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Current. 12/14/16
Finished. 3/29/17

DIY and creative living for the modern maker. DIY - Easy stud earrings. Here is the worlds easiest DIY earring tutorial, you really can make these in the time it takes to boil a kettle and all you need is some earring backs, strong glue and some flat backed gem stones.

DIY - Easy stud earrings

If you are new to DIY or a bit intimidated then these are a great place to start and don't require any additional tools. If you mount them onto pretty card or put them into a nice box they would make a great gift and are easy on the purse. Homemade Macarons. Its not often you'll catch me posting about my cooking achievements but I have just pulled these beauties out the bag!

Homemade Macarons

They would be perfect if you are looking for something very last minute to take to a New Year's bash and want to wow your nearest and dearest. I followed a recipe from The Simple Things (issue 3, page 104) but if you don't have a copy here are all the instructions. DIY - Leather Tassel Necklace. Here's a lovely summery Isabel Marant inspired DIY to start the week.

DIY - Leather Tassel Necklace

When Erin from Thanks I Made It (If you haven't looked at her blog make sure you do) tweeted about a tassel making ban I was more than happy to help a crafter in need and make this tutorial on her behalf. Apart from these I haven't done many tassel tutorials but like Erin I'm now hooked you can expect to see a lot more around these parts especially as I ordered so much leather. Talking of leather (I ordered mine from Ebay, of course) make sure you buy a thin as you can, go for a 1mm or thinner. The green tassels were meant to be pink but the pieces I ordered were too thick so they are now safely tucked on the craft supplies pile ready for another project. It was great fun doing a project for another blog, putting your own spin on someone's idea can really take you from your comfy place once in a while (I am available if anyone wants tutorials). DIY - Leather & Charm Bracelets. I think 2013 is the summer is the summer of bracelets, I feel like I have made hundreds of versions.

DIY - Leather & Charm Bracelets

I wear a bunch, leave them around the flat then through-out the week pick them all up and put them back on again. Not deterred by my existing collection I have added a few more to the mix. I had intended them to be slightly different but I simplified my original design to make a really simple tutorial, perfect for using up bits and pieces you have in your craft supply box. Workshop - Introduction to Jewellery Making. I've been teaching locally for almost a year now at Make, Do and Mend in Chelmsford.

Workshop - Introduction to Jewellery Making

Hannah, Hayley and Alie have made me feel so welcome, I really look forward to teaching my tutorials to all the lovely ladies that come along. At times teaching still feels very new but I'm slowly figuring it all out, I've learnt that I can't do enough preparation and am really grateful to the team for letting my try new ideas and classes. The basics of jewellery making - lesson four. I can't believe we are up to lesson four, we're just over half way through the basics of jewellery making as there are a few more techniques that I still want to share with you.

the basics of jewellery making - lesson four

For today I'm looking at crimps and calottes. Crimps come in different sizes I normally have a few 1mm in as well as the larger 2mm size in my box. They are really easy to use and when paired with a calotte give a really professional finish to your jewellery. The basics of jewellery making - lesson three. So we're up to lesson three which means we can finally get on with making something - whoop!

the basics of jewellery making - lesson three

The very first technique you need to know is opening and closing a jump ring. Perfect this and you'll be able to make so much, used for fastening clasps and attaching just about anything the humble jump ring is the basis for so many projects. The basics of jewellery making - lesson two. For today's second jewellery making lesson we're going to be talking findings.

The basics of jewellery making - lesson two

Findings refer to all the bits and pieces that connect and fasten, they come in so many different colours, I have (badly) photographed only gold pieces here but I have all the above in silver too. If you visit any bead shop you can usually buy findings individually for a few pence which is perfect if you are just starting out as it means you can test different pieces and see what you like working with before committing to buying 100's of one item. The cheapest findings to buy are gold or silver plated, you can buy sterling silver or gold filled but thats when things start to get expensive so hold off until you have a few pieces under your belt. For all my tutorials I use gold plated and they last a good few years without becoming too tarnished. If I am making for a special occasion then I usually splash out and buy the real deal. The basics of jewellery making - lesson one. I'm so excited to be starting a new series today, I'm going to go right back to the start and will teach you how to make jewellery from scratch.

The basics of jewellery making - lesson one

I hope that you will all join in the fun, please tweet, instagram and email me any questions, I am building this series as I go so anything you want to know just ask. Use the hashtag #happymaking with any of your pictures and I will share my favourites on the site too. Whoop, lets start! DIY - leather heart bracelet. For today's DIY I have gone with really simple and paired down leather heart bracelets.

DIY - leather heart bracelet

I always say to myself "don't do cheesey heart valentines DIY's' but then the urge gets too strong and all I can think about is heart shaped things. I made these before breakfast on Sunday when I started playing around with my favourite leather scraps and a heart shaped hole punch, they are quick simple and are perfect for dishing out to your loved ones.

I don't normally use these subtle colours but I think soft colours work perfectly and stop them looking too sweet. Lotts and Lots.