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Small Business Ideas. Market Research Worksheet. Adapted from content excerpted from the American Express® OPEN Small Business Network This worksheet can help you come up with a business idea by figuring out what the market needs.

Market Research Worksheet

Don't be afraid to be outlandish; sometimes the best ideas sound crazy at first. And if they have some flaws, just put them aside and keep searching. Springwise, Your Daily Fix of Entrepreneurial Ideas. Visit Merrill Edge’s Face Retirement website, and you’ll be confronted by your future self.

Springwise, Your Daily Fix of Entrepreneurial Ideas

The site invites you to take a photo with your webcam and input your age. Then facts about retirement and savings flash on the screen—“46 percent of Americans have saved less than $10,000 for retirement” reads one—while the program digitally “ages” your photo, and you are soon staring at a slightly animated, nodding, blinking, more wrinkly version of yourself. Merrill Edge is betting that the statistics alone won’t scare you into saving, but being confronted by an older version of yourself will. “That’s not a stranger you’re saving for,” reads the site, “it’s the future you.” In a commercial put out by Prudential, a cartoon version of a man sits side by side with an older version of himself. “This is you,” says the spokesman. “This is you in 40 years . . . you like you, right? € It continues, “One-third of you aren’t saving enough for the older you. 5 Essential Ingredients of a Winning Business Idea.

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes.

5 Essential Ingredients of a Winning Business Idea

But my experiences and the experiences of my many students have taught me that winning ideas -- ideas that are profitable, quick to license, and inexpensive to venture -- share specific traits. Namely, they pave a smooth path to success by clearing the most difficult barriers to bringing a product to market before an entrepreneur has invested significant amounts of time, energy and money into an idea. If your idea doesn't have the following five ingredients, you may want to assess how much you're willing to put on the line to see it succeed. 1. Springwise, Your Daily Fix of Entrepreneurial Ideas.

The best startups in Europe, from Berlin to Helsinki and Lisbon. Dan Burn-Forti Each year, we ask Europe's investors, entrepreneurs and technologists which local startups are "hot" - that is, being talked about as going places.

The best startups in Europe, from Berlin to Helsinki and Lisbon

For our first review in 2011, we found a payments company in Stockholm called Klarna. Tips & Tools. Market research for your business. 03mktres. About Cobweb - Cobweb Information. .....Leeds Libraries & Information Services - Athena.