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Health service manager job profile. A health service manager is responsible for the strategic, financial and day-to-day running of hospital, general practitioner (GP) or community health services.

Health service manager job profile

Managers liaise with clinical and non-clinical staff and other partner organisations, while considering the demands of political policy and local circumstances. There is a huge range of managerial roles within health services, including those in: finance;human resources (HR);clinical management;staff management;project management and procurement;information management;facilities management;operational management. Most jobs are in National Health Service (NHS) settings, with opportunities also increasing in the private healthcare sector. Responsibilities Managers in both the NHS and the private sector are required to manage the cost, delivery and quality of healthcare services. Depending on the department and the specific nature of the role, tasks may involve: Salary Income figures are intended as a guide only.

Working hours What to expect. Health service manager: job description. Health service managers are responsible for the strategic, financial and day-to-day management of general practitioner, local authority and hospital health services.

Health service manager: job description

What does a health service manager do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills The National Health Service (NHS) and private clinics and hospitals employ health service managers. Some managers specialise in a specific area such as finance, human resources or IT. Key responsibilities of the job include: Health service manager Job Information. Page Content Health service manager Hours37.5 per weekStarting salary£26,041 + per year Health service managers are responsible for managing the cost, delivery and quality of local healthcare services.

Health service manager Job Information

GP practice manager Job Information. Page Content GP practice manager Hours37.5 per weekStarting salary£21,692 + per year As a practice manager, you would run the business side of a general practice (GP) surgery or health centre.

GP practice manager Job Information

You would be responsible for managing the practice's staff and budgets, developing its business strategy and making sure that everything runs smoothly. If you've got good general management skills and would like to use them in the health sector, this job could be for you. In this role you would need to be an excellent organiser. To get into this work, employers will expect you to be an experienced administrator or manager. WorkDesc Work activities Your duties could vary according to the size of the practice, but would typically include: You would have a lot of contact with outside organisations such as clinical commissioning groups, other GP practices, patient groups and local authority social services departments.

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. Sophie Goddard graduated from Leeds with a BA in Geography in 2013 and successfully gained a place on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme.

University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog

Here she shares her experiences and tips on the application process. My role I work for the NHS and am on the Graduate Management Training Scheme which focuses on developing graduates as emerging leaders in the NHS management workforce. I am on the General Management specialism (4 specialisms are offered) which does what it says on the tin – gives grads the experience of general management of services within the NHS, touching on financial/budgetary and staffing aspects. Currently I work for Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust which provides community services such as mental health, physiotherapy, diabetic eye-screening, district nursing and many more, to the population of Berkshire.

Previous experience Assessment stages Top tips Remember, we provide support, advice and guidance at every stage of the selection process. Like this: Administration Health. Is This For Me? - NHS Graduates. It’s important to us that our Scheme is well matched to you, as well as you being well matched to the Scheme.

Is This For Me? - NHS Graduates

Your responses suggest that there are a number of areas where your approach may not fit the environment and role in the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme. Based on the responses you’ve provided you’re unlikely to enjoy certain aspects of the Scheme. Now that you’ve learnt more through our quiz, we’d encourage you to think hard about whether the Scheme is the right match for you. Don’t forget that it will be demanding and you’ll constantly be faced with challenges. Ask yourself whether you’d want to deal with these on a day-to-day basis and think carefully about what you’d enjoy or what you might find more difficult before applying. While you may not be suited to our graduate Scheme, there might be other jobs within the NHS you could be a better fit for. The Graduate Management Training Scheme is only one way to use your degree with the NHS.

2902913-careers-in-management-final-web-accessible- Careers in management. NHS Careers > Explore by career > Management > Careers in management Health service managers are responsible for commissioning and delivering local healthcare, through the management of hospital, GP and community health services.

Careers in management

Advances in medical technology, tough spending targets, managing change, and rising public expectations combine to make this a very responsible and challenging job. Leading the health service We need managers to: lead individual health organisationsmanage and look after the building that they work inprovide the support services that they neednegotiate contracts to recruit and develop staffdeliver IT systems that move information between health professionals. Managers ensure that catering and cleaning operations run smoothly in hospitals. The NHS also needs managers to develop services closer to where people live. 2903303-a-career-for-you-in-the-nhs-for-website.pdf. Workexpteachersguide-final- Department of Health. A- Z List of All NHS Acute (Hospital) Trusts in England. NHS Careers - NHS Careers.