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Community education officer job profile. Community education officers work within diverse communities to promote and organise adult or family education or training opportunities.

Community education officer job profile

Education can include skills in literacy and numeracy, life skills or practical skills, such as budgeting, cooking or learning how to use a computer. Learning typically takes places in non-traditional venues such as community centres, children's centres, libraries and even within churches. Community education officer: job description. What does a community education officer do?

Community education officer: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Community education officers help to organise and encourage participation in local educational programmes, such as literacy, numeracy and computing classes. They usually focus on areas with high levels of unemployment and social deprivation. Community Educator Community Education. Equality and diversity officer job profile. Equality and diversity officers aim to promote good relations and practices towards different minority groups.

Equality and diversity officer job profile

They cover various equality strands such as: age;disability;gender;gender reassignment;race;religion;sexual orientation. They may work within community services, supporting people who experience some form of discrimination and delivering diversity workshops to communities, staff and volunteers. Many roles also involve the development, monitoring and review of policies and strategies designed to ensure organisations, staff and stakeholders engage with legislative duties. Equality and diversity officers also ensure that everyone has equal access to services and they aim to stop negative attitudes. In major companies, officers may specialise in one particular area such as disability or race relations, while those in smaller organisations may work across a range of strands. Responsibilities Salary Income figures are intended as a guide only. Equalities officer Job Information.

Page Content Equalities officer Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£13,000 + per year Equalities officers promote positive practices and attitudes.

Equalities officer Job Information

You would help to make sure that people in minority groups are treated equally regardless of characteristics such as age, disability or gender. If you believe in fair treatment for all and want to help other people, this could be a job you would enjoy. You’ll be dealing with people from a wide range of backgrounds so you’ll need to keep an open mind. Family support worker job profile. If you want to make a positive impact on the lives of children, young people and families, the challenging and varied role of a family support worker could be for you Family support workers are typically employed by local authorities' social services departments or charitable organisations, to assist families who are experiencing short or long term problems, by offering practical help and emotional support.

Family support worker job profile

The focus of your role would be to provide support to service users, empowering them to address short and long term challenges, reducing problems and risks and in some cases, helping to make sure that children can remain with their family. You might help parents and children with a range of social and personal issues, or specialise in a particular area, such as domestic abuse, bereavement or homelessness. Welfare rights adviser: job description. What does a welfare rights adviser do?

Welfare rights adviser: job description

Welfare rights officer Job Information. Page Content Welfare rights officer Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£21,000 + per year Welfare rights officers, also known as welfare benefits advisers, provide free information, support and advice to the public.

Welfare rights officer Job Information

They advise about welfare benefits and other areas such as housing, work and money. If you can build trust with people and want to help them deal with their finances, this job could be for you. In this job you will need to talk to a wide range of people and listen well. WorkDesc. Youth worker job profile. Youth workers help facilitate personal, social and educational growth in young people to help them reach their full potential in society.

Youth worker job profile

At its core, youth work is about the relationship and conversations built up between a youth worker and a young person. Youth workers generally support the 11 to 25 age group and work with young people in a variety of settings such as: youth centres;schools;colleges;faith-based groups. Work could also be street based due to its outreach nature. Responsibilities Youth workers' roles vary greatly, but in addition to working with young people face-to-face, typical activities involve: Salary Salaries for professional youth workers start at £20,796.Salaries rise incrementally for experienced professional staff with a recommended salary range of £21,741 to £36,741. Youth worker: job description. What does a youth worker do?

Youth worker: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Youth workers are responsible for a number of organisational and fundraising roles. The job will involve working with children and young people from a variety of backgrounds, so good communication skills are important. Youth and Community Worker Job Information. Page Content Youth and community worker Hours35-37 per weekStarting salary£21,000 + per year.

Youth and Community Worker Job Information

Money adviser or debt counsellor Job Information. Page Content Money adviser or debt counsellor Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£18,000 + per year Money advisers, sometimes known as debt counsellors, help people whose debts have become too large or difficult for them to handle. How I got my job: Community Projects Intern. Interested in working for the Third Sector?

How about staying in Leeds? Here’s how Leeds graduate Julia Kinch made it happen! Hello! B4 R4 R5 Sustainability Student Engagement Booklet V.5. Youth and Community sector: Panel event summary. On the 11th March 2015 we ran the Public Affairs and Community Engagement (PACE) Panel Event. The event brought together representatives from a range of sectors into themed panel sessions to provide insights and advice on the sector. The sectors covered were; Youth & Communities, Social Work, Charities, Parliament & Public Affairs and International Development. Over the next few weeks we will be providing a summary of each of these panel sessions on the blog, beginning today with Youth and Communities. HealthSocialCare CommunityWork. Downloads. Careers Guide FINAL April2010. Youth and Community Work Careers. Youth work training: FAQs - NYA. Thinking about youth work as a career? I have a criminal record.

Current validated courses - NYA. Academy for Sustainable Communities : Home. Home. Journalism worth paying for. Welcome. Home - Engage Communities. Youth offending teams: North East England - Detailed guidance. Barnsley Contact: Ben Finley, Youth Offending Team Manager Barnsley Youth Offending Team Crookes Street Barnsley S70 6BX Phone: 01226 774 986 Fax: 01226 774 968 Bradford Contact: Charlie Jones, Youth Offending Team Manager Bradford Youth Offending Team Bank House 41 Bank Street Bradford BD1 1RD Phone: 01274 436 060 Fax: 01274 436 061 Calderdale Contact: Jeff Rafter, Head of Calderdale Youth Offending Services Calderdale Youth Offending Team Hoover Building 21 West Parade HX1 2TE Phone: 01422 368 279 Fax: 01422 368 483 Darlington.

Welcome to NAVCA. Overview of the social care sector. With more people needing help from care or support services, social care is one of the UK's fastest growing sectors. Overview of the charity sector in the UK. Public sector. Public sector The public sector employs around 5.6 million people and has opportunities across the UK. Find out more about working in the sector...

Skills for Care - supporting employers to create a capable, confident and skilled adult social care workforce. Urban Pollinators: places, people, potential. – Practical. Thinking. NCVO - Home.