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Simple Monogram Pillow. JoAnn. Sarah M Dorsey. I adore Caitlin Wilson's pillows!

Sarah M Dorsey

They are all perfection! Here is my version of the Coral Deco Pillow. My twill tape arrived in the mail Saturday (all 72 yards of it! The best thing I could find at the time ...) It sounds plasticy, but it's actually cotton so it adheres well. That evening I got straight to work! Here's how I did it for my 20"x20" pillow sham. I created a border around the pillow using painters tape.

You can start anywhere, but you want to start the ribbon with a straight edge (slightly inset from where the tape will join it at the end, so that it gets covered) and then head either counter clockwise or clockwise. Below I created a few picture diagrams to show you exactly how I did the fold. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. To finish, where the ribbon meets the end, cut it straight across and fold at a 45 degree angle and adhere with no sew adhesive. I also went back and stuck a little no sew adhesive under the corners that were loose and secured with the iron.

Total cost: One Project Closer. October 10, 2013 | by Jocie (email) | Ever wonder how to sew a pillow?

One Project Closer

Bench Cushions

A Curiously Chic Life. My mom’s coworker commissioned me to make two pillowcases for her daughter as a Christmas present.

A Curiously Chic Life

She picked out the fabric (two different kinds, 1 yard each) and pillows (two 14”x14” pillows) and left the project in my hands. I wanted to keep the pillowcases simple so that they are easy to remove, so I settled on an envelope style, which means that there is a flap in the back that you can slide the pillow in and out of. The pillowcases were very easy to make and, if you’re just learning to sew, this is a great beginner’s project. They will also make fun Christmas gifts for anyone who is looking for last minute ideas. Here is a step-by-step tutorial: First, I suggest washing and ironing your fabric. Once you have your fabric washed and ironed, you can start measuring and cutting. A Girl & a Glue Gun. A Kailo Chic Life. Remember two Fridays ago when I talked about my obsession with confetti/glitter?

A Kailo Chic Life

Well, this is one project that came out of that obsession. This no-sew felt confetti pillow is so fun and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! I can't believe how easy it was to make this pillow. You really only need to know how to use scissors and glue and your are all set to craft it on up. The pillow form that I purchased was a 20" by 20" and I only ended up using about 1/2 of each sheet of felt to make this heart. The Supplies:An assortment of felt (I used 5 shades of pink, red, and purple, pink glitter, and gold which I got off Etsy)A solid colored canvas pillow cover (I got mine for $4 at Ikea)Washable fabric glue such as Fabri-tac or Fabric FusionScissorsA piece of cardboard as large as the pillow cover Start by cutting your felt into long strips and then into small confetti sized pieces.

Once you are finished, remove the cardboard and use the glue to fill in any blank spots. A Pumpkin & a Princess. A Spoonful of Sugar Designs. Sarah and I have changed our blog address and now have our own domain – A Spoonful of Sugar Designs.Please update your google reader, favourites, and subscriptions.

A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

You can now find us at We used Blogger to change the site address and they are redirecting traffic so hopefully everyone can still find us. It seems to be working well from our end. We also recently added an option to subscribe by email (check our side bar for the link). Thanks to Stephanie for a helpful post on how to set up your own domain.

Still working on the new cushions/pillows – four completed and two more to go! Related. Absolutely Loving My Life. Addicted 2 DIY. AKA Design. All Day Chic. All Things Thrifty. I have been making my own pillows for years.

All Things Thrifty

Here are the reasons why you should make your own pillows:1. They are MUCH cheaper to make than to buy. Let’s be honest here, great looking pillows cost right around $25.00 each…maybe even more. Yes, you can luck out every so often and find a sweet deal or a clearance item. But, in order to get what you really want, making a pillow is easy, I promise. 2. Amazing Interior Design. Ameroonie Designs. **This post is a partnership with Nancy's Notions all opinions are my own I am so excited to share with you this Patriotic Dresden Pillow.

Ameroonie Designs

I was sent a dresden ruler from Nancy's Notions and decided it was time to start adding some accessories to my front porch, and a pillow for my prized chairs built for me by my dad more than 15 years ago would be a great place to start. The hardest part was choosing fabric. Ameroonie Designs. Each month I am completely surprised by how varied everyone's take on the theme is.

Ameroonie Designs

This month is no exception. But I also have to say that even though they are all completely different- I LOVE them all! Looking for more deets on your favorite pillow? Follow the links here: 1. Ameroonie Designs. When I was a little girl I remember sitting up late on a summer evening peeking through the door to look out on the grown-ups and see what they were doing.

Ameroonie Designs

My great-grandfather would pull out his harmonica and play this song. I remember feeling so happy inside. Fast forward a couple decades and that same feeling fills me up as I sing the words of this song to my children. My youngest especially loves this song. Ameroonie Designs. So this is the latest in a long line of my favorite pillow ever!

Ameroonie Designs

I started out following a tutorial for a pleated pillow that I saw...somewhere. I could have sworn it was on Moda Bake Shop, but when I went to get the link, I couldn't find the tute anywhere. In a last ditch effort to find it, I went to One Pretty Thing and searched pillows and there it was- but the link to Moda didn't work!

No wonder I couldn't find it. :) Luckily she watermarked her picture, and I could find the name of the blog from the thumbnail on One Pretty thing. Ameroonie Designs. I can honestly say that the "bat" pillow is the first real throw pillow I have ever made. I didn't have a lot of throw pillows, because, honestly, they're just one more thing the kids can throw around. But, I have become enamored with the art of the throw pillow. They are small, simple (relatively) sewing projects that don't take a considerable amout of time to complete (mostly). Ameroonie Designs. So, I think this will be the LAST Valentine pillow tutorial I am going to post this year- but that's not written in stone, and I had one last idea....we'll see. ;) To make this pillow you will need a shape- in my case a heart and fabric. :) I used cotton, but you could use flannel as well.

Pin your template to the fabric to cut out. I cut out six layers of the heart. Center your shape on the pillow front. Sew lines down the shape at your desired width. Mine were about 7/8" but I would probably go smaller next time- I was just following the lines of circles on the fabric. Cut between the sewn lines. Stuff in your pillow form- and enjoy! Ameroonie Designs. I realized a while ago that I did not have a tutorial on how I usually make the backs for my pillows. Anderson + grant. Who doesn't love an easy and inexpensive way to make some decorative throw pillows for you home? A few months ago, my local Jo Ann Fabrics was selling all of their home decor fabric samples in order to bring in the new season's selection.

There were hundreds of fabric options....some plain fabrics, some patterned.....all different colors and textures. Most importantly, there were some really expensive fabrics available for the same price as the others (The day that I was there they just so happened to be having a half price sale on their remnants, making each sample square just a dollar apiece!)

Andreas Notebook. Getting new fabric in the mail is always exciting. And even more exciting when a friend sends you fabric they designed! I was so impressed when I got Dana’s newest fabric in the mail. Boardwalk Delight is seriously delightful. Ann Kelle. April 02, 2014 I’m pretty excited about this tutorial . . . you know how I adore bows. Well, my sewer friend, Laurie, is back again with a free tutorial that includes a big pretty bow! Apartment Therapy. Summer is in full swing and many of us have been busy with all sorts of home renovation projects. We might be making pillows, clothing, quilts, or just a nice tea cozy to keep the kettle dust free when it's not in use. Aqua Seventy 6. Architecture Art Designs. It is time to freshen up your home with some details. At Charlotte's House. Auntie Lolo Crafts.

Be Different Act Normal. BHG. Blooming Homestead. Centsational Girl. I thought about calling this the Ten Minute Pillow Cover, but realized it might take some a full fifteen minutes, or the pros just five. Centsational Girl. I’m a huge fan of the herringbone pattern that originated with the classic weave especially on floors, walls, and in fabric patterns too (did you know it’s named after the skeleton of a herring?)

I love the modern spin with a vertical stripe running through the short diagonal stripes and colorized in two or more offset shades. Chapman Place. Supplies:-petal pattern-fabric-buttons-embroidery floss. Chapman Place. Child at Heart. Classy Clutter. Classy Clutter. Craft Goodies. Crap I've Made. Crap I've Made. Crazy Little Projects. Create Craft Love. Creations by Kara. Creations by Kara. Creatively Living. Cup Half full. Cupkateer. Cutesy Crafts. Cutting Edge Stencil. Decorating Cents. Decorating Cents. Delectable Home. Delia Creates. Delicate Construction.

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