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Current. 11/28/16
Finished. 4/29/17

DIY Ring Display – The Merrythought. If you’ve seen me in the past year, you’ve probably noticed that I always have a stack of rings on my fingers.

DIY Ring Display – The Merrythought

Every night I take them off and just set them haphazardly onto my dresser because all of my ring cones are full already. (Even after making myself a few more REAL ceramic ones during my ceramic class this year… and yes, I’m all heart eyes over them!) And I, of course, manage to lose a few rings under the dresser every few days. So I’ve been trying to come up with a simple tray or display for my rings at the end of each day and I ended up making a few of these basic wooden displays! What you need: Pine Board Table Saw How to make it: -Measure and cut wood to desired size – As shown below, I tried out a few different sizes and couldn’t decide which one I liked best!

-Measure and mark how far apart you want the slots for your rings along the side of the board, flip board so the top is facing down and then cut at each line. DIY Bike Basket. Who doesn’t love a vintage bike with an adorable basket on the front?!

DIY Bike Basket

We always have a few vintage bikes up at the lake and I thought it would be a fun project to try and whip up a little basket of my own while I was up there last week! What you need: -Basket (I got mine for the dollar store.) -Artificial flowers -Hot glue gun -String or leather How to make it: -Pull leaves and head of flowers off of the stems and arrange them out how you will want them on the front of the basket. -Hot glue them in place on the basket. Easy breezy! These small baskets from the dollar store were perfect for this project and they easily carried my candy home from the Snack Shop, my goggles and snorkel down to the water, and bouquets of flowers home from the field. DIY Wood Earrings – Two Ways. For years I didn’t wear earrings because I had tiny babies that liked to grab them (ouch!).

DIY Wood Earrings – Two Ways

And gahh, who even has time to put earrings in with tiny babies everywhere, and the only place I was going out to was the mailbox anyhow (and that was on a good day!) , no need to look good for that 2 second walk. Clay Ring Cone. DIY Beaded Ring. Teaming up with KanduBeads again to bring you another lovely project.

DIY Beaded Ring

This one is my absolute favorite one so far! You can make this sweet ring in under 5 minutes! Or spend the day making a bunch of them to stack your hands or share with friends! What you need: -Wire (I used an old bangle.) -Pliers -3 Brass Geometric Small Nuggets -Soldering Kit (My soldering stuff was included with my woodburning kit.) How to do it: Cut a piece of wire that is longer than the circumference of your finger. 100+ Handmade Gift Ideas. DIY Watch Stand. With the start of a new year, many of us are working on organizing and freshening up our living spaces.

DIY Watch Stand

This DIY watch stand is perfect for getting your bedside table or dresser cleaned up by providing a spot for those new watches Santa brought you! The simple, clean lines of marble compliment the natural wood while the black pipe give it a slightly industrial feel, bringing a modern, clean look to your room. DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer » The Merrythought. Do you ever have those moments where you’re running around the house, trying to grab everything you need before flying out the door, only to get in your car and realize you can’t find your keys?!

DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer » The Merrythought

Yeah, not so much fun! In hopes of trying to have those moments happen a little less often, we partnered with Fossil to create this pegboard wall organizer! It’s a space you can keep all those necessities, keys, sunglasses, your bag, all in one convenient spot so they’re ready to grab & go! DIY Stamped Leather Keychains. Leather has been a favorite craft material of ours for years.

DIY Stamped Leather Keychains

One thing we haven’t done with it yet though is stamping – which has been on our to-try list forever! (There was even an unsuccessful attempt once before – ha!) This month’s Michaels Makers challenge was to learn something new so we decided it was finally time to sit down and give leather stamping a try. We picked up their alphabet stamp set, actually read the directions, and now we’ve got it down! What you need: –Suede Strips -Scissors –Alphabet Stamp Set –Leather Punch -Water -Rag -Hammer -Rivets and Setter Kit -Key Rings How to make it: -Cut suede strips into 3-4 inch long pieces (or longer depending on what you’re going to stamp on it) -Using the leather punch, punch one hole, centered on the strip, about 1/4 inch from the end of the suede strip and punch a second hole about an inch from the end of the strip.

DIY Peg Shelf. I’ve been needing a new shelf for my oils, my collection has been taking over the shelf they’re currently on, and they’re not very easy to organize where they are now.

DIY Peg Shelf

I spotted something similar to this in the background of an Instagram photo a while back and loved the look as well as how versatile it could be. So I gave Mike the challenge of making me something similar. It reminded me of our DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer, but a bit simpler of a design. I like that the shelves can be moved around to accommodate different heights, or adding in more shelves if needed. The Merrythought.