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Private music teacher: Job description. Private music teachers provide instrumental, vocal and music training for children and adults of all ages.

Private music teacher: Job description

They may work at a variety of levels teaching different musical skills to either individuals or groups. Teaching can take place in a school, college or a community-based setting. Alternatively, private music teachers may work in their own home or travel to various locations to teach students, also known as peripatetic music teachers. Music teacher job information. Page Content Music teacher Hours30-40 per weekStarting salaryVariable.

Music teacher job information

Prison instructor Job Information. Page Content Prison instructor Hours37 per weekStarting salary£20,000 + per year Prison instructors, or instructional officers, help prisoners to gain skills which could help them find employment after their release.

Prison instructor Job Information

If you've got communication skills and patience, and specialist subject knowledge or experience in a trade, this could be the job for you. Playworker Job Information. Page Content Playworker Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£12,000 + per year If you love having fun with children and enjoy being active, this could be just the kind of job you're looking for.

Playworker Job Information

Playworkers plan, organise and take part in play and leisure activities for 4 to 16 year olds. They work at places like breakfast clubs, after school clubs, mobile play buses and holiday play schemes. You don't need to have qualifications to start in playwork but some paid or voluntary experience will be useful. Outdoor activities instructor. Page Content Outdoor activities instructor HoursVariableStarting salary£12,000 + per year.

Outdoor activities instructor

Online tutor Job Information. The further education industry is part of the lifelong learning sector, represented by Lifelong Learning UK Sector Skills Council, which also includes: community learning and development; higher education; libraries, archives and information services; and work‐based learning.

Online tutor Job Information

The sector as a whole currently employs over 1.2 million people in a range of educational institutions, as well as public and private sector organisations. Environmental education officer: Job description. Environmental education officers are involved in making people aware of environmental issues, promoting conservation and sustainability, and enhancing the public's enjoyment of the environment through teaching and interpreting the natural world.

Environmental education officer: Job description

The range of activities carried out in the role varies hugely from job to job. Some officers work mainly within schools, giving talks and taking part in and developing projects. They may deliver presentations, or host groups at relevant sites, such as nature reserves. Environmental Education - more information. Alternative careers in education. There are plenty of careers in education open to you other than teaching in a school, whether you’ve already trained as a teacher or are still considering your options.

Alternative careers in education

Interested in working in education, but don’t want to teach in a school? Whether you’re a student or graduate who’s considering teacher training, or you’ve already completed it, there are loads of career options open to you. Education Alternatives 2015. Teaching in a non-school/college setting. Engage. The term gallery education is used to describe the work done in and with the visual arts and galleries to broaden understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts - through projects and programmes that help people of all ages become confident in their understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts and galleries.


Gallery education continues to develop in response to changes in art practice, changes in audience needs, and changes in formal and informal education. Many galleries and art museums around the world now have gallery education departments, and gallery education programmes organised and delivered by gallery education staff, working with artist-educators, artists, teachers, professional partners and community leaders. Read more about what gallery educators do here. Many gallery educators do some or all of the following, but the make-up of the job depends on the size of the gallery and programme:

Offender learning review - Consultations. Factsheet-EducationinPrisons. Education makes prisoners 'less likely to reoffend' Studying a wide range of educational courses in jail makes prisoners in England and Wales significantly less likely to reoffend, research suggests.

Education makes prisoners 'less likely to reoffend'

A sample of 3,000 prisoners with access to study showed 19% had reoffended within a year of release, compared with 26% of 3,000 similar inmates without. The study is part of a wider look at the effectiveness of a variety of initiatives to reduce reoffending. Participation in distance learning was found to be the best reduction method. The research was carried out for the Ministry of Justice, which is looking at the effectiveness of a number of voluntary and community sector schemes for reducing reoffending rates. The sample group included people studying a range of courses from Open University degrees to vocational qualifications, funded by the Prisoners' Education Trust. The PET's chief executive, Rod Clark, said education courses were cost-effective. Hospitals: Schoolroom coordinator enjoys blend of care and teaching - Career.

Comment:5 average rating | Comments (17)Last Updated:11 December, 2014Section:Career The blend of creativity and empathy, needed when teaching sick children, makes hospital schoolrooms a rewarding environment. Why did you decide to become a hospital teacher? Hospital Teacher. Andrew Wieland is a Hospital Teacher at Barts and The London Children’s Hospital. He works with children from as young as 4 years old all the way up to 16 years old in the two main children’s wards in the hospital. Andrew starts his working day by doing the registers on the wards.

Unlike registration in schools, Andrew doesn’t call out names. He goes around the ward and talks to the nurses about which children are on the wards today, why they are in hospital, finds out any important health information about his pupils. After talking to the nurses he meets with new patients and their families to talk about how the hospital school works. EMAG teacher: a way to make a difference - Career. Comment:4 average rating | Comments (4)Last Updated:17 April, 2010Section:Career Emma Alexander, EMAG, teacher at Argyle Primary School in St Pancras, London talks about her role. What’s EMAG? EMAG is an ethnic minority achievement grant teacher who specialises in helping children who have English as an additional language. Why did you become an EMAG teacher? Tutoring: A partnership where lessons take flight. Original magazine headline: A partnership where lessons take flight You are a mid-career teacher looking for ways to freshen up your approach. Or perhaps your finances are stretched and you need to top up your income.

Maybe you are looking to spend more time with your family. There are many reasons why qualified teachers choose to become private tutors. How to Become a Tutor & Start a Tutoring Business. First published in 2009, Tutoring: The Complete Guide is our acclaimed free guide to becoming a private tutor in the UK. Updated annually, it is one of the best resources of its kind, having been featured in the Times Educational Supplement and recommended by dozens of university careers services across the UK. What does the Guide cover? The Guide is divided into two sections: Welcome to YourMusicBusiness. Centre of the Cell. CfBT Education Trust. Engage.

HOPE » Homepage. Careers with music - general information. Friday 15 July 2011. International Society for Music Education ( Incorporated Society of Musicians Music Directory. Home - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. Music Education Council - Home. Home - National Drama. National Association of Teachers of Travellers + Other Professionals.

Welcome To NDTA. Play England. Prisoners' Education Trust: Prisoners Education Trust. Playwork. Playwork is a highly skilled profession that enriches and enhances provision for children’s play. It takes place where adults support children’s play but it is not driven by prescribed education or care outcomes. SkillsActive’s role is to improve the quality and range of play opportunities for children and young people through the professional development of the playwork workforce across the UK, providing those with jobs working with children with training and development resources and opportunities.

Our vision is to ensure 'A skilled, qualified and developing play workforce, whose practice is underpinned by the Playwork Principles, who provide high quality, accessible play opportunities for children and young people'. Find out more about our strategy for 2011 - 2016 Need more information? Thanks , Your message has been sent. Send us an email. Learning. Teaching Music.