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Physiotherapist: job description. Physiotherapists use a variety of physical techniques and therapies in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients who are suffering from illnesses and/or injuries.

Physiotherapist: job description

What does a physiotherapist do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Physiotherapists work with a variety of patients including physically disabled children, pre/post natal women, sportsmen and women, industrial employees, hospital in and out patients and people within the community. Tasks can include: helping patients recover from accident, illness or injury organising physical exercise sessions providing massages supervising specialist therapies such as hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and aromatherapy collecting statistics writing reports liaising with professionals such as doctors and nurses providing education and advice about exercise and movement There are good opportunities for promotion: a structured career path exists within the NHS, and openings commonly occur within the private sector.

Physiotherapist: Job description. If you're a people person interested in improving physical health, physiotherapy could be the career for you Physiotherapists help patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability or ageing.

Physiotherapist: Job description

Patients can include children, the elderly, stroke patients and people with sports injuries. Physiotherapist Job Information. Page Content Physiotherapist Hours37.5 per weekStarting salary£21,692 + per year.

Physiotherapist Job Information

Sports physiotherapist Job Information. Page Content Sports physiotherapist Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£22,000 + per year.

Sports physiotherapist Job Information

Veterinary physiotherapist Job Information. Page Content Veterinary physiotherapist HoursVariableStarting salaryVariable If you are good at sciences and would like a job working with animals, this could suit you.

Veterinary physiotherapist Job Information

As an veterinary physiotherapist (also known as an animal physiotherapist), you would assess and treat animals with injuries or movement problems. In this job you would need to be observant, work well as part of a team, be good at solving problems and have an aptitude for science. There are a number of different routes for getting into this job.

WorkDesc The work. How to become a Physiotherapist - Local Physio. Physiotherapy is often described as an innovative, pioneering and highly rewarding career.

How to become a Physiotherapist - Local Physio

Qualified physiotherapists can choose among a wide range of specialties and exciting career paths, in both public and private environments, and have tremendous opportunities for being at the forefront in delivering quality patient care. Unsurprisingly, the physiotherapy workforce has increased significantly over the years. A census by the NHS Information Centre shows that the number of physiotherapists working in NHS Trusts in England has increased by a staggering 48 per cent between 2000 and 2009. During the same period, the proportion of physiotherapists employed outside the NHS has also increased. So, what is physiotherapy? Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists work with people to help with a range of problems which affect movement using exercise, massage and other techniques.


This page has information on the role of an physiotherapist with links to further information. Careers and development. Physiotherapy Site, Physiotherapists, Physio, A Career In Physio. It’s a big decision to choose a career, so unless you have always known what you wanted to do it is worth finding out as much as you can about it.

Physiotherapy Site, Physiotherapists, Physio, A Career In Physio

Physiotherapy is the most popular degree course in the UK and the last numbers I heard were about 18 applicants for every place. This means it is very competitive and the universities can be picky in who they choose to admit. If you are going to succeed in getting onto a physiotherapy course you will need to have a combination of academic achievement and personal experience and initiative. Remember, the admissions people need something to single you out as an outstanding candidate in some way, or they may pass you over. You may want to look at your strengths and weaknesses in the following categories: (on this page) Jon Thompson powerpoint. Interview Questions - Before an interview try and be as prepared as possible.

Interview Questions -

Research the position and practice answering questions they are likely to ask. Activity: Pick five questions. Write down your answer (try to use research or examples to back up any claims that you may be making). Practice reading the question aloud. Now give the question or answer to a friend and role play an interview scenario. Improve knowledge before your interview!! Podcasts Assessments Patient Sheets. Facebook. IVs Physiotherapy Web Version Updated Dec 2010. Home. HCPC - Homepage (Health and Care Professions Council) Find a Physiotherapist - Local Physiotherapy Clinics. Students Student Bursaries NHS Business Services Authority. NHS Student Bursaries is part of Student Services and is supplied by the NHS Business Services Authority.

Students Student Bursaries NHS Business Services Authority

We award and pay NHS Bursaries to students on pre-registration health professional training courses according to the NHS Bursary Scheme as published by the Department of Health. If you are thinking of taking up (or are already enrolled on) a qualifying training course, you’ll find information on this site about who can apply for an NHS Bursary and how to apply. New Students Continuing Students We take bursary fraud very seriously.

Use our bursary calculators to find out if you are eligible to apply, what your student status will be (independent/dependent) and provide you an estimate of what you could receive in a basic award as well as any potential additional allowances. Ask Us - discover the answers to your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Contact Details page also provides you with information about how to get in touch other useful external organisations. Physio First. Physio Wizz - Learning tool for physiotherapists and MDT. Find Local Physiotherapists.