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Art editor job information. Page Content Art editor Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£18,000 + per year Art editors make sure that magazines look good and are easy to read.

Art editor job information

They present words and images in a way that appeals to readers and has visual impact. You’ll need to be creative and have a good understanding of your customers and readers. There are no set entry requirements to become and art editor. WorkDesc Work activities As an art editor, your tasks would typically include: Commissioning editor: Job description. Commissioning editors identify books or media products to publish in order to build up a publisher's list.

Commissioning editor: Job description

They commission work by finding authors or responding to book proposals. Their role is rather like that of a buyer. They also ensure authors deliver typescripts to specification and on time. The role is most associated with book publishing. In magazine publishing, commissioning editors commission writers to produce articles and features. This occupation is a mid/senior-level post requiring suitable experience and ability. Commissioning editor: job description. What does a commissioning editor do?

Commissioning editor: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills The majority of commissioning editors begin their careers as editorial assistants, progressing through the ranks once they’ve gained relevant skills and experience. Commissioning editor job information. Page Content Commissioning editor HoursVariableStarting salary£20,000 + per year As a commissioning editor, it will be your job to commission or buy new authors, book titles or ideas for publication.

Commissioning editor job information

You’ll choose books or media products that you think will sell well. You’ll also monitor the performance of published titles. Editorial assistant: Job description. Editorial assistants provide support in all stages of the publication of: books; journals; magazines; online material; publicity materials.

Editorial assistant: Job description

They support senior editorial staff in the administration of the commissioning, planning and production of publications. The level of responsibility and the range of tasks vary depending on the size of the organisation and the type of publication. The editorial assistant role is the usual starting point for careers in editorial work. Editorial assistant: job description. What does an editorial assistant do?

Editorial assistant: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills The majority of would-be editors begin their careers as editorial assistants, progressing through the editorial ranks once relevant skills and experience have been gained. Much of the work includes the following routine editorial duties: Editorial assistant Job Information. Page Content Editorial assistant Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£15,000 + per year Editorial assistants provide support at all stages of the publication process for books, journals, magazines, websites and online newsletters.

Editorial assistant Job Information

If you have excellent written and spoken English skills, and want to take the first step into a career in publishing, this job could be ideal for you. In this job it is essential that you have a high level of accuracy and the ability to spot mistakes. Many editorial assistants have a degree in English, journalism or media studies.

WorkDesc. Lexicographer: Job description. Lexicographers write, compile and edit dictionaries for both print and online publication.

Lexicographer: Job description

They may work on one of the following types of dictionary: English for native speakers; English for learners of English; technical, e.g. law; bilingual, for native speakers or learners of English. Newspaper or magazine editor job information. Page Content Newspaper or magazine editor HoursVariableStarting salary£30,000 + per year Newspaper and magazine editors manage the style and content of printed publications.

Newspaper or magazine editor job information

You may oversee the overall editorial direction of a publication, or you can be responsible for an individual section. Publishing rights manager: Job description. A rights manager develops and oversees publishing rights for books and related products in order to ensure that a publishing company makes a maximum profit.

Publishing rights manager: Job description

This might include arranging foreign rights, as well as the sale of rights to book clubs or for reprint paperbacks, North American editions, serials and extracts, audio and electronic formats, and translations. Rights managers coordinate the whole process, from initiating the sale of a publication to new contacts, through to ensuring that the particular publication is produced on schedule. Their work involves liaison with editors and other publishers and depending on the size of the organisation may either cover the publishing rights for a specific section, or the whole, of the business.

Typical work activities The nature of the work varies according to the type of publication you work on.

Picture/Image Researcher

Publishing Copy-editor/Proofreader. MediaPublishingJournalism Publishing. Book Publishing. Magazine Publishing. Music Publishing. Printing. Digital publishing: how the publishing job spec is changing. Flicking through the recruitment pages of the Bookseller last week, I came across an advert that reminded me just how much things have changed in the publishing industry. "Are you a hands-on digital maverick and guru? ", it asked. Until recently, this was not a question you would expect publishing companies to ask potential candidates. Most wanted their graduate recruits to have a love of books and an inkling of what goes into creating and selling them. They might even have expected familiarity with the book retail market and some knowledge of production processes. Today, though, this question is not an unreasonable one. Forward-thinking publishers no longer simply equate content with books.

Making the transition from the traditional to the digital world requires publishers to recruit and retain talent with skills that are largely unfamiliar to them. So what does this mean for graduates seeking to enter the publishing industry? Few individuals possess such a complete range of skills. Career Profiles. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. In the next of our ‘Getting into’ series Jessica Henderson, one of our Careers Consultants, explains the ins and outs of Publishing and how to give yourself the best chance for success.

What is it? Careers in publishing encompass a range of roles and sub-sectors. The main focus of this post is book and magazine publishing, but content is largely transferable to related areas such as industry journals or periodicals and academic or educational publications. Publishing is becoming increasingly digitised with many publications now being made available in digital format/s. This Careerplayer video provides a good overview of the publishing sector: Video supplied by CareerPlayer: Graduate Careers Advice on Video. Publishing: More than you ever imagined. The Society of Young Publishers. How to get started Want to get into publishing? First of all, find out a bit more about it. Check out the information available in the careers section of your local library or careers office, dip into one of the books recommended below and talk to people in the industry – us!

Come to one of our speaker meetings and take the opportunity to meet like-minded people and network in an informal atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to talk to people about the industry; everyone is happy to give advice and help as much as they can. This is only a brief guide, but should lead you to all the sources of information, jobs, courses and training that you will need to start your career in publishing. Publishing Careers. Booktrust. Publishing - Creative Industries - Creative Skillset. The ins and outs of a publishing house. A tale of two sides This extract is taken from The Writer's Handbook 2010, edited by Barry Turner, which can be purchased from

SYP Members are entitled to a 50% discount off the R.R.P., more details on our members offers page online. The publishing house can often seem cloaked in mystery to many new authors – as well as to aspiring publishing professionals, who also make use of The Writer’s Handbook – so we’ve prepared a helpful guide to the average publishing house with Jon Slack, the former Chair of the Society of Young Publishers. The many sectors Trade (consumer) publishers produce books found in high street retail outlets. The books are separated into fiction and non-fiction. British Publishing Companies: Directory of publishers in United Kingdom. Design Directory. Equip - Equality in Publishing. Institute of Paper, Printing and Publishing. Home - The London Book Fair. London School of Publishing, LSP - Home.

Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies. Print Power Home - The Power of Print. Blog: The Proofreader's Parlour - LOUISE HARNBY. Creative arts and design. Media and internet. Welcome to The Publishing Training Centre. The Society of Indexers. Multimedia Careers. Multimedia covers a wide variety of job areas including web design, computer games design, advertising graphics, animation and new media. Multimedia is used in libraries, museums, security systems, cable TV, publishing houses, schools, retailers, films, games, training and video conferencing.

Much of the work is freelance work and can be done working from home. You need to be adaptable - able to cope with constant change. Able to learn new things quickly, client focused with good team skills and able to work in project teams. There is a need for multimedia developers - Flash Developers, network engineers, legal and “rights” experts, publishers, graphic artists, sound experts, animators, authors/content providers, project managers, picture researchers.

Employers look for knowledge of specific packages e.g. Women in Publishing.