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A Beautiful Mess. Leather is one of the most versatile products to craft with. We love using it in both traditional ways and finding new uses for it. You've probably seen it popping up in a variety of colors, and it's making its way into crafting, home decor, furniture (other than the sofas and upholstery we've seen for decades), clothing, etc. It's obviously been around for a loooong time and been used in just about every way imaginable. We are especially excited about the trend of brightly colored leathers used in home decor and fashion.

Today we're super excited to teach you how to make a really simple, cute and inexpensive leather tassel that is perfect for adorning a bag, using as a keychain or even putting on a chain for a cute necklace. Supplies:-a 8.5 x11" sheet of leather (We found ours at Michaels that was already cut to size.) First, you'll cut about an inch off of the long (11") side of the sheet.

Then, start cutting long strips on the other end. Centsational Girl. I had planned to do this project over the holidays but ran out of time during the busy season so I returned to it this week. Leather tassels are a chic little accents with a variety of fashion or craft uses. My plan was to attach them to gifts for women friends and family but now I have a stash of them so I can do so in the future.

They’re a simple DIY project anyone can do as long as you have the right supplies. Use a DIY leather tassel to accent a favorite handbag, clutch, or backpack. Upgrade a key ring. Or use them for gift toppers. There are a lot of possibilities, make them into a fab necklace or use a long chain of tassels strung together as a garland. Making leather tassels is rather simple, all you need is leather cord from a craft store, metal caps, jump rings, lobster clasps (optional), scissors and hot glue (not shown).

The one item I had to special order were the brass caps, I ordered these on Etsy. That’s all there is to it, happy crafting! Classic in Gray. Sometimes the simplest projects surprise me with their beauty. I was looking for a something to add a little flavor to my classic black tote bag and decided a tassel would be perfect. Little did I know how drop dead gorgeous these would turn out with the “rose gold hardware”… which is actually a copper pipe coupling from the plumbing section of the hardware store! While you could certainly cut your own fringe from scraps of leather, I took the lazy (wo)man’s option and purchased some pre-made fringe.

The length of fringe I bought was enough to make 7 large tassels or 12 smaller tassels, bringing these to under $3 each including the copper hardware. Trust the accessory snob when I say, these do not look like a $3 accessory! DIY Leather Bag Tassel: Leather fringescrap leather or cord in matching colorCopper pipe coupling (I used 3/8″ and 1/2″ – polish them with ketchup)Rubber cementLeather needles + thread (optional) Step 1 Cut a thin strip of leather from your scrap leather. Step 2 Step 3. Damask Love. Ever made something with every intention of gifting it to a friend – then you sort of, maybe fell in love with it a little too hard and decided that you might not part with it? Decided that your friend probably doesn’t need it anyway? Decided that a Starbucks giftcard would do just fine? Well, yeah – that’s the current state of affairs with these tassel keychains. All six of them. I only have one set of keys – yet I have convinced myself that six leather tassel keychains are completely necessary.

You can’t break up the set, right? If you saw yesterday’s post, you know the basics of making these tassels – today I’m just walking you through a few tips on making yours into a keychain. What you need: Leather pieces fringed according to the measurements from THIS piece of leather cut to 1/2″ x 4″leather gluelobster clasp keychainstapler Loop the 1/2″ x 4″ piece of leather through the keychainStaple the loop to the large piece of fringed leather.

Damask Love. You know how I feel about tassels. I have a love affair with tassels. They are sort of like the modern day version of scrunchies … you can never have too many. So, today I’m doing my duty as a self proclaimed tassel aficionado. I’m bringing you a super easy, very colorful take on tassels. I’ve added a few wood elements to hike up the style factor. You’ll need: a large wood beada small wooden spoolpaint and foam brushesa staplera lobster claspleather glue2 pieces of 8″ x 4″ fringed leather In addition to these supplies, you’ll also need: a skewera thin strip of leather in any color you want Paint the wood bead and the wood in any color you wish Loop the leather strip through the lobster clasp Use a skewer to feed the leather strip through the hole in the wood bead and the hole in the wooden spool Using the same technique I showed in THIS project, staple one of the loose ends onto the inside of the fringed leather.

Damask Love. I’m willing to bet all the loose change in my purse that 99% of you have extensive friendship bracelet experience. And just so you know, it’s fair to estimate that there is at least $14.22 of loose change in there and that’s enough money for like 2.2lbs of gummi bears from that overpriced candy shop in every mall on the planet. Okay. Back to the friendship bracelet conversation. I’ve made about 17 grillion of them in my lifetime. What you need: Six skeins of assorted embroidery flossScissorsStrong crafting glue2 pairs of jewelry pliers1 medium sized jump ring (located in the jewelry findings section of the craft store) Okay – now before you start using a collection of four letter words, this project is easy.

Continue looping the second strand around as shownContinue adding color strands and looping until you have looped around the middle one-third of the skein. Add a dab of craft glueUse finger to smooth the loose end into the craft glue. Damask Love. On any given day, how many “oh, I could make that” moments do you have? I probably average 2.2 “I could make that moments” a day. They usually happen when I’m shopping in an overpriced store where they are shilling bookends for $365. In those moments, a curse word or two may slip off my tongue for the highway robbery that is happening. Then my mind starts turning with ways to make the same thing …on the cheap. Such is the case with these leather tassels. What you need: Use the rotary cutter and cutting mat to trim one piece of leather to 4″ x 10″ (using the magnetic ruler and mat comes in super handy for this!)

Use the stapler to staple the loop into placeRun a thin bead of glue as shown – but do not go all the way to the end of the leather pieceBegin rolling tightly- as you roll, the glue will be pushed along and you won’t need to add glue toward the endCut another strip of leather that is 2.5″ x 10″Repeat steps to create fringeApply glue to the leather and wrap around the large tassel. Deliniate Your Dwelling. Design Mom. This post is brought to you by Cricut Explore Air™ 2. Check out their amazing 12 Days of Christmas sales happening right now, with Cricut machines as low as $139.99 — these prices won’t last long! Here’s a gift idea I know you’ll love. These DIY leather tassels are so easy to put together, and they look gorgeous!

Hang a few from your handbag or tote, use them as keychains, or top off a gift with one — wherever you put them, they’ll for sure add a big dose style and sophistication. Amy Christie and I were thinking of gift ideas that kids can really make — useable projects that look legit — and realized that with the Cricut Explore Air 2, making tassels is suddenly easy as pie, even for kids.

Because all the cutting is done for you! And with Cricut, the cuts are totally precise, so the tassels really look fabulous — your kids will want to make them for their piano teacher, their coach, their favorite aunt. Here’s what Amy Christie says: Well, now I’ve done it and wow is it slick! Supplies: DIYs. Cute key chains are hard to come by… in fact, it’s hard to find them at all these days. And the ones that you do find are purely functional, without any regard for style. And if you’re like me, you probably want something that’s both functional and pretty! Well the search is over, my friends – here’s a simple DIY tassel key chain that’s not short on style. Keep reading to find out how to make one yourself. Here’s what you’ll need: Thin, flexible silver tone wireNail polishSuper glueA tassel (I bought these)A lobster claspA loop clasp*A 1/2″ wide jump ring (not pictured)A nickelA clothespinPliers *Note: you will not use the bar shaped piece of the loop clasp… I just included it so it would be clear what it was.

Begin by twisting the wire around the loop clasp so it is secure. Next, place the spiral on top of the nickel. Use the wooden clothespin to help the wire to dry as flat as possible. Next, paint over the whole thing with nail polish. Happy crafting everyone! Share with love. Fall for DIY. If you haven’t noticed I have a thing for faux suede, especially in blush. I saw this fabric and immediately bought several metres without a single project in mind, but I knew it would be one that would spark my imagination and do all the work for me.

Turns out I was right – this fabric is not just a pretty (sur)face! I’ve already made these book covers and I have plans for more projects that fabric. I wanted to squeeze these tassels in because it’s been a while since my last tassel post and I was tassel cravings! Materials Suede | Scissors | Wooden beads | Fabric glue | Cotton Cord 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Make these to add some lovely textures to you workspace or feature wall. Related Make it Easy: Miu Miu Fringed Leather Shoulder Bag For me this summer is all about tassels, fringing, long dangly bits that move in the breeze and reveal sun-kissed skin. July 17, 2014 In "DIY" DIY Contact Paper Keyrings My latest DIY for Design*Sponge is up today. August 12, 2015 In "Accessories" DIY Paper Bag Clutch. For the Makers. Fresh Design Pedia. As always, our editorial staff that cares that our readers enough creative decorating get, any of its living room individually and aesthetically enough can make.

For the today’s post we have chosen something very special for you, where it remains undecided whether it belongs to the theme craft ideas, or rather to decorating. Basically we have as target your creativity to awaken and inspire you to even more projects. Colorful craft ideas to do it yourself Make individual bracelets A special character set colorful is the same life-affirming What beautiful rain cloud! Given the inconspicuous table runner charm It is hard to believe how many creative projects can be complemented with PomPoms and tassels. Even tassels make learning It is child’s play and make equal also pom poms We have tried to pick the best pictures and decorations, and hope that you will be more than satisfied! Unbelievable, but true – the pom poms can be used versatile The catcher make plain clothes Wall decoration in its own way. Homey Oh My. 07/27DIY Projects This one might be even easier than expected, guys.

Usually an idea comes to me before I source materials, but a lot of times it can happen the other way around. I found these pre-cut suede leather fringe pieces for making tassels, so tassels I was going to make. The only thing I had to come up with was adding on some gold braided leather cord and bam, we’ve got a two-second DIY accessory (time estimation may be exaggerated). My buddies at PBteen sent me this tote bag to style for the back-to-school season, and these tassels ended up being perfect for it.

They can be tied around any kind of strap, or they could be tied to a snap clip if tying them around isn’t an option for a different type of bag. Do you/did you sport a back pack or a tote bag in school? If you passed the link, find the tutorial here at the PBteen blog. How Did You Make This. A leather tassel is a great way to add a bit of personality to your everyday items. Adding a tassel to a zipper pull on a bag or as a key fob elevates the looks of the items with just a few simple supplies. You can make this with leather lacing or from leftover leather scraps from past projects.

Supplies: Leather Lacing or thin cut leather – in one color or several depending on how you want it to look Barge Cement Sewing Thread Hand Sewing Needle Scissors Ruler Split Ring (key ring) or other item used to attach the tassel to another item Determine the length of the tassel by looping some leather lacing through the center of the split ring. Cut a long piece of sewing thread and attach it with a square knot to the leather lacing. Loop the lacing through the center of the split ring. Add another piece of lacing and use the thread to secure the lacing with a figure 8 pattern around the new piece and the older piece.

Continue adding pieces of lacing in the same way. Trim the end of the wrapped lacing. How Do It. Hunted Interior. Tassels are such an easy way to add an element of style to your space. They are a chic statement that instantly dress up curtains, lamps, doorknobs, dressers… the list goes on. Feeling inspired by my latest finds, I decided that my “new to me” dresser (once painted) will definitely need some tassels. Here is how you can make your own chic tassels for less than $5 for BOTH!!! What you need: I suggest using Nylon Crochet Thread (if you can find it) mine was made with Cotton. Wrap your thread around your template until you get to your desired fullness. Once you have your desired fullness, take an extra length of thread & tie off one of the ends. Grab a few strands on either side of the top, & braid them. Once you have tied off your braids, simply run your beads through & tie a knot.

IHeart Organizing. The fabulous duo behind DIY Playbook are back today to share a super sweet and simple project that anyone can do. I love that we are all so different when it comes to our lifestyles and our homes, yet today's topic is probably something majority of us have in common. Keys. Whether you only carry a few or a whole slew, Bridget & Casey are here to share how you can create the most fabulous set of keys around.

One of the things we truly love about reading IHeart Organizing, is the fact that Jen doesn't just show you amazing ways to organize your space. With that in mind we set out to organize one of our everyday essentials... Our keys! Most everyone has their keys on them every second they're out of the house, and it seems crazy that we hadn't given this item much of a thought in the appearance department. I mean look at those keys above. So our first order of business was to create a lean, mean new set of keys. Then, to differentiate and label the keys we got out a few beauty supplies. Laura Wadsworth. Lia Griffith. Lia Griffith. Lia Griffith. Lovely Indeed. M&J Blog. Made in a Day.

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