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EXPO. Home EXPO17 is on Wed 18 October Expo17 is our annual employability extravaganza, with alumni & expert panels,workshops and one-to-one career advice surgeries all rolled into one hectic & informative day.


What can I do with an arts degree? ▼ STEP 1: Decide what you want to do At the University of Leeds we aim to help you make well-informed choices, based on understanding of yourself, the wide range of opportunities available and the steps you need to take to pursue your choices.

What can I do with an arts degree?

If you have not yet decided what you want to do, then, click on the RED links below to help you make some informed choices. ArtsHumanitiesCulture. Artist's Newsletter. Design, School of. Design, School of Key measures: Positive Outcomes: 89.3%, Graduate prospects: 68.6%, Graduate employment: 75.2% Graduate destinations: Work Full-time: 74%, Work Part-time: 12%, Work & Study: 1%, Further study: 3%, Unemployed: 10% Top industry sectors: Buying, Selling & Retail; Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations; Event Management, Leisure, Hospitality & Tourism; Administration; Information Technology Salary levels:

Design, School of

Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, School of. Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, School of Key measures: Positive Outcomes: 83.6%, Graduate prospects: 55%, Graduate employment: 56.9% Graduate destinations: Work Full-time: 54%, Work Part-time: 10%, Work & Study: 4%, Further study: 16%, Unemployed: 16% Top industry sectors:

Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, School of

Performance and Cultural Industries, School of. Performance and Cultural Industries, School of Key measures: Positive Outcomes: 98.4%, Graduate prospects: 63.9%, Graduate employment: 56.9% Graduate destinations:

Performance and Cultural Industries, School of

Media and Communications, School of. Media and Communications, School of Key measures: Positive Outcomes: 88.6%, Graduate prospects: 62.5%, Graduate employment: 68.9% Graduate destinations: Work Full-time: 73%, Work Part-time: 10%, Work & Study: 1%, Further study: 5%, Unemployed: 11%

Media and Communications, School of



English. Fashion and Textiles. Fine Art. History. History of Art. Languages, Cultures and Societies. Medieval Studies. Music. Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science. Writing. Design degree career options. Design students are lively and full of ideas.

Design degree career options

They’re likely to watch movie credits with interest and a critical eye, own Apple products and laugh at people who use comic sans – and they also typically have a range of skills that are highly valued in the graduate jobs market. The skills that design graduates are likely to have to offer include: What can I do with a design degree? Skills You might know the difference between crop and slice, but here are some of the other skills that your design degree might have helped you to develop… Attention to Detail You can spot a needle in a haystack.

What can I do with a design degree?

Sometimes you can even spot a specific needle in a massive stack of needles. You’re just that sharp. Commercial Awareness You know the business world like the back of your hand. Communication (Oral) Student employability profiles art design media profile template art and design. Guidelines_for_employers_offering_work_placements_in_the_Creative_Industries.pdf. Journey into the design industry. So, you want to be a designer? Talented designers have been in demand for centuries, and while the tools and mediums they work with has changed drastically over the years, careers in this field continue to be prevalent.

So, you want to be a designer?

The arrival of computers has helped accelerate techniques and processes, allowing for more elaborate designs and models, and coupled with the internet, a career as a freelance designer has never been more accessible. Whether you want to work as a freelancer, in-house or client-facing designer, it’s important to focus on one aspect of design and master it, as opposed to spreading your talents too thinly. Getting into the creative industries. Chartered Society of Designers.

The Anatomy of Employability in Creative Arts Subjects. Creative degrees: the route to employment? “Increasingly, however, our students are finding work in related industries, such as publishing, advertising, graphic design, animation and television production.”

Creative degrees: the route to employment?

In recent years, universities have also responded to preconceived ideas about creative degrees and the tough jobs market, going out of their way to build connections with employers and instil specific job skills within graduates. Prof Chris May, associate dean for external relations and enterprise for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Lancaster University, says his faculty has made use of alumni, inviting them to talk to students about how to break into a particular area.

“We also help students reflect on the skills they have gained while at university that will be valued by employers,” he says. “These range from soft skills, such as presentation and team-working, to discipline-specific skills.” Some institutions offer students the chance to diversify by combining a creative subject with a more business focused one. PVAC Createyourowncareer.

About us - Eye the Prize. By creative people for creative people Eye the Prize is a site conceived, developed and created by two brothers working in the creative industry. The struggles and frustrations they experienced in the early stages of their creative careers led to the inspiration behind the site. They see creative careers as exciting lifelong journeys that can span continents and countries, and this global site is designed to help you every step of the way. Power to creative people Eye the Prize matches you with global opportunities in the arts and creative industries giving you more choice and control over your creative destiny. Search creative opportunities worldwideInteract and collaborate within your creative community, whether you’re a graduate or a seasoned professionalUse our Hotlist/Notlist galleries to showcase and receive feedback on your work Power to organisers Eye the Prize offers our organisers one purpose-built global platform to promote all types of creative opportunities – big or small.

TheDots ImageGuideCredit Checklist your way to a dream creative job. What can I do with my degree in graphic design? From working for a design consultancy to setting up your own studio, a degree in graphic design opens the door to a range of creative careers Job options. What can I do with an interior design degree? A degree in interior design gives you a range of creative and technical skills, preparing you for a career in interior design and for opportunities further afield Job options. Creative Skillset - Supporting Creative Industries.

The Directory of Design Consultants - EDI Ltd. New government figures show UK has largest design sector in Europe. January’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) results are fantastic news for the creative industries – and for design specifically. The high growth year on year proves once and for all that that the creative industries are outperforming the UK economy as a whole, and that design is a key engine within this sector, with its contribution growing faster than any other part of the creative industries. The new figures value the UK creative industries as a whole at £76.9 billion a year – contributing an incredible £8.8 million to the UK economy every hour. The creative sector as a whole is up nearly 10% from last year’s £71.4bn, growing at three times the rate of the wider UK economy – but design itself is growing at double that rate. World-class employment Indeed, some of the statistics are nothing short of extraordinary.

This means the UK now has the second-largest design sector in the world and the largest design industry in Europe. The whole picture Exports. Culture & Art - Yorkshire Employment and Training Information - Yorkshire Graduates. Yorkshire has a strong Cultural Sector supported in the region by Yorkshire Culture who have pledged to ensure that "The distinctive, diverse, world class culture of Yorkshire and the Humber holds its rightful place in Britain, Europe and the World. " This sector is broad but is briefly made up of the arts, creative industries, education, film, heritage, libraries, local government, media, museums and sport. Yorkshire has around 2,000 years of history and has witnessed key events including the Roman and Viking invasions, historic battles, the Industrial Revolution and the foundation of Methodism.

There are many award-winning museums and heritage centres in the region that deal with a range of historical eras and subject areas and are home to some of the most important collections in the world. The Ferensway site in Hull is home to the Hull Truck Theatre and the Albemarle Music Centre and the cities landmark museum The DEEP is the world's only submarium.

Arts Industry News, Jobs & Career Advice. What can I do with a journalism degree? What can I do with a product/industrial design degree? Creative arts and design. What can I do with a journalism degree? What can I do with a broadcast journalism degree? What can I do with my degree in media studies? How I Got My Job – Working in digital & starting my own business. ProductionBase - TV Jobs, Film Jobs and Production Jobs. Home - MediaNationMediaNation. BBC Academy. Broadcast: Television and radio news, comment, jobs, data and analysis. What can I do with my degree in performing arts? A performing arts degree gives graduates the opportunity to combine their creative talents with the practical aspects of self-promotion and arts management. This mix of disciplines is a good preparation for the tough world of artistic performance...

Job options. Your Degree in Dance or Drama - Home. The materials available here are designed to help you: Legal issues for dancers and other artists. Performing Arts - Culture & Art - Yorkshire Employment and Training Information - Yorkshire Graduates. Yorkshire is home to a host of well-known performing arts companies like the Hull Truck Theatre, Northern Broadsides, Phoenix Dance Company and Opera North. There are five professional theatres in Leeds, the largest being Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House, which is home to Opera North, the largest touring opera company outside London. The theatre has close links with the Northern Ballet Theatre; one of the UK's most successful touring dance companies. Sheffield's theatres, the world-famous Crucible along with the Studio and Lyceum Theatres, form the largest regional theatre complex outside London and provide a wide variety of entertainment. The development of Sheffield's cultural industries has been an important factor in its regeneration and the Cultural Industries Quarter is home to many companies working in the performing and the visual arts.

York is home to one of the few private theatres in the UK, the Joseph Rowntree Theatre. Theatre. Spotlight - professional acting jobs and auditions since 1927. Spotlight » About Us » About Us Spotlight was founded in 1927 and is the UK's leading casting resource with unrivalled knowledge and contacts at the heart of the industry. Theatre news, reviews, interviews and jobs. Overview of the marketing, advertising and PR sector in the UK. Chartered Institute of Public Relations. What can I do with a media degree?

Spotlight - professional acting jobs and auditions since 1927. Arts administrator: Job description. Association of Event Organisers - Welcome. What can I do with my degree in film and photography? X2DESIGNWEEKlinks. X2 Artdesignresources. Jobs in art & culture. Arts Industry News, Jobs & Career Advice. ArtsProfessional and Arts Job Finder. Creative Journeys. The Creative Society. Choose from 1,867 live vacancies. This Is It! Network – The Creative Society. Media and internet. PVAC RecruitmentAgenciesforArtandDesigngraduates. Marketing, Qualifications, Training, Membership.

Current Opportunities - Arts and Humanities Research Council. Why come to a careers fair? An Arts student’s perspective. Stand Out and Be Counted. Your personal homepage. Arts Funding and Support.