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Sarah Hearts. The home project I’ve been most excited about (and anxious to complete) is my new home office. Since moving to L.A. in September, I’ve been planning how best to organize and set up my new workspace. Our home is a bungalow after all and about half the size of our home in Florida so I definitely wanted to be intentional about how the space was arranged. After chatting with my creative mom, I decided the best solution was to go up! Since the room is long and narrow, with doors at either end it made the most sense to utilize the wall space. My mom works at The Container Store, aka one of my favorite places ever, and helped design and plan the Elfa shelving. I wanted to break up the space a bit and add a pop of color to the floor with a bright rug.

There is about a 30″ wide space right when you walk in the room, so I decided to use that space to store fabric, tissue paper, and gift wrap. Check back tomorrow for details all about my custom horse patterned wallpaper! Addicted 2 DIY. Alkemie. These home owners did a fantastic job of turning a very common and mundane basement into a colorful and bright office and hobby room with every day materials. The space is not huge but they make good use of the space with a good floor plan. The colorful walls are simply peel and stick carpet floor tiles. Not only does it give the room a punch of color but it can double as a bulletin board.

Boards. The bottom half of the wall is covered with beaded board and gives the room a nice detail and finish to the walls. They used old scrabble boards with Scrabble tiles to caption and frame photos. An inexpensive way to make wall art is to take a set of photos, prints, or in this case cards and pin them on the wall in an orderly fashion. Believe it or not, this electronics charging station used to be a bread box. To come through. One way to make a space uncluttered is to not store anything on the desk or counter space - take it all away by storing the storing it on the wall like in the image above. problem. Beneath My Heart. BHG. BHG. Bob Vila: How To. Photo: Does it look like a bomb went off in your workshop? Even the best tools are useless if they are nowhere to be found when you need them. Hang pegboard for a quick and easy tool storage solution that can be scaled to fit just about any space, whether it’s the nook above your workbench or an entire garage wall.

MATERIALS AND TOOLS – Tape measure – 1″ x 3″ furring strips – Drill/driver – Wood screws – Pegboard – Jigsaw, circular saw, or table saw – Pegboard hangers STEP 1 Measure the width and height of the area where you plan to hang the pegboard, then calculate the number of furring strips you’ll need (they should be spaced every 16 inches).

For example, if your width measurement is 96 inches, divide 96 by 16 to find that you’ll need 6 furring strips. STEP 2 Cut the required number of furring strips to the height measured in Step 1. Related: Pegboard Storage: A Classic for All Time STEP 4 Decide what type of hardware to attach. By Dawn Nicole. Chaotically Creative. Clean & Scentsible. I have always loved the idea of using pegboards to organize a space but, for some reason, I have never used one in our home…until now! Last week, I showed you how we were using a large {6×8} pegboard in our garage to organize all of our sports equipment and today we will actually be talking about how to build a pegboard wall.

Pegboards are fabulous for organizing all of those little items that you are not quite sure what to do with. Craft supplies, tools, sporting gear, kitchen gadets – a pegboard can pretty much hold it all and allow you to easily find what you are looking for. Pegboards can be used in pretty much any space. Pegboard {we used 12 2×2 pieces that we cut down from 4×8 boards} Pine 1×2 boardsMiter saw 3 inch wood screws Plastic anchors {if you are unable to mount to studs} Stud finderScrew gun or drill 3/4-inch wood screws and washers Paint {we used Behr Marquee Paint in Balboa and Behr Paint in Pure White} Hooks and holders {ours were purchased from Home Depot}

Craft O Maniac. Craving Some Creativity. Cutting Edge Stencils - Tucson Trellis Allover. Learn How To Stencil A Pegboard Using Geometric Stencils Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! From a home office to a family command center, pegboards are perfect for organizing a space. Besides keeping clutter intact, these simple items can be pretty darn stylish too. Paint and stencil patterns can instantly upgrade standard pegboard.

Come take a look at how one DIY blogger styled her pegboard with a stencil design. We’d like to you to meet Jenna, the designer and creative blogger behind Jenna Burger Design. With her trellis stencil pattern in hand, Jenna was ready to makeover her pegboard. After the pegboard was completely stenciled, she lifted to reveal the pretty pattern. To check out her command center reveal featuring her stylish pegboard, please visit Jenna Burger Design. Tell us, have you considered stenciling a pegboard? Haven’t had enough stencil fun? Decorchick! ® If you’ve been around my blog long enough, you know I love some good organization!! And good GARAGE organization. That room gets me every time. But anyway, we did a little project recently for National Hardware, and am blown away at how easy it is to hang up peg board and attach hooks to it!

Why didn’t we do this sooner?? And you want to know something kind of funny? Is that we’ve never had any kind of pegboard organization, ever! National Hardware sent us oodles of goodies to use so we can get our life under control. :) So my husband did this entire project, and it came out great! He bought the pegboard from Home Depot, then also bought some extra trim to frame it out so it looks nice.

Then after he hung all of that up and framed it out, all he did was organize everything. This holds everything that we usually always need and always can’t find. Then here are a few more final shots. And that’s a wrap! And great job honey! Xxoo, Decorchick! And you want to know something kind of funny? Xxoo, Design Indulgences. Designs by Studio C. I love using peg board! Not only is it the perfect material for organization but it can be customized to match your decor in so many ways!

The DIY furniture plans to build a Framed Peg Board feature a wide frame with mitered corners and decorative narrow trim on the front. The frame has a routed rabbet on the front that the pegboard sits in. This allows for a 1/2″ gap between the pegboard and the wall for the hooks to be easily inserted. I used the biscuit joiner to assemble the frame – pocket holes or flat corner braces can also be used. This super-easy project is suitable for all skill levels! Materials: #20 biscuits OR1-1/4″ pocket hole screws OR2 sets (of four) 2-1/2″ corner braces3/4″ brad nailsHangers for the backWood glueSandpaper (100, 150, 220 grits)Finishing supplies (primer & paint, or stain, sealer) Tools Needed: Miter sawBiscuit joiner ORPocket hole jigDrillRouter with a 1/4″ rabbeting bitPneumatic nailer/stapler with compressor (or battery operated type)Sander Lumber: Cut List:

Eighteen25. Erin Spain. Fabric Paper Glue. Kenroy Home provided me with a free light fixture. We've now lived in our Nashville home for nearly 11 months. I got everything in order at lightening pace. For the most part, I've been pretty happy with all of my quick decisions, but not so much my office/workspace. After, you know, actually working in the space, it quickly revealed its shortcomings -- chief among them was that there wasn't enough storage for what is apparently an ever-expanding craft supply stockpile.

What you'll find conspicuously missing from old photos of the room is an overhead light. As for the curtains, I had gone with white back in November, because I'd thought that a bold pattern would compete and ultimately clash with the wallpaper. And now, my pegboard. Disclosure: Kenroy Home provided me with a free light fixture. Family Handyman. Family Handyman. Fresh Design Pedia. Fresh Design Pedia. Fresh Design Pedia. Fresh Design Pedia. Ginger Snap Crafts. Hello! I’m back! Did you miss me? Ha! I’m sure you were just as busy as me enjoying the holidays. It’s good to be back to a more normal routine though! Time to get some projects marked off my list.

This project had been on my to do list for along time. First, you’ll need to measure how big you want to make your peg board. You’ll need a few other supplies to get started: trim 1x2 boards nail gun & nails wood glue paint paint brush caulk & caulking gun table saw miter saw *At the bottom of this post I’ll link to were I got my peg hooks & other storage bins. :) First, you’ll make a frame using the 1x2 boards. I gave my peg board a fresh coat of white paint. We also make a 4 foot by 3 foot frame using some wood trim the same exact way we did the 1x2 frame.

Using a nail gun we nailed the peg board to the 1x2 frame. Put a thin layer of wood glue around the edge of the peg board then sit the nicer trim frame right on top of the peg board. You can see more by clicking the picture below. :) Ginger Snap Crafts. Good Housekeeping. Plotting an organized and pretty laundry room isn't the easiest home decorating task. So when we see one that hits the well-designed nail on the head, we can't wait to sing its praises.

And Christina, the blogger behind The DIY Mommy, certainly earns our stylish laundry room badge with this successful bare-to-better makeover. Here are three things she got oh-so right (and you should totally steal them for your house): Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 1. She didn't skimp on the pegboard.Christina didn't stick with a tiny square of this utlity room staple; she covered the whole darn wall with the stuff. Hanging giant pegboard fully grasps every inch of vertical space. 2. 3. Take a closer look around the room: The DIY Mommy See more photos of Christina's ship-shape laundry space (and watch a video tour with her insider tips) at The DIY Mommy. TELL US: What do you think of this room? Happily Ever After, Etc. Well the word is finally out, I’m putting a pegboard in the Craft Room! Pegboards are such a great way to add storage…. and as an added bonus they’re absolutely adorable. The best part is that while I was doing research for my pegboard I found more inspiration then I’ll ever need (31 Pegboard Ideas for Your Craft Room to be exact)!

So I’m sharing it with you. I’ve put together thirty-one Pinterest spectacular pegboards from my search on . I know there were way to many ideas for one pegboard so hopefully you’ll be able to find a few ideas for your pegboard too! I feel like this is where a speech about pegboard world domination should go but that’s not really the point of this post so let’s just get to the pretty pictures. If you like a pegboard click on the image to be taken to the original post for even more info! Use a drying rack for anything on a spool! I love how many spools of ribbon and thread were smooshed into this one little pegboard with the use of drying racks! One word: Shelves. Happily Ever After, Etc. After three weeks of steady working on our Craft Room Makeover it’s finally time for our biggest, most creative project. And the best part is that with just a fifteen dollar investment at our local hardware store I’m finally sharing exactly how to make a giant pegboard.

The hubby and I picked up our giant pegboard at Marvins… it’s four feet wide by eight feet tall and took 2 guys (the Marvins loading dude and the hubster) to tie it to the top of our SUV. I thought about purchasing a smaller pegboard and adding a pretty frame but in the end the need for space won out and I decided to go with a tall pegboard that would really carry the eye allllll the way up to the ceiling. It’s a small space so anything that makes the space seem bigger is a good thing. Of course, the pegboard we brought home was just a tad bit too big so the first thing we did was take this bad boy outside and shave a bit off the sides. Large Pegboard PowerdrillDrywall AnchorsWashersPegboard hooksRose Gold Spray Paint Save. Hey Lets Make Stuff. Hi Sugarplum! Hello, hello!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! We spoiled Mr. Sugarplum with love, and confused him with all the mustaches (especially since I much prefer him clean-shaven). We also heard from a lot of friends and family who saw the feature in the Dallas Morning News yesterday…thanks for the love! I’ve got so much to share with you this week, including the washi crafts I created for the newspaper feature, and I finally get to reveal my Pottery Barn Mystery Box Challenge! But today I’m excited to show you a corner of our garage that got a much needed butt-kicking in the organization department. In your house, the garage may be the Mister’s domain. A few weeks ago, I finally ripped off the band-aid and went to it! I wanted to get these galvanized shelves, but they were out-of-stock, and when the organizing bug strikes, you have to move fast!

Next, I rounded-up all 187 of the paint cans, and opened each one. I like to see details, so I’ll show you the contents of each shelf. Home Tips World: Tool Hangers. Honeybear Lane. Houseful of Handmade. If you haven’t use pegboard to organize your sewing or crafting supplies, you should! Seriously, it was a huge game changer for me when I created my pegboard in my old craft corner. Having my scissors, washi tape, ribbons and other frequently used crafting supplies within arms reach, always ready to go, makes crafting so easy.

But when I moved from my craft corner and desk in the living room to my new office & craft room, I knew I wanted my pegboard hung so it wasn’t permanently attached to the wall. With a few extra steps, I figured out how to hang pegboard so it is removable (or easily moveable). If you missed yesterday’s post, I am working on redoing my new office & craft room this month by only spending $100. If you do not have an old piece of pegboard and a pile of scrap wood lying around, it may cost you a little bit to make this awesome craft room storage solution. And can we just talk about how pretty the pegboard looks loaded with craft supplies and tools? IHeart Organizing. Last week I hinted that I was working on a couple of pegboard projects.

Why pegboard? Because they offer a way to maximize vertical space while keeping commonly used items right at hand. They allow you to mix and match a variety of storage options and keep your surfaces and work areas clutter free. And they are versatile! My first peggy project is done and it was the easiest project ever. After we removed a storage cabinet from our laundry room to use as a gift wrap station, we decided to take advantage of the fresh blank slate and bring in some new functionality.

Did I mention that this was super simple? As you can see from the photo above, we measured, cut the pegboard to the size of the frame, and popped it inside. I gave the frame a coat of my favorite gold spray paint, and opted to leave the pegboard white to allow the colorful accessories to shine. As far as what I selected to store here, just the most commonly used items. And that is that! IHeart Organizing. IHeart Organizing. In My Own Style. Just A Girl. Just Between Friends. Lara Robby. Lemon Thistle.

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