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Paralegal Job Information. Page Content Paralegal Hours37-40+ per weekStarting salary£12,000 + per year Paralegals specialise in one area of the law, carrying out a range of legal work.

Paralegal Job Information

They are not qualified solicitors, though they can do a lot of the work that a solicitor does. This can range from administrative and legal secretarial tasks to research and provision of legal information to clients. If you are interested in the law and want a career in legal work, this job could be perfect for you. In this job you’ll need to have excellent spoken and written communication skills. To become a paralegal you’ll need a good standard of general education, and a good understanding of the law and legal system. WorkDesc Work activities As a paralegal, your exact duties would depend on where you work and your level of responsibility. Junior paralegal duties would typically involve: preparing legal documentsresearchword processing, filing and other general office tasks.

Duties for more experienced paralegals would typically involve: Leeds University Library /S@L. What is a Paralegal? > National Association of Licensed Paralegals. A Paralegal is a person qualified through education and training to perform substantive legal work that requires knowledge of the law and procedures and who is not a qualified solicitor or barrister.

What is a Paralegal? > National Association of Licensed Paralegals

Paralegals may work for, or be retained by solicitors within the legal profession or they may work within a legal environment within commerce, industry or the public sector. Paralegals are important members of the legal team Within the legal profession, solicitors have always relied upon their unadmitted support staff and could not operate effectively without them. Paralegals are important members of the legal team, playing key roles in the legal process. Their duties involve them working closely with Solicitors and Barristers and may take them from office to courtroom, from clients to conferences, from the law library to the negotiating table. The work that Paralegals undertake is quite often virtually indistinguishable from that undertaken by the Solicitors who employ them. Paralegal job description. Rachel Smith is a conveyancing paralegal in Glasgow.

Paralegal job description

A paralegal is a non-lawyer (ie not a solicitor, barrister or legal executive) undertaking legal work, usually in a specialist area. They may work within the legal profession or in the commercial world. What does your job as a paralegal involve? I act on behalf of clients who wish to purchase and sell property. This involves working directly with clients, both in person and over the telephone. What is involved when people are buying and selling property? The work involved in dealing with purchase is different to the work for property sales. For sales, a client will contact me when they are putting their property on the market. Do you have a typical day? Some days, I am busy meeting clients to go through the stages of transactions. What was your route into this job as a paralegal? Work-as-a-paralegal. Institute of Paralegals - The Job Market.

The New Paralegal Profession It used to be that when people talked about working in the law they really meant getting a job in a solicitors' firm, and the only legal jobs which led to a genuine careers were that of solicitor or barrister (i.e becoming a lawyer).

Institute of Paralegals - The Job Market

Everything has changed, and that change is set to continue over the next few years: There are now eight groups of recognised, regulated lawyer: solicitors, barristers, notaries, patent agents, trade mark agents, licensed conveyancers, legal executives and law costs draftsmen. Within solicitors' firms there are now an increasing number of career options (paralegal, HR director, training manager etc.). Beyond solicitors' firms there are now numerous legal jobs: in charities; local authorities; central government departments and agencies; the court system and in industry and commerce. The Numbers Within solicitors' firms there are already circa 60,000 paralegals (about 44% of all fee-earners!)

Geography Deregulation The Future 1. 2. Junior lawyers division. Paralegal Training,Courses,Information: BAP. Institute of Paralegals - Choosing The Right Course. Not all courses are equal.

Institute of Paralegals - Choosing The Right Course

Some are highly valued by employers but others are considered largely irrelevant. We recommend that you consider the following issues before choosing which course to do: 1. Do you really need to do it? Some training providers imply you must do training before you can become/call yourself a paralegal. 2. The best courses to improve your employability are practice and procedure orientated courses teaching specific useful information on the type of law you wish to specialise in. 3.

On-the-job-training can be very expensive. Employers therefore most value relevant prior experience above all else. 3. If prospective employers have never heard of the course you have done, there is a risk that they will not value it regardless of how good it actually was. 6. Institute of Paralegals - Home. Your gateway to success in Law > National Association of Licensed Paralegals.