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Current. 12/9/16, 4/9/17
Finished. 6/2/17
Tagged. 6/16/17

Diy Archives - Page 137 of 147 - Paper and Stitch. Paper and Stitch - Page 82 of 643 - Inspiration for your DIY life. I rarely shy away from a DIY celebration. If you have something to celebrate, I have an endless supply of decorative food trays and maybe even a party hat or too. Let’s go! So when Smirnoff ICE asked me to flip a traditional tailgating party on it’s head, and share my take on a ladies tailgating event, I was all over it. Little known fact, when Jeff and I first started dating, he took me to my very first football game. And once I got a handle on the basic rules, scoring, etc, I got way more into it than I anticipated. So pack up the car, grab a few friends, and head to the nearest park (or grassy area, I’m not picky), by the field. The very first thing that you’re going to need for a picnic party: blankets. Don’t have any blankets? Food and drinks are next on the list of must-haves. I brought along simple sandwiches and wraps, along with a pesto pasta salad (that I made ahead of time) to munch on.

Spiked Orange Creamsicle with a Kick Spiked Sweet Tea Spiked Apple, Pear, and Pineapple Punch. Paper and Stitch.