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Current. 8/24/17

Potato Bin Made from One Pallet. Hey, guys! Here we are with only 3 days left in the 31 Days Working with Pallet series and I was able to squeeze in one final project, a rustic potato bin made using one pallet. I originally planned to stain, distress and add a few rustic features, but the rain from the hurricane foiled my plans. It’s only in the 40’s here in Ohio and the moisture level is 100%. Definitely not an ideal staining atmosphere. All of the side boards for all three sections are the same size. This project was a just-go-with-it kind of project. I love projects like this, no plans, no limits. I’ll share an update soon. This project was shared with a few amazing parties. Pin me for later! Pallet Countertop a Herringbone Pallet Deck Addition. Over the last week or so I’ve scored a few more pallets to complete the additions to my herringbone pallet deck.

If you missed the pallet deck post you can check it out at Two Level Pallet Deck. I used the pallets to build a simple bar and countertop using concrete stepping stones. Last summer I picked up a sink and faucet for only $3 at a garage sale. Score! The sink comes in handy for dirty hands while grilling out. Plus the added space next to the sink is fabulous for those afternoon cookouts with family and friends. The new additions have worked out wonderful for the last couple cookouts and I’m already making plans for the next cookout! Check out the view from my daughter’s window. The original deck photo shoot doesn’t show how large the deck really is. It turned out better than I had dreamed and the additions make the deck even better. Stick around for more additions coming soon. Thanks for stopping by! Sharing this post with the following parties: Linky Party List. Scrapality.