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International aid/development worker: Job description. International aid/development workers focus on meeting the needs of people and communities in the developing world. International development seeks to work with developing countries to implement long-term and sustainable solutions to problems. Many work on development projects in fields such as education, sanitation, health and agriculture.

They also work in urban, rural and small business development. Work in this sector is diverse and encompasses governance, healthcare, education, gender equality, disaster preparedness, infrastructure, economics, livelihoods, human rights, forced migration, security, conflict and the environment. Career areas include administration, research, fundraising, training, consultancy, advocacy, relief work and economist roles, as well as professional roles within health work, medicine, engineering and planning.

There is currently a shortage of doctors and water engineers. Typical work activities. Aid worker/humanitarian worker: job description | TARGETjobs. Aid workers/humanitarian workers manage and develop emergency response programmes within designated geographical areas that have been subjected to war, natural disasters or other environmental or developmental problems. What do aid workers do? Typical employers | Qualifications and training | Key skills Aid workers typically operate in front line conditions, facilitating the effective distribution of humanitarian aid to people who have been hit by human or natural disasters.

Responsibilities of the job vary considerably according to the nature of the emergency or situation, but can include: Typical employers of aid workers Charities International NGOs (non-governmental organisations) Private trusts or foundations Voluntary non-for-profit organisations Paid vacancies attract strong competition; most people working in such positions begin as volunteers. Qualifications and training required Key skills for aid workers Next: search graduate jobs. Getting into International Development | University of Leeds Careers Centre Blog. Are you interested in the International Development sector? In this blog post our Careers Consultant, Jessica Henderson, gives her advice on how to be successful in this field. What is it? International development is a diverse and wide-ranging sector which is concerned with improving human quality of life, particularly in developing countries.

It aims to find long term, sustainable solutions to issues, covering potentially anything relating to the human condition. These could be environmental, infrastructure, equality, human rights, economic, political or migration related issues to name but a few. What are the jobs? The diversity of the sector means there are also a wide range of job roles available. The Careers Group has an excellent resource on International Development, including a specific section which outlines typical entry level roles, and further resources. What to consider Know why you want to work in the sector and be clear about what you can offer. Getting in Resources Online. How I got my job: Economic Development & Project Evaluation Co-ordinator. Liam Kennedy graduated from Leeds with a BA in Geography in 2013 and now works for SKIP, an NGO in Peru. Here he discusses the factors that led him there as well as his tips for others.

Doing something worthwhile Joseph Soloveitchik once philosophised that within every human there are two contrasting beings. He named those beings Adam I and Adam II. Adam I is an ambitious and worldly type, his motives are mainly economic; he wants to climb the ladder, be powerful etc. My job As such, I currently work full-time in Trujillo, Peru for an NGO called Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP). What led to this role Leeds RAG When I think back on the serious of events that led me to my current role, the first step in the process was probably at the end of my second year at Leeds.

Making contact After graduating in the summer of 2013, I took 6 months off to save money to travel. Developing my skills When starting my placement at SKIP, I took time to work on my Spanish and learn about the programme. Like this: Getting into International Development | Roles. International Development organisations may have a distinctive ethos and focus for their work, but in many other respects they operate like other organisations.

They employ people from a wide range of professions - human resources, accountancy, marketing, information technology, public relations and others. People who can offer both professional qualifications and international experience are clearly in a strong position when applying for jobs. Administration roles are often seen as a good entry point into the sector for professional development roles and they can work in that way. Organisations, however, will only recruit into administration those with the right skills and a demonstrable level of commitment to Development work. Advocacy can be defined as a set of targeted actions in support of a cause and is adopted by organisations to influence the systems in which they operate. Advocacy is an increasing feature of the work of Development NGOs.

Fundraising is varied work. 10 tips for a career in International Development | LSE Careers blog. Interested in working in international development? It’s is a very broad sector encompassing a huge range of organisations and job roles and successful applicants need to be proactive, determined and flexible. Hopefully these tips and ideas will help you as you navigate a pathway: 1. Know what you want to do It’s important to be as clear as you can be about the kind of development work you want to do, so that you can target your efforts effectively. 2. Explore the variety of roles and find out where your expertise fits. 3. Most people focus on working with an NGO, but there are many other alternative employers, from international consultancies and overseas government department to commercial operations; all of which contribute to the economic growth and strengthening of the country’s development or infrastructure. 4.

Most employers will look for at least six months and up to two years overseas experience. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. InternationalDevelopment-Work. International-development. Home - International Development - Sector Guides at Careers and Employability Centre, University of Sussex. Directory of development organizations | FAQs. "My Directory" enables users of the directory of development organizations with Adobe Reader 8.0 (and higher) to save their personal copies of the directory to a local hard drive and conveniently add pointers to the directory.

How does it work? When opening the directory file, Adobe Reader 8.0 users will be alerted that the PDF-file is enabled for commenting and markup. A "How To" pane will open automatically with instructions on how to use the commenting and markup tools to add your pointers to the directory file. You can always hide the "How To" pane if you do not need it. You will also notice a commenting toolbar that was previously unavailable. This toolbar will allow you to mark up and add pointers and comments to the directory. Easily access your favorite listings Now that you have saved your pointers and comments into the directory you will be able to easily access and search the pointers for favorite listings. 2166_-_Good_Place_to_Start_Low_ResV16. 12 tips for getting a job in international development | Global Development Professionals Network. Jamie Furniss, programme director of MSc International Development, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK, @UofE_MScID Don’t assume studying international development is the best plan: One mistake a lot of people make is to think that you need to study international development in order to ‘do’ international development.

There are clearly many benefits to studying the subject, but depending on the career you are seeking it is not the only, or even the best, pathway. Clare Dawson, careers consultant, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK Do your research: My first top tip would be to research the sector well and understand its current priorities and requirements. From there, be clear about the skills you have to offer and where these might fit. You should then find out about the variety of roles in international development and focus on which area most suits you. Claire Schultz, HR manager for field staffing, Médecins Sans Frontières, London, UK, @MSF_uk Read the full Q&A here. Career Coaching for Relief and Development | Getting Your First Job in Relief and Development. I have worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their goal of a career in international relief and development. While this site is the general advice that I give to people interested in the topic, I also get a lot of questions that are very specific and detailed.

I’m delighted to announce that I am now offering individual coaching services for people who have in-depth questions about their situation, want feedback and support with resumes and cover letters, or want interview coaching and critique. This doesn’t mean that I will not be responding to questions on the site, or updating content, but is an additional service for people who want to work one-on-one on getting their first job in this line of work. In the university course I teach on this topic I like to split the process into three stages: 1. Setting your goals and creating a job-search strategy. 2. 3.

Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Like this: Like Loading... International development jobs and overseas charity jobs information. Working in DevelopmentOur new booklet full of ideas on how you can improve your chances to get your first or next development job has been designed specifically for career changers and new graduates. Written by one of our experienced One to One consultants and based on the most common questions we have encountered from career-changers and job-seekers over the last few years. Working in International Development International Development is a global industry that attracts the interest of many people and therefore by its nature it is very competitive to enter. Here are some of the common questions we often encounter: I am interested in working in International Development Is it difficult to get into?

What jobs are there? I am interested in a particular field How do I start my career? Do I need another qualification? Are languages important? What will help? An 'interest' is not enough! Top Is it difficult to get into? What jobs are there? How do I start my career? Do I need another qualification? International Development Work: Resources for Aid Workers. If you’ve always wanted to travel the world making a difference, then a career in international development might be for you. This guide introduces international development work as a profession and offers tools and advice to get you started in the field. You’ll learn which graduate degrees lead to jobs in development, and read firsthand accounts of aid work experience in blogs. We’ll also explore the safety issues and hardships of international development work. Resources for Aid Workers Whether you’ve recently decided to pursue international development work, or you’re an experienced aid worker looking for tools to help advance your career, you’ll find help in this section.

Dulcinea's Insight International development work is a competitive field. Dulcinea's Picks For educational programs … For humanitarian news sources … For aid worker job boards … Most Recent Guides. Serving the World - Careers at the United Nations. N1 Careers International Development Work. VoluntaryandCharity InternationalAid. Action Against Hunger | ACF-USA - Ending World Hunger & Malnutrition. ActionAid International. Architecture for Humanity | Design like you give a damn. Center For Global Development. Department for International Development - GOV.UK. Home | DAWN - Development and Aid Workers Network. Development Gateway | Solutions that empower. Development Studies Association.

Directory of development organizations | Welcome. Development in Action | Engaging young people in global issues and promoting global citizenship. Development Initiatives - working on the use of data to drive poverty eradication and sustainable development. DOCON Directory of Consulting Firms - Build Africa | Education to end poverty. Crown Agents - Home. Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection. European Union External Action - European External Action Service. Home - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

Global aid worker – GDN :: Global Development Network :: Home Page. Global Justice Now. GOAL Global | An international aid charity. Helping older people live full and secure lives. Home. IMC Worldwide. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. IDRC - International Development Research Centre | International Federation - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. International Institute for Environment and Development | Linking local priorities and global challenges. IISD Home. International Rescue Committee (IRC) International Service | Home. Events & Research News | LIDC - London International Development Centre. Oxfam International | The power of people against poverty. People & Planet - students campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. | People & Planet. Sponsor a Child | Children's Rights & Disaster Relief Charity | Plan International UK.

RedR - people and skills for disaster relief. Home - Rural Poverty Portal. Science & technology for global development news & analysis - SciDev.Net. About us | Skillshare. Our vision is of a world without poverty, injustice and inequality where people, regardless of cultural, social and political divides, come together for mutual benefit, living in peaceful co-existence.

Skillshare International is an international volunteering and development organisation. We work in partnership with communities in Africa and Asia to reduce poverty, injustice and inequality and to further economic and social development. We do this by sharing and developing skills and ideas, facilitating organisational and social change and building awareness of development issues: International volunteering.

Our values We value the right of people and communities to determine and develop their own future. Where your money goes We are committed to minimising our working costs so that as much of your money as possible reaches the projects that we support. Registered Charity number 802576. The South Centre • South Unity, South Progress. Humanitarian | Thomson Reuters Foundation News. Palestinian Circus School brings a smile to families in Jerusalem By Jesus Serrano Redondo, ICRC in Jerusalem Is the "big switch" the final piece in the polio jigsaw?

By Dr Heidi J Larson, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Polio transmission may not be stopped in 2016 as hoped but, if the world is not complacent, next year remains a very realistic target How to stay safe from climate threats? Becoming an International Aid Worker. An Experienced Professional Explains How It's Done by Matthew Bolton I have an incredible job.

Initially as a volunteer and later as a consultant to international nonprofit aid agencies, I have worked in ten countries, including Bosnia and Iraq. I have worked alongside a former Marxist guerrilla, arranged financing for landmine clearance, helped organize relief convoys to conflict zones, talked with some of the poorest people in the world, and watched international diplomats dancing to folk music in a garden surrounded by minefields. It is a great opportunity for people who don’t want to spend their lives pecking at keyboards in cubicle farms. Aid work is also unlike any other profession in that it is often very difficult to get your foot in the door. It is highly unlikely that you will get a well-paid position with significant responsibilities straight out of university. Here are the elements I have found most important in getting started in the aid work field: Know your motivations. UNDP - United Nations Development Programme.

UNITED NATIONS ECONOMIC and SOCIAL COUNCIL. SEED - Promoting Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development. Traidcraft – Fair Trade, Development and Campaigns. Welcome to WANGO, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations. Knowledge management for development. African Development Bank - Building today, a better Africa tomorrow. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa | Asian Development Bank.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Inter American Development Bank | IADB. Home - We Change Lives With Three Simple Things | WaterAid UK. World Bank Group - International Development, Poverty, & Sustainability. World Economic Forum on Africa 2016.