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Stamped Jewelry

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A Beautiful Mess. I am a total sucker for personalized items. As I type this, I'm drinking coffee out of a mug with a big gold "G" printed across it—I just can't help it. Personalizing potential is one reason that I love doing projects with stamped jewelry. I made these hand-stamped necklaces a few months ago, and I still wear them all the time. So I thought it would be fun to make an initial bracelet as well. The other thing I love about stamped jewelry is that it looks really professional, so unless you confess your little DIY secret, everyone will think you special ordered it from somewhere. Supplies:– gold coin discs (with holes already punched)– gold chain– jump rings– lobster claw closure– jeweler's bench block - letter or number punch stamps (I used 6mm size stamps)- hammer– tape– needle nose pliers– jewelry wire cutters– rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) and black marker (optional) First you'll want to tape the very top and bottom edge of your coin onto your jeweler's block.

A Beautiful Mess. Ever since I started playing around with DIY stamping techniques last year, I have to admit that I've been a little obsessed (so far I've also made these bracelets and necklaces). There are so many different ways to use the stamping materials, and I really like this version that uses long stamping blanks mounted to leather bracelets. They are pretty fast to make, and you can customize them a lot by using different colors of leather and stamping whatever phrase or hashtag you want on different ones.

Yay for choices! Supplies:-scraps of medium weight leather (real or faux)–metal bar stamping blanks–snaps and snap setter (line 20 size)–1/16" hollow rivets -1/16" hole piercing and setting tools (this tool is great and does both)-fabric scissors or metal ruler and rotary cutter–metal letter punch set Optional:–jewelers block (I recommend one as it gives you a cleaner stamp when under your metal)-Sharpie marker and rubbing alcohol (to darken the letters) A Beautiful Mess. I don't think I'm alone in this thought, but I love personalized objects. Take any cool object and add a phrase I love, my husband's or cats' names, a meaningful song lyric—I'm a total sucker for it all. For Valentine's Day this year I got a silver bar necklace with my guy's name engraved, and ever since then I've been dying for more personalized necklaces.

That's where the technique of stamping metal comes in! Once you get comfortable with the process, you can make all kinds of personalized projects. General stamping supplies:–jeweler's bench block –letter and number punch stamps -hammer-masking/painter's tape-black marker-rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) Supplies for double pendant necklace:-2 bar stamping blanks or circle stamping blanks–jump rings -necklace clasp (I used a SpringRing style clasp with eyelets included)-gold necklace chain (something like this one in whatever thickness you want) OK. Now that you've got the basics down, you can do whatever you want! Craft Paper Scissors. Doodle Craft.

Wish in a Bottle Necklace! Cute and delicate little dandelion seeds in a bottle! You will need a dandelion (at least 1 seed with the fluff attached) Bottle with cork (got mine from Oriental Trading)Gold Chain Brass blanks Metal Alphabet stamps Open the bottle and slide one or 2 dandelion seeds inside. I did 2. They are so cute! Put the cork back in Next I used brass blanks and the metal stamp set. Here's how we do the impression After some pounding on the anvil, they look adorable! Use a sharpie to draw over the impression and get the ink deep in the grooves Then use a dry magic eraser and rub the top surface to wipe off the sharpie.

Then attach the bottle to a chain and the wish tag with pliers and a jump ring! I love it! Great gift idea too--fun for Valentine's! Fun Family Crafts. Ginger Snap Crafts. This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ShareYourMiracles #CollectiveBias #MiraclesFromHeaven Good morning! This past weekend we were trying to find a movie to watch, and we stumbled across the movie, Miracles From Heaven. Oh my goodness! Miracles from Heaven is such a good movie! Before we get to that tutorial. In Miracles from Heaven, the Beam family is one of those families that have that strong bond as a family. For this project you’ll need a few supplies….. stamping blanks (various sizes) trinkets ball chain & clasp small crafting hammer needle nose pliers jump rings tape permanent marker ABC metal stamp set TIP: To hold your stamping blank in place use a piece of tape. First, you will place your metal stamp over the spot you want your letter to be.

Give it 3 or 4 hard hits with the hammer. Use the needle nose pliers to hang faith & a butterfly onto a jump ring. Next put your necklace on a chain. Happy Hour Projects. Happy Hour Projects. Happy Hour Projects. Happy Hour Projects. Happy Hour Projects. JoAnn. Lolly Jane. Me Sew Crazy. Every mother loves personalized jewelry. We love the birthstone gifts, the gifts with our baby’s names on them, or even the inspirational quotes about motherhood. Wearing these pieces reminds us of the absolute love we have for our children, and just how adored we are as mothers.

So when Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores asked me to come up with a strung beads project for their Mother’s Day newsletter – it was an absolute no brainer. The kicker? I decided to make something for myself. Ha! This Momma wanted some new jewelry…is that wrong? On a side note – my own mother is actually an incredible jewelry designer! Hand Stamped Mother’s Day Necklace DIY This was a paid content post linked to from the Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores Newsletter.

(affiliate links included) Attach the ‘made with love’ charm to one of the small charms. It’s handmade AND it is personalized for Mom with children’s initials. So tell me, if not jewelry – what are you making for your Mom this Mother’s Day? Minted Strawberry. Minted Strawberry. I have never talked about metal-stamping in this blog - not in the 3 years I've been writing. But with the increased popularity of personalized jewelry, I just had to jump in on the fun! Don't get me wrong - I love the idea of metal-stamping (I adore metalworking in general), I just couldn't invest in a set of metal-stamping tools until now (little did I realize it's not really that much of an investment for a basic set). So I practiced, made a lot of mistakes but finally got what works for me! See how I made this simple necklace! Supplies: Basic hammer Bench block Sharpie Alcohol & Buffing pad Painter's tape Jewelry chain Charm (optional) Start with your supplies.

I got my silver blanks from Panda Hall. Use painter's tape to hold down your stamping blank. Mark out where you want your letters to go on the painter's tape. And stamp! If the blank is warped after stamping, flip it over and whack it gently with a rubber mallet. Name necklaces not your thing? Pitter & Glink. Hey, y'all! I think you know by now that I just love monograms. (I mean, it would be un-Southern of me not to love monograms!) When I was making Christmas presents for family members in December, my love of monograms inspired me to create hand stamped monogram necklaces for a couple of my cousins. The necklaces were so easy to make, and of course I'm going to show you how to make one yourself! To create your own stamped monogram necklace, you'll need a few basic metal stamping supplies and jewelry making supplies.

Supplies:Two-Ring Circular Brass Stamping BlankBrass Metal Stamping HammerStamp Straight TapeBench BlockLower Case Metal Stamp SetUpper Case Metal Stamp Set--I bought this set from Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon.Black Permanent MarkerAlcoholPolishing Pad (not pictured)ChainJump rings (4)Lobster ClaspMetal CutterJewelry Making Pliers Begin by taping the blank to the bench block. **For more detailed directions on how to stamp metal, check out this post and this post. Pitter & Glink. Hey, y'all! Do you ever see a project online and just KNOW you have to try whatever technique was used to create it? My friends Adrianne of Happy Hour Project and Amy of One Artsy Mama often post these awesome metal stamping projects.

Every single time I see that they've posted a new metal stamping project, I always think to myself, "I MUST try metal stamping! " This past week, I decided that I needed to stop thinking about it and just DO IT. I was sent all the supplies needed to try metal stamping for the first time from the folks at Goody Beads. Today I want to show you my very first metal stamping project. Please keep in mind that I'm honestly showing you the VERY FIRST piece I ever metal stamped in my life, so it's nowhere near perfect, but I want to keep it real with y'all as always. I began my project with some basic jewelry stamping tools and supplies. If you would like to create your own stamped charm, you'll need the following supplies: I didn't do too poorly for my first try. Shelterness. Any message can be put on pendants which is one of the reasons if you can do metal stamping. Names, inspirational sayings, special dates, etc. all can be used.

You can make a cool leather and metal stamp bracelet – it’s an ideal combination, rather stylish and suitable even for boys. When stamping, mix fonts sizes and styles, it adds interest and can highlight special words or meanings. First, cut a piece of leather 3″ long. Put 1/2″ of the leather through the hole in the pendant, fold it back and then wrap the wire around both pieces of leather. You’ll read how to finish this ‘Believe and let go bracelet’ here, get inspired! Something Monumental. Something Monumental. Something Monumental. Something Monumental. Sprinkle Some Fun. Vikalpah. Hi friends, its been a crazy vacation and lot of things happened in past two weeks(Brother's wedding, Pilgrimage tour,etc). I did not find enough time to blog in between.Hoping to be back on schedule from march second week(Are you missing me?

;) Feel free to ping me and say hi!) As I will be on vacation till first week of march.Now to the post. I always wanted to try metal stamping, so when my friend asked what I want for my birthday I asked for metal stamps. When I tried stamping them on the metal blanks using hammer, I did not get good impression of letters.I couldn't find the exact reason. Materials Required : Polymer clay in desired colors / Metal blanks Metal alphabet stamps Hammer(Optional) Roller Oven to bake the clay Pearl Ex powder pigments in metallic colors /Acrylic paint & brush (Optional) Cookie cutters Step 1: Soften the clay by kneading and rolling several times.

Step 2: Use cookie cutters to cut them in shapes. Share what you think of this idea in the comments below.