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Wire Rings Tutorial: How To Make Wire Wrapped Bead Rings. It’s been a while since I made a project that made me say, “Oh my goodness, I just can’t stop making these!”

Wire Rings Tutorial: How To Make Wire Wrapped Bead Rings

I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to crafts, I love making things once, and moving on to the next thing. But, I dare anyone to make just one of these beaded wrapped wire rings! DIY Planter Box for Spring - Consumer Crafts. Looking for a fun way to add some color to your home?

DIY Planter Box for Spring - Consumer Crafts

How about using chalky finish paint and mason jars to create a lovely DIY planter box? Not only is this project customizable to any color and decor style, but it is a simple craft that can be created quickly. This chalk painted mason jar DIY planter box can be used for home decor, parties, and even wedding centerpieces. Step 1. You’ll start by washing and drying your mason jars thoroughly to prepare for painting. Craft Room Tour: Organizational Storage Ideas. Maybe you are wondering why I would be pretentious enough to call my scrap shack a “Studio?”

Craft Room Tour: Organizational Storage Ideas

I dunno. It just sounds more important. Plus I have a desk name-tag leftover from my days as a loan officer, and a notary stamp, (that expired back in the 90’s.) Are you looking for a quick and easy, yet personalized gift?

This simple DIY beaded bracelet wrap might be just the answer! They take less than an hour to make and the supplies (and skills!) Are minimal. Today’s project idea is a simple piece of jewelry that doesn’t require any special techniques.

It makes a great beginner’s project or a great inspiration piece for jewelry enthusiasts. This DIY leather bracelet combines leather cord, jump rings and metal beads, and can be made up in any color for a nice fall accessory! First, cut 5-6 leather cords. Clay Crafts and Clay Jewelry Making. Organization Archives. DIY Jewelry Making Ideas. DIY Beaded Earrings: Teardrop Tutorial - Crafts Unleashed. Hi friends!

DIY Beaded Earrings: Teardrop Tutorial - Crafts Unleashed

Adrianne here with you today, and I’ve got a simple and inexpensive jewelry idea to share that’s got a Southwestern flavor. The color combinations and patterns are practically endless when you make these teardrop DIY beaded earrings. DIY Canvas Wall Art: Shabby Chic Flowers - Crafts Unleashed. My mother and my grandmother had doilies in their houses.

DIY Canvas Wall Art: Shabby Chic Flowers - Crafts Unleashed

I remember my mother crocheting intricate little side-table accessories with a thin crochet hook and even thinner thread. And while I may not be clamoring to put doilies on headrests or tables, I do think that they’re still lovely as wall art. DIY Bracelets Tutorial: Magic Braids - Crafts Unleashed. Hey guys!

DIY Bracelets Tutorial: Magic Braids - Crafts Unleashed

Adrianne here with you today to give you some easy jewelry inspiration, and show you how to make the magic braid – which lets you wear layered DIY bracelets two ways! This faux-suede studded cord is perfect for this jewelry project because it comes in several colors, and it’s soft on your wrist. It only requires a couple of supplies, and you can make up a bracelet in about five minutes!

DIY Bead Bracelet: Stone Cluster - Crafts Unleashed. I love a good chunky bracelet, and when it’s made of earthy elements like stone, it’s even better!

DIY Bead Bracelet: Stone Cluster - Crafts Unleashed

I’ve got an easy to make jewelry project to share with you guys today: the stone cluster DIY bead bracelet. This DIY bead bracelet only takes a few supplies, a couple stone bead strands, and basic braiding to complete. DIY Ring Holder: Step by Step - Crafts Unleashed  Being a lifelong crafter and procrastinator, I’m a huge fan of super easy handmade, last-minute gifts!

DIY Ring Holder: Step by Step - Crafts Unleashed 

This custom DIY ring holder is a great project to make for tweens/teens, newly married friend, or wife because it’s practical and sweet. You could even add a masculine flair by imprinting something like “Man Bling.” How funny would that be?! How to Organize Craft Supplies: 10 Best Tips. There are a few things to consider when figuring out how to organize craft supplies. And you really have to consider these factors before you purchase organizers. Let me tell you, I’ve made many a mistake grabbing a “cute” organizer that turns out to not fit the space I have or just not function well for my needs.

Don’t follow in my footsteps! DIY Desk Organizer with Faux Books - Crafts Unleashed. I am a sucker for organizational containers- and if it is cute?! Like this faux book DIY desk organizer? I need to have it. DIY Chandelier Earrings with Hammered Texture. If you haven’t tried hammering wire to make jewelry, you’re missing out on a very fun craft. It may look hard to do but it’s really easy! These hammered DIY chandelier earrings took me ten minutes to make. Unbelievable? Well, believe it! DIY Anklets For Summer: DIY Tutorial - Consumer Crafts. Summer means sandal and flip-flop season and of course that also means that us ladies need extra bling on our ankle area – especially when wearing flip flops!

Today I’ll be showing you how fast and easy it is to create your own summer DIY anklets with easy-to-find and inexpensive supplies. What are you waiting for – read on to find out how! Step 1. Pick your connector charms. There are a lot of charms available on the Consumer Crafts website – and you can also use beads as well! DIY Summer Flip Flop Decor - Step by Step - Consumer Crafts. I don’t know about you, but I just love wearing flip flops in the summer. They’re comfy, easy to slip on and take off and they’re perfect for the beach! So I thought flip flops would be the best representation of summer for me. Come and create this DIY summer fun flip flops wood decor with me! Wall Decor DIY: Aspen Tree Art - Consumer Crafts.

Pearl Necklace DIY Tutorial with Ladder Design - Crafts Unleashed. DIY Storage Ideas for Craft Supplies - Consumer Crafts. Kindness Rocks Project with Kids: Fun Ideas - Consumer Crafts. Crafts Unleashed.