to work in each specialty, the types of patients, disease and conditions you are likely to encounter throughout your career, the training pathways you can follow and a whole host of statistics to help you understand what your future career prospects in that specialty could be. Use the menu on the left to research information about specialties that interest you and bookmark any that you wish to refer to again in the future. We have seven or eight pages of information for each specialty. Don't forget, there are over 60 specialties and many of the specialties are included within the medicine and surgery pages!

Careers in medicine. Becoming a doctor isn’t an easy option – it takes years of study and hard work.

Careers in medicine

Medicine offers the opportunity to improve people’s health and ultimately save lives. RCGP-So-You-Want-to-be-a GP-2014. Royal College of General Practitioners. T-specialist.pdf. Faculty of Occupational Medicine. Haematology (doctor) Consultant roles You can apply for consultant roles six months prior to achieving your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Haematology (doctor)

You will receive your CCT at the end of your haematology training. Managerial opportunities for consultants include: clinical lead - lead NHS consultant for the teamclinical director - lead NHS consultant for the departmentmedical director - lead NHS consultant for the Trust. Royal College of Physicians. C1 soyouwanttobeaPharmaceuticalPhysician. A day in the life... Find out more about what to expect if you decide a career in paediatrics is for you with a series of real life case studies A student's view of medical school What's it really like?

A day in the life...

'For the first few years my time was mostly spent in lectures, tutorials and practical sessions, including examining mock patients. I was usually in college from 9am until 4pm, Monday to Friday, except Wednesday afternoons for sports or any activities you wish. My free time was spent socialising, either in the student union, around the town or playing sport. My afternoons are usually spent in theatres, in clinics or helping the junior doctors, who in return will teach you practical skills or help you perfect your examination technique.

Year 6 medical student, studying at the Royal Free and University College, London (2008) A trainee's view The scope to make a difference I could have specialised in any of these areas or continued to train as a general paediatrician. Trainee at a London Hospital, 2010 Contact. RCPCH. Sports Medicine Information.