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DIY Pillow Ideas and Tutorials. Want a better room with little change of your pillows?

DIY Pillow Ideas and Tutorials

Just give them some changing or adding is an easy way. Simply printing some funny or elegant pictures or adding a pop color to your neutral color scheme is also very adorable.

Bench Cushions

Felt. Burlap. Quilted. I've been looking for fabric to make an accent pillow for my front room.

I wanted something that would tie all the colors together. So I needed grey, blue, brown and a touch of gold. Okay, we have a dear third sister, that we didn't allow in our little quilt company and blog.

We are super mean we know!!! However, she is SUPER talented in all her crafting endeavors. And because we love her, and really love this project, we are featuring her fabulous craft here... Supplies:-petal pattern-fabric-buttons-embroidery floss This pillow measures 12"x24" First of all, fold your fabric, so it is layered.

By doing this you can cut out multiple petals at once. I love Ikea fabric.

It is so modern and stylish. One day I noticed that they had a free pattern for an envelope pillowcase. I thought, "My couch pillows do not match the new color scheme. " Part of Finnegan's room reveal {which I will hopefully get to this week} includes this DIY initial pillow.

I thought that you might like to see how I did it, so here is the SUPER EASY tutorial. First, take your pillow cover, wash it and dry it {without fabric softener} and then iron flat. I’ve been saving plastic shopping bags and packing materials for quite a while now.

I saw this idea at In My Own Style, and I was intrigued and had to try it. That’s right, I stuffed pillows for my front porch with plastic bags. Now, having done this, I will say I wouldn’t use this technique for the pillows on your couch. Just when you thought I couldn't get one more pillow on my sofa...I went and made another one.

Just for the record, I am not a seamstress, but simple, elementary projects: I'm OK...just don't ask me to whip out a dress or anything. If you read my post about embellishing store bought curtains with ribbon, then you know I have discovered the genius of Heat n Bond....which inspired this whole project...I want to see what all I can bond together! I found this beauteous fabric at Walmart in the 1.00/yd bin, not only was it a beautiful shade of turquoise, but it has the most beautiful shade of cobalt blue on the reverse, that I just fell in love with! Because I can't sew, yet have some sort of fabric fetish, I bought some and decided to first make a pillow, then maybe with the remaining yardage perhaps squeak out a tablecloth.

Unless I can get my dear MIL to sew for me. Add a pop of color to your home this season with these fun and colorful pillow tutorials.

Colorful Block Pillow {via} Red Rosette Pillow {via} Round Pillow {via} translate using google translation Easy Pom-Pom Pillow {via} Ready for more red, white, and pink?

More hearts and glitter? More candy? Well, I’m not exactly ready to break out the Valentine’s Day decor yet (I’m enjoying our clutter-free, decorations-free house at the moment), but you could say I’m easing into thinking about Valentine’s Day. This is Jill, from Homemade by Jill, and I’m delighted to be your guest blogger today!

I am a stay-at-home mom of a crazy-cute little boy (Oscar), and in my free time I dabble in crafts. These days I spend a lot of time sewing, but I also love paper crafts, crochet, and baking. I just enjoy making things. Figuring out a new project is like solving a puzzle for me. The Chinese consider the tiger to be king of all the beasts and a symbol of powerful energy. Ancient myths tell of five tigers – white, black, blue, red and yellow – who hold the universe in perfect balance, preventing a collapse into chaos. Our fourth Silk Color Block Pillow is the Tiger Eye with five sharp box pleats representing the five tigers of protection.

A hidden line of edgestitching keeps these pleats crisp and clean without any topstitching to disturb the beautiful surface of the silk dupioni. I shared this tutorial on Tatertots and Jello back in April, but I wanted to share it with y’all here, too, just in case you missed it. I am loving the way peacocks are popping up everywhere in home decor realms of late! Today I’m going to share with y’all a tutorial for how to create a vibrant and fun peacock throw pillow cover to punch up your home decor. This project was inspired by this gorgeous rug I came across on Modern Chic Home a few weeks back. All set to make a peacock pillow of your own? Say that 5 times fast. The nursery in the DIY Blogger House was inspired by this fabric by Patty Young. (She is DELIGHTFUL. I took a class from her last year at The Creative Connection and it was for sure one of the highlights of my trip.) Liven up a regular square pillow with triangular front accents. Choose a funky button to contrast with more conservative fabrics, or pick fabrics in bold hues and patterns to make the whole pillow pop.

The unique design makes your finished pillow look pretty darn tricky, but the actual construction is quite simple. DIY Decorator.