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Decor Hack // 5 Fun & Simple DIY Mirrors. I’ve been dying DIY lately, and even have a few fun ideas… but it’s time I’m lacking.

Decor Hack // 5 Fun & Simple DIY Mirrors

Trying to balance my time lately has been a bit of a challenge and sometimes it takes everything being completely chaotic to get to a point where you can look at all the things and say OKAY, I GET IT NOW. I’m slowly figuring out how to compartmentalize my time spent working on all my various projects as well as just deal with life in general and all that comes with it. It’s funny, because I was so bored for so long and wanted more… but you kind of forget that with more also comes more stress trying to figure it all out. But I love it. Once the dust settles and all is clear again, everything is shiny and new and progress is just natural. Anyway, I was looking for fun mirror projects the other day and loved these 5 simple diys I found around the blogosphere. DIY Long O-Ring Double Chain Necklace. We normally see “O-Ring” necklaces attached to leather or faux leather and in the form of a choker with rivets holding the ring and the leather together. You can see me wearing a vintage version in this outfit post and this one as well.

DIY Bracelets & Anklets: Rose Gold Chain & Wire Initials & Hearts. On a hunt for some chunky curb chain to use for another DIY project I had in mind, I found and bought this very thin copper chain of the same shape but very tiny in size.

DIY Bracelets & Anklets: Rose Gold Chain & Wire Initials & Hearts

While it’s not right for the original project I had in mind, I think it’s lovely all the same and looks really pretty next to the copper wire I found at the hardware store a few weeks ago. The delicate bracelets and anklets are surprisingly sturdy, even with just bent copper and no closures. I added the pearls for contrast, but it’s entirely up to you… Here’s what you’ll need… * Rose gold chain I used 3.6mm Flattened Curb Chain* 20 gauge Copper wire* Wire cutters* Faux pearls * Use your wire cutters to snip off a few inches of copper wire. * String a few pearls or beads on, because it’s easier to do it before you create your design — and make sure your ends are curved in. * Bend your wire into a design… I created a simple cursive “M” with 3 pearls… trim any excess wire away. ** Notice how my ends are curved IN.

Voila! Pearl & Leather Necklace DIY. Flipping through the October 2011 InStyle Magazine, I came across Lauren Hutton’s picks and found this delicate pearl necklace from Calypso Sea and loved the contrast of the raw leather with the pretty pearls.

Pearl & Leather Necklace DIY

I went to my local bead shop to find some really great pearls but they were closed so I used the budget version from JoAnn’s and it turned out just as nice. * Raw leather cording… I used very fine leather cord for this & bought two packs but didn’t use it all.* Pearls* Bead reamer for plastic pearls or a pearl reamer for real pearls.* Scissors * Cut two strips of leather cord between 20″-30″ depending on the length you want and tie a knot about an inch from each end. Quick DIY Fabric Lined Basket. I mentioned the other day that this week I’ve been cleaning out my office and giving it a little refresher and though I thought I’d be done by now, I’m still just not.

Quick DIY Fabric Lined Basket

But in the mean time, I’ve done a few little DIYs to bring the space together and this is one of them. I needed a place to house my monthly giveaway stuff and prior to now, this shelf-bench sort of became the place where everything random just landed. As I decluttered my space, I also realized a needed to create new places for different areas of my life. Three years later, I still love my office, but I use it a bit differently than I did in the beginning and so I needed to reorganize for that. It’s still basically the same use of space, with a few upgrades, which you’ll see soon. BUT now… DIY Fabric Lined Baskets These baskets were your regular run-of-the-mill reddish brown in color, so I gave them a quick refresh with gold spray paint… but that wasn’t enough. Love Meagan.