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Current. 1/29/17
Finished. 3/29/17

1 Bedroom, 10 Ways. When we first bought this house a few years ago, I envisioned that I would somehow have tons of money and would just go to all the stores and buy all the stuff.

1 Bedroom, 10 Ways

Obviously, that didn't happen. When I expected to feel like this... DIY Ideas for Your Bedroom. Hey ya'll!

DIY Ideas for Your Bedroom

So, today I'm finally sharing all of the little changes I've been making to the master bedroom over the past month or so. First things first, let's address the elephant in the room: This room is on its 11th look. DIY No Sew Two Toned Curtains. Hey ya'll!

DIY No Sew Two Toned Curtains

So, I've finally found a solution to a little problem that I come across almost every time I buy curtains. You know how most stores sell curtains that are either 63'' or 84''? But when you hang your curtains near the ceiling like the internet tells you to, they end up being way too short? And then you look online, only to find that most 95'' curtains are $100 a panel? And then you face palm and decide to go without curtains forever. 50 Budget Decorating Tips. Hey ya'll.

50 Budget Decorating Tips

So, this renovation that I've been snailing my way through is finally on the home stretch. I've been painting and installing trim and doors for nearly 6 weeks now, and I think I might actually be finished by this time next week. LiveLoveDIY.