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Sometimes the simplest projects surprise me with their beauty.

I was looking for a something to add a little flavor to my classic black tote bag and decided a tassel would be perfect. Little did I know how drop dead gorgeous these would turn out with the “rose gold hardware”… which is actually a copper pipe coupling from the plumbing section of the hardware store! While you could certainly cut your own fringe from scraps of leather, I took the lazy (wo)man’s option and purchased some pre-made fringe.

The length of fringe I bought was enough to make 7 large tassels or 12 smaller tassels, bringing these to under $3 each including the copper hardware. Trust the accessory snob when I say, these do not look like a $3 accessory! DIY Leather Bag Tassel: Leather fringescrap leather or cord in matching colorCopper pipe coupling (I used 3/8″ and 1/2″ – polish them with ketchup)Rubber cementLeather needles + thread (optional) Step 1. I had planned to do this project over the holidays but ran out of time during the busy season so I returned to it this week.

Leather tassels are a chic little accents with a variety of fashion or craft uses. My plan was to attach them to gifts for women friends and family but now I have a stash of them so I can do so in the future. They’re a simple DIY project anyone can do as long as you have the right supplies. Use a DIY leather tassel to accent a favorite handbag, clutch, or backpack. Upgrade a key ring.

Or use them for gift toppers. There are a lot of possibilities, make them into a fab necklace or use a long chain of tassels strung together as a garland. Making leather tassels is rather simple, all you need is leather cord from a craft store, metal caps, jump rings, lobster clasps (optional), scissors and hot glue (not shown). The one item I had to special order were the brass caps, I ordered these on Etsy.

As always, our editorial staff that cares that our readers enough creative decorating get, any of its living room individually and aesthetically enough can make.

For the today’s post we have chosen something very special for you, where it remains undecided whether it belongs to the theme craft ideas, or rather to decorating. Basically we have as target your creativity to awaken and inspire you to even more projects. Colorful craft ideas to do it yourself Make individual bracelets A special character set colorful is the same life-affirming What beautiful rain cloud! Given the inconspicuous table runner charm It is hard to believe how many creative projects can be complemented with PomPoms and tassels. If you haven’t noticed I have a thing for faux suede, especially in blush.

I saw this fabric and immediately bought several metres without a single project in mind, but I knew it would be one that would spark my imagination and do all the work for me. I have been seeing all kinds of different yarn pom-pom and tassel projects all over Pinterest lately.

I’ve seen fun things like banners, pillow, blankets, and even things like bags spruced up with some yarn! And I’ve also seen all kinds of ways to make a tassel as well. From using cardboard, to clipboards, to paper… Today I’m going to share my take on a super easy and quick way to make a yarn tassel using a fork! Don’t mind the black paint on my hand either, I’ve had a lot of projects going on lately! Ha! So this might be confusing, but I will try my best to explain it. Once you have wrapped the yard around the fork a few times, you will end up with something like this. You will need to snip the bottom of this as the yarn at this stage will be in one continuous circle, if that makes sense. Wrap that piece of yarn you cut around the entire tassel. Keep wrapping until you are happy with how it looks then just tie of off! And that’s it! Emily. Fabric tassels are a quick easy way to add colour to your favourite tote, the corner of a cushion, under a lampshade, a gift topper… anywhere!

Use this tutorial to make your own fabric scrap tassels and create a colourful garland or a sweet mobile. If you sew this is a great stash buster too. [click the link below for the full tutorial] Fabric scrap tassels are fast and easy – all you’ll need is fabric, scissors and twine or ribbon. You can use any fabrics including bargain bin finds, thrifted linens, and scraps from your sewing stash. Start by cutting the fabric into pieces that are about 20 cm (8 inches) wide x whatever length you have. Along the long edge of the fabric make small cuts three centimetres (about an inch) long and two centimetres (three quarters of an inch) apart. Then, with the cuts to start you off, tear the fabric into strips. Tassels make the perfect embellishment for bags, jewelry, party decor, planners, etc.!

Check out the many different tutorials and ways you can use tassels in your crafting.