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Retail manager job profile. Retail managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of stores or departments.

Retail manager job profile

The aim of any retail manager is to maximise profits while minimising costs. Retail managers ensure promotions are run accurately and to the company's standards. They make sure that staff are all working towards the target for the day and that excellent customer care standards are met at all times. Depending on the size of the store, and company structure, retail managers may also be required to deal with: customer service;finance;human resources;information technology;logistics;marketing. Responsibilities These can vary according to the size of the store but typically involve: Salary Typical starting salaries range between £20,000 and £30,000 but depending on the organisation, this can vary significantly.Assistant positions generally range between £17,000 and £23,000.With experience, salaries can rise to £35,000 to £60,000 or even up to £70,000 in larger shops or supermarkets.

Working hours. Retail manager: job description. What does a retail manager do?

Retail manager: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills A retail manager’s role is to run a store successfully. Working on the shop floor, they are in constant contact with their customers and staff. Ensuring their staff give great customer service as well as dealing with the financial side of the store and people management. Typical responsibilities of the job include: Retail manager job information. Page Content Retail manager Hours37-40 per weekStarting salary£20,000 + per year If you want a challenging career in a fast-moving environment, then this could be the job for you.

Retail manager job information

Store Manager Job Description. While seemingly obvious, the job of store manager is a job title with many connotations.

Store Manager Job Description

A store manager can also be called a branch manager or general manager and the size of business unit being managed can also vary massively. From concessions taking several thousand pounds a year, to large superstores that can take over £100 million per year. A store managers responsibilities include: Stock control and stock levels Store budgeting. Staff RecruitmentRecommendation or implementation of store procedures and policies. Managers may also oversee the refitting or opening of a store, plan store layouts and design displays, decide selling strategies, and in some cases, represent the store in negotiations with manufacturers. Area Manager job description. Retail merchandiser job profile. Merchandisers ensure that products appear in the right store, or on a website, at the appropriate time and in the correct quantities.

Retail merchandiser job profile

This involves working closely with the buying teams to accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels and monitor performance. While the buyer selects the lines, the merchandiser decides how much money should be spent, how many lines should be bought, and in what quantities. In smaller companies, the same person may be responsible for both buying and merchandising. Retail merchandiser: job description. What does a retail merchandiser do?

Retail merchandiser: job description

Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Retail merchandisers are responsible for ensuring that the right amount of goods are available in store being sold at the right price. Merchandisers play a key role within a company as profitability can be affected by how successfully they undertake their work: through shrewd planning, careful purchasing and sensible promotions profits can be enhanced.

Typical responsibilities of the job include: Retail merchandiser Job Information. Page Content Retail merchandiser Hours35-40 per weekStarting salary£22,000 + per year Retail merchandisers make sure that goods are in the right stores, or online, at the right time and the right price.

Retail merchandiser Job Information

They analyse data to set selling prices, and plan promotions and price reductions. In short, they maximise sales and profits whilst minimising stock and costs. Merchandising Job description. Merchandising is about planning and developing a strategy to enable a company to sell a range of products that delivers sales and profit targets.

Merchandising Job description

A Merchandiser will work closely with a Buyer to ensure the product that's bought will enable them to achieve the sales plan. It's often explained as getting the right merchandise, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities at the right price. Never just say this in response when someone asks you what merchandising is, as this doesn't take into consideration all the planning and strategy that goes on prior to getting the stock into stores.

Graduate Retail Merchandising Job Career Profile With InRetail. What will you do?

Graduate Retail Merchandising Job Career Profile With InRetail

The role of a MAA is to provide effective administration support for the Merchandising team and to analyse how our product is performing in stores. You will make decisions as to which stores a product should be sold in and whether a product is restocked. Some people think that it's just about working with spreadsheets, but it's about understanding what the numbers are telling you and then forecasting and making recommendations accordingly. A Day In The Life Of An E-commerce Merchandiser. How I got my job: John Lewis Retail Management Placement. If you’re interested in securing an industrial placement in retail, then this blog post by University of Leeds student Kelly Wood, could give you an insight into the best way to go about it.

How I got my job: John Lewis Retail Management Placement

Hi, I’m Kelly Wood and I’m a second year undergraduate studying Management with Marketing at Leeds University Business School. I have recently secured an industrial placement with John Lewis’ Retail Management Scheme, commencing September 2014. In this blog I would like to provide you with an insight into the application process from my experience, to help you to secure a placement. Beginning the Search When it comes to choosing the sector that you want to work in, every person is different. Retail Careers Advice. Retail Careers: Easy to use advice on jobs in the retail sector. What is retail?

Retail The retail industry is quite simply the business built around selling physical goods to people, and it’s at the heart of British society. The retail industry employs around three million people in the UK –about 11% of the workforce. It’s also an increasingly global business, providing international opportunities and the prospect of travel. A common misconception is that working in retail involves working on a shop front. In actual fact, a career in retail could involve a huge range of different careers, from the technical to the artistic, including management, HR, product development, visual merchandising, finance, IT, store operations and logistics.

FMCG refers specifically to the business of selling products that have a high turnover, for example groceries. Profit margins are often quite small on FMCGs, but they are sold in high quantities, meaning they can be highly profitable overall. Retail is an attractive industry for graduates, as many employers offer graduate schemes. Retail Graduate Industry Overview. Industry Overview Working in retail or hospitality is not just about working on the checkout or manning the reception desk at a hotel.

Together, the retail and hospitality industries represent around 20% of the entire UK workforce, offering a dizzying array of career opportunities for people from a wide range of backgrounds. From creative types to number crunchers, from fashionistas to gadget geeks, from would-be management moguls to part-timers, there really is a role for everyone Where do I start? Graduate schemes. Choosing the Best Retail Environment for you. By: Jeff Durham - Updated: 27 Sep 2012| *Discuss There are so many different types of retail environment in which to work and if you’ve decided that you want to pursue a career in retail, it’s important that you’ve done your research and to choose an environment which is going to suit you.

There may be many factors which will play a part in your eventual decision and sometimes you may need to make some compromises to come up with an overall evaluation of the type of retail environment that will suit you best. Here are some factors you’re likely to want to consider. Personal Interests. Independent Online Edition: Retail Therapy - Issue 7.2. Home - Career in fashion merchandising. James Smith works as a fashion merchandiser for a high-street shop, dealing with approximately 200 stores across the UK and Ireland. He ensures all the stores have the right stock levels of men's knitwear, which involves keeping extensive sales records for each store. What does your career in fashion merchandising involve? Each season, the buyer and I make a series of decisions about our new range of knitwear, in terms of colours, styles and prices.

Using a specialist software system, I extract previous sales figures to help predict what will sell well in our shops. Managing the distribution process of garments is one of the major elements of my role. Fashion Capital. Career advice - Retail - Fashion - You have finally decided what area of Fashion Retail you’d like to go into (as you know there are a vast array of positions within this sector), you have worked hard and gained all the necessary qualifications, now all you have to do is get the actual job, but how? Below are some tips and tricks as well as some great advice on how to secure your dream career and how to break into the world of Fashion Retail.

Due to the current position of the job market simply having the right qualifications for a job are not usually enough and having hands on experience of the job is now often vital, especially within the highly competitive fashion world. Case Studies in Retail - Challenges, Solutions, Outcomes. H3 JobCrowdRetail. Best Retail Consultant Case Studies Worth Reading. Here are several business makeover case studies from some of the smallest retailers to some of the largest who've used me as their guide to growing their sales. While I don't rely on a sales staff or cold-calling to get new business, use these case studies to familiarize yourself with my work.

I help various sizes of businesses, these case study successes are theirs. Retail Business Makeover – The Importance Of Owning Your Own Space [Case Study] Sports Recruitment International. New products, retail news & opinion.