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I have always loved a starburst mirror.

Especially over a bed. There is something so timeless about them and they look good with lots of different decor. Making a starburst mirror is so easy. This DIY Scalloped Mirror is an easy way to create custom home decor in minutes!

I am always on the hunt for new home decor ideas, especially ones I can create myself for a much lower cost. Plus there’s the whole needing to match my current decor color scheme thing. Sometimes making something yourself is just the best option! I’ve seen a lot of decorative mirrors with scalloped frames at the home decor stores. Pinterest challenge: Mission Completed!

We decided to DIY a sunburst mirror. Out of all the things we thought of (there were so many) the mirror seemed like the best idea. I happen to be a little obsessed with them and now I finally own one! Yay! Today I’m introducing you to Chaney of May Richer Fuller Be, who will be sharing some DIY projects here each month!

I’m so excited about this because, well, just look at all the awesome on this post. LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS, Y’ALL. Also, I just updated the site so please excuse the wonky formatting today as I do a little house-keeping! I didn't use to like yellow - not for my home, my clothes or even my paintings.

I tend to like cooler colors. And yet, I've seen the gray-yellow trend lately and I've got to confess, I love it. I find it quite pleasing, refreshing and balanced. Ranging from dark gray to the lightest one, yellow sparks here and there are the perfect mix to generate gorgeous rooms. How do you like it? Happy Friday!

If you’re looking for a fun weekend project how about making a gold sunburst mirror for your home? This DIY project was pretty easy to make and costs less than $40! Supplies needed:Wooden dowels of 0.47cm thicknessWooden dowels of 0.3cm thicknessRuler 3 color pencils or pens (optional)Small saw tooth knifeHot Glue gun and glue sticksCraft paint of your choice and paint brushClear gloss Spray Paint (I used Krylon low odor clear finish-Gloss)Small Craft mirrors of varied sizes ( I used 1", 0.5" and 0.25")9" round Candle mirror8" round and thin wooden boardSaw tooth hangerWall nail Hammer Using saw tooth knife cut 12 wooden dowel pieces of 0.47cm thickness at 14" length each.

Cut another 24 wooden dowel pieces of 0.47cm thickness at 13" length each. Remember the Buffet that I re-did here...

Well, I finally got it in the house and decided to make a starburst mirror to hang over it. This is like my DIY Corner and I'm pretty proud of it! I started googling DIY Starburst Mirror and came across Thrifty Decor Chick and followed her directions EXACTLY! Find them here (mine are below). What a difference a little color makes!

I decided my white sunburst mirror was a little boring. It only looked good from an angle, where the shadows would emphasize the shapes. Straight on, it looked more like a plain white circle. So I grabbed some paint samples and started painting the sun’s rays. I’m happy how it turned out, but I think black would have looked good too. So sorry for the suspense regarding my toolbox dresser project.

I haven’t made much progress on it yet. In the meantime, I decided to make a starburst mirror. This project was a cinch because I learned from the mistakes I made on my sunburst mirror. The basic materials for this one: an Ikea plant glide (which I also used for my furniture-nail clock), wooden plant markers, and wooden skewers. How to make a starburst mirror. I know, I know...I bet you're wondering when I am going to get to that room! My excuse is, it rained all week long. Today was our first day of great sunshine and hopefully it will continue so I can get some good pictures. Plus it was spring break and I couldn't torture my kids while I fluffed my room! I have been wanting mini sunburst mirrors for a long time. So, I learned a thing or two about scale this week.... I realized that the sunburst mirror I made last year and put hours of work into- is seriously too huge to hang above our bed. My hubby might be a little irritated if he had to sleep with golden spikes poking down near his head!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good restful weekend...ours was chilly and rainy and just plain out gross. Welcome spring! So, of course that kept me indoors most of the weekend. Which was good because I was able to get a lot of stuff done! So I guess its a catch 22. I have been meaning to get this project up for awhile now and life has just happened. I hope you are ready, because this project will rock your world. Well, OK, it may not rock your world, but it makes my crafty heart happy.

Hey everyone! This is my final official entry in this season's So You Think You're Crafty? Competition. I'll get a full tutorial up eventually (because this project is not only easily adaptable to a variety of supplies, but is also, dare I say, lovely), but in the meantime, you can read here, in its perfectly formatted entirety, the project I posted there last week.