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Current. 12/26/16
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Finished. 4/3/17

Geo Earrings. I've been so busy this week - submitting papers, planning stuff, painting trim (which I will be doing again after this post -.

Geo Earrings

-") that I've missed making the post that I've planned last Monday. So busy. But no worries, I'm here again with another paint chip earrings project for you folks out there reading this. Why paint chip earrings again? It's cause I'm a fan of really lightweight earrings. Faux Druzy Necklace. I first discovered druzy jewelry a few months on Hautelook and ever since then I've noticed them more often.

Faux Druzy Necklace

I love the raw organic look of them, but not the price. I have yet to discover a piece that I like that doesn't come with a steep price tag. So I set about faking making my own, and I actually like them. Wanna know how to make them? Then keep reading :) Gilded Ball Drop Earrings. I love browsing through online stores and most of the time I come across stuff that I think I can DIY - I encourage myself to DIY most things to save up money as well as to hone my noncreativity.

Gilded Ball Drop Earrings

LOL. Anyway, this time around I was browsing around Hautelook and saw these cute drop earrings - and it sparked some inspiration in me to do something similar. Read on to find out how I made these! Chain Cage Pearl Earrings. Sometimes you just see something that you fall completely in love with - if it was in another color.

Chain Cage Pearl Earrings

That was the case when I saw these Gemma Redux 'White Pearl Waterfall Earrings' at I didn't like the whole girly-elegant vibe and wanted a younger, punk-rockish version that would go well with a lot of things, in my opinion. I decided I'd DIY it - in black. How, you ask? Well, I guess you should read on! Easy Gem and Tassel Necklace. These past few weeks I've been in such an emotional roller coaster I can't even begin to describe to you guys.

Easy Gem and Tassel Necklace

For now, everything's...okay. I appreciate all the prayers and encouraging messages. I'm trying to get back on track and remembering why I started this blog in the first place, so I'm trying to motivate myself to post more and such. Bear with me, guys. Faceted Heart Charm. Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away, and while I'm not really enthused about celebrating it (as my partner is a few hundred miles away) I still do try and get into the spirit - after all, I still have to make cute favors for my little siblings and some printables, right?

Faceted Heart Charm

I was browsing the internet the other day and I saw some cute faceted heart pendants and I wanted to recreate them in polymer clay just because I am obsessed with the material right now (again). Read on for the tutorial! Polymer clay. Popsicle Raindrop Earrings. It's sunny out today but I felt like making some raindrop-shaped earrings.

Popsicle Raindrop Earrings

I guess it's the anticipation of Spring and the rain that comes with it that made me think of making these earrings. They were an easy craft too - one involving just a single popsicle stick as the main material. Cute Bunny Charm. I have been too obsessed with cute animals lately (did you see my Panda Phone Sticker and the Free Panda Wallpaper for you desktop and phone?)

Cute Bunny Charm

, but I just can't fight the will to make more cute animal crafts - today though, I'll be focusing on bunnies with this cute (and kid-friendly!) Bunny charm. It's just timely, right, with Easter just a month(ish) away? You will need these few things: Bunny template. Faux Cement Dangling Earrings. I really love the color of cement - I've been wanting to experiment with them but I haven't had the chance to go to the hardware store yet to get some.

Faux Cement Dangling Earrings

So to appease my hunger to craft with the said item, I made some earrings out of gray polymer clay. So without further ado, I present to you my faux cement earrings. You can always imitate the look of real cement by texturizing the polymer clay once formed - but I chose to skip that step because I saw how pretty the clay looked after molding them into a gem mold... and I couldn't bear marring the beautiful smooth surface. Candy Dot Earrings. If you loved my DIY enamel dots more than a week ago I'm sure you will love this too.

Candy Dot Earrings

It's such a fun and easy way to make colored stud earrings for the spring and summer seasons. I'm feeling so giddy about this that after taking photos of for this tutorial I went ahead and made more for myself... I'm planning to make a pair for each color of nail polish I own! Read more to find out how :) Dangling Candy Earrings from Flat-Back Gems. I wanted some bright and colorful earrings for Summer trips and such - cause yes, summer is almost, finally here. I could've made them using traditional methods, but I wanted to utilize what I had on hand - a box full of brightly colored flat-back gems. I got it at Michaels for really cheap without really knowing what I'll do with it - I'm always like that (are you, too?!).

Wanna know how I made these? Then check it out: Easy Faux Druzy Earrings. Diamond + Arrow Earrings. Okay - it's another case of I love the earrings, I don't really love the color and I don't love the price. When I was browsing the interwebs I saw these Flexion Earrings from Anthropologie, and while I loved the shape, the all-silver isn't really my style. And they weren't that expensive, but since the color is off, it wasn't worth it to spend the money on it.

So off I went and made my own with super simple materials that you may already have at home! Embossed Half-Circle Pendant. I was thinking of what to do with clay when I thought of using my embossing folders to try and emboss some of the clay I was playing with - I love how mine turned out that I'm thinking of making some earrings like it. Mind you, this is not a new thing although I want to share with you guys how I made mine - it's so easy and so fun I'm sure you'll want to make more as well!

Supplies: Polymer clayEmbossing folderBox cutterSkewer stickJump ringsNecklace chain First, roll your clay into a ball and flatten it a bit like pictured above. It helps to sandwich it between two pieces of paper while flattening to pull it out easier. Half-Circle Dangle Earrings. Elongated Spike Drop Earrings. I love stalking stores online for bead findings for jewelry making. I rarely check measurements, so most of the time I end up with findings that are too big or too small for my intended project. A few months ago I was looking for elongated beads in a teardrop shape and found some - but since I did not check the measurements yet again, I ended up with ones bigger than what I would like.

They sat in my bead container for a while, until I made these elongated earrings. See how! Supplies. Easy Trapeze Earrings. These past few weeks have been really busy for me and I just feel like it's going to get busier. I really do love my blog and though I have a ton more commitments now more than ever, I'll try my best to post more than once a week. :) Today's easy DIY will be in the form of these gorgeous trapeze earrings, which I've been meaning to make for a long time now. They come together in no time at all - just make sure to have the materials in hand! Supplies: Dagger Earring Studs.

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