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John Goulah » Migrating SVN to Git. Overview SVN migrations to Git can vary in complexity, depending on how old the repository is and how many branches were created and merged, as well as if you use regular SVN or a facade such as SVK to do your branching and merging.

John Goulah » Migrating SVN to Git

If you have a fairly new repository and the standard setup of a trunk, branches, and tags directory, your job could be pretty easy. However if you’ve done a ton of branching and merging, or your repository follows a non-standard directory setup, or that setup changed over time, you could have a bit more work on your hands. Migrating SVN to Git via » Handling and Avoiding Conflicts in Git » John Kelvie said: [To] me the fundamental challenge with existing version control systems is the difficulty of merging change sets from multiple developers across the same set of code.

» Handling and Avoiding Conflicts in Git »

To me, this issue comes down to the diffing/merging functionality provided by the software, and I haven't seen or heard of anything that really improves the state of the art.