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Ceramics designer: Job description. Ceramics designers create designs for a range of pottery objects that are then made by shaping and firing clay.

Ceramics designer: Job description

These objects can include: Ceramics designer-maker Job Information. Page Content Ceramics designer-maker Hours40 per weekStarting salary£16,000 + per year.

Ceramics designer-maker Job Information

Fine artist: Job description. Fine artists create original works of art, through a variety of media.

Fine artist: Job description

They often specialise in a particular medium, which may be categorised in the following ways: two-dimensional work (drawing, painting, collage); three-dimensional work (sculpture, installation); four-dimensional work (moving images, performance). Many artists also specialise in a subject and may concentrate on areas such as landscapes, portraits or abstract. Fine artists can be commissioned to produce a piece of work or they can create their own pieces, which they then sell on, either directly to the public or through an intermediary such as a gallery or an agent. Fine artist Job Information. Page Content Fine artist HoursVariableStarting salaryVariable Fine artists create original works of art using a variety of methods such as painting, drawing, sculpture, engraving, printmaking or media like computer graphics.

Fine artist Job Information

If you are a very creative person with original ideas, and you have talent in one or more artistic areas, this job could be for you. You’ll need a good appreciation of colour and shape. Furniture conservator/restorer: Job description. Furniture conservators or restorers are involved in the preservation and restoration of antique and modern furniture by using practical and scientific restoration techniques.

Furniture conservator/restorer: Job description

They also advise on the storage and protection of the furniture. The relationship between conservation and restoration is complex and depends on the purpose and utility of the piece. Conservation involves ensuring that items retain their original features; restoration may involve the use of new materials to protect and update existing features. Furniture conservators or restorers may specialise in a particular type or period of furniture. Furniture restorer Job Information. Page Content.

Furniture restorer Job Information

Furniture designer: Job description. Furniture designers produce designs for items of furniture and related products.

Furniture designer: Job description

These designs may then be mass produced or made in small batches or as one-off individual pieces. Designers may be involved in the design aspect of the work alone or they may be highly skilled craftsmen and designer/makers, producing the items from their own designs. Furniture designer Job Information. Page Content Furniture designer HoursVariableStarting salary£18,000 + per year.

Furniture designer Job Information

Glass blower/designer: Job description. A glass blower/designer is responsible for designing, producing, decorating and finishing pieces of glass including: giftware; tableware; exhibition pieces; stained glass windows; mirrors; architectural glass.

Glass blower/designer: Job description

They may work as scientific glass blowers, designing and repairing laboratory glass. Most of the work is carried out by small, independent studios, although there are some larger glass manufacturers based in the UK. The work can be commissioned by individuals, corporate organisations or the public sector. Most blowers/designers will be involved in the entire commission process, from concept to completion. Glassmaker Job Information. Page Content Glassmaker Hours39 per weekStarting salary£14,000 + per year Glassmakers work in manufacturing, producing everything from doors and windows for construction to windscreens used in the motor industry.

Glassmaker Job Information

They can also be found working in the craft sector, making a wide range of products from scientific equipment to jewellery. If you want to put your practical skills to good use and have an interest in glass and its properties, this may be a career to suit you. To work in manufacturing, you’ll need a good standard of general education. CreativeArtsDesign ArtsCrafts. University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. In the next of our “Getting into..” series, our Careers Consultant Sue Holdsworth offers her advice on how to successfully pursue a career in Fine Art.

Practicing as a Fine Artist The old maxim about artists needing to spend 80% of their time on marketing and business and 20% on their art work is broadly true. You should be aware of competitions and bursaries to support emerging artists and this will be time-consuming. A good place to start looking is A-N which advertises many opportunities for artists. 10 top tips for landing a creative job. Pip Jamieson 25 March 2015 The creative industries are booming and there are more jobs than ever, but competition is fierce. Give yourself the best chance of landing that dream job with these top ten tips from Pip Jamieson, founder of professional networking platform for the creative industries The Dots. 1. Get prepared It’s best to get all your ducks in a row before applying for jobs. 2. Your portfolio is essentially your calling card – the better it is, the juicier the role you could land. Getting into….the 3D printing industry. In this guest post Dee Fisher, MD of 3DPrintedJobs, gives an overview of this growing industry, key job roles within it and tips for success.

The 3D printing industry is growing rapidly and with it the demand for 3D printing jobs. This article will give you an understanding of what 3d printing is, what jobs are available, what these roles involve and some useful interview tips. What Is 3D Printing? Journey into the design industry. Signpost. Leeds College of Art. Everyone’s work and approach will be unique, so there’s really no such thing as the perfect portfolio. But you do want it to speak eloquently on your behalf! So here are our top 10 tips: Make it come alive! Make sure your portfolio could only be yours; unique, full of passion, packed with information about you—your skills, your interests, your style, your personality.Presentation is everything. Even the most brilliant work, stuffed haphazardly into a plastic bag, is hardly going to shine! Home - A©ID: Anti Copying In Design. Adobe UK: Creative, marketing and document management solutions.

Art Review. The UK’s international culture and education organisation. Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. An independent art project by Christian M. Andersen. Design Council. Design-Nation: promoting British design internationally. The Design Trust. UK Art Galleries, UK Art Dealers, UK Artists, UK Art Exhibitions, UK Art Events. Transforming Passion into Products – Your access point to great design since 1989.

Candid arts trust. Graphic Design Inspiration, Blogs, Business & Career Advice. LVAF. Blogs « a-n The Artists Information Company. Critical review of work created in the last year of degree study this blog plots an awakening after my attendence of a big lunch extras camp in july 2014 Time to prepare for the real world! This blog will highlight the work I am creating for my final year in preparation for the Degree Show. I will also feature some influential artists and works from previous years which I feel are relevant to where I am at the moment with my pract This is my 3rd year degree show project which shows my works, inspirations and how my work progresses.

In my eyes China has always been such an exciting influence in my whole life and My art started from talking to Chinese people over the internet on QQ chat site. A journal detailing the struggles, efforts and results of post graduate life for a would be artist. Jennifer’s current practice concerns itself with the transformative reality of film. Resolution of Practice. Journal of my days in the church Well it’s all over. A project exploring time and process. Art Gallery - oil paintings of abstract art, landscape art, more.

Reviews « a-n The Artists Information Company. Shelagh Wakely at the Camden Arts Centre, August 2014 Artist’s Working Within Higher Education – What might that mean for the artist and what’s in it for the university? An account of Warhol’s ability to remain on point so long as everything stays the same. Key thoughts and themes from the one-day discursive event as part of the AHRC funded research project ‘Co-producing legacy: What is the role of artists within Connected Communities projects?’. A comparison between the two painters currently on show and their approach to landscape painting. Artists & Illustrators - Original art for sale direct from the artist. Artquest. Axisweb. British arts, arts directory, arts funding, art competitions, art events, british artists, paintings for sale, Painting holidays and courses, Painting courses Berkshire, painting holidays Spain, Painting Courses Oxfordshire, Art and Painting Holidays and.

Craft Central - Dedicated to building a strong future for craft and design. Home / Crafts Council. Issues - Crafts Council. Department for Culture, Media & Sport. The Directory of Design Consultants - EDI Ltd. Core77 Design Directory - Where Business Finds Design. Design Directory. Adobe Authorised Training Provider. Courses, News & Events, Research. Writers & Artists. Design - Design & Media - Yorkshire Employment and Training Information - Yorkshire Graduates.

Did you know the iPhone was created by a UK designer? No wonder the UK's design industry is recognised as world-class. Newdesign magazine offers a diverse and engaging mix of features in every issue. Art Monthly : Home : The UK's leading contemporary art magazine. On Translation Mark Prince analyses the language of objects. Your first source for architecture, design & art news. DesignGAP.

Stock Photography, Royalty-Free Photos & The Latest News Pictures. Global Association for Creative Advertising & Design Awards. New exhibitions of contemporary art. Home. New government figures show UK has largest design sector in Europe. January’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) results are fantastic news for the creative industries – and for design specifically. The high growth year on year proves once and for all that that the creative industries are outperforming the UK economy as a whole, and that design is a key engine within this sector, with its contribution growing faster than any other part of the creative industries.

The new figures value the UK creative industries as a whole at £76.9 billion a year – contributing an incredible £8.8 million to the UK economy every hour. The creative sector as a whole is up nearly 10% from last year’s £71.4bn, growing at three times the rate of the wider UK economy – but design itself is growing at double that rate. World-class employment Indeed, some of the statistics are nothing short of extraordinary. This means the UK now has the second-largest design sector in the world and the largest design industry in Europe. The whole picture Exports Education Our role. The international magazine for ceramic art. X2 Artdesignresources. X2 Theatreandsetdesign. X2Retail Design. X2Exhibition Design.