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Current. 12/12/16
Finished. 3/21/17

“Glass” Flower Embellished Vases. Lauren from My Wonderfully Made purchased vases and fake flowers from the thrift store and recreated Anthro vases.

“Glass” Flower Embellished Vases

To make her flowers appear glass-like Lauren used a high gloss clear glue. I love the simplicity of these vases with the “glass” flower embellishments adding a pop of color and personality. Lauren was inspired by the Rose of Sharon Grand Vase from Anthropologie. Check out the full tutorial at My Wonderfully Made. Floral Ring Dish from Air Dry Clay. Jennifer from Brave New Home tends to like more neutral décor – that is until warmer weather hits!

Floral Ring Dish from Air Dry Clay

Then she’s all about brighter colors and florals, like these pretty monogram ring dishes from Anthropologie. Jennifer knew they’d make wonderful gifts for her kid’s teachers and recreated them using air dry clay. Silverware Silhouettes. Leah from California Callahans created these wood silhouette silverware cutouts for her dining nook.

Silverware Silhouettes

She writes, “I wanted a simpler, more modern shape for the silverware and I cut mine out wood rather than metal, but once they are on the wall you can’t tell the difference.” The difference she is referring to is her original inspiration pieces which are the Silverware Silhouettes from Pottery Barn (no longer available). Blue “Ceramic” Rose Vase. A tutorial for paper “ceramic” roses was just the aha moment that Terra from Mama Says Sew needed.

Blue “Ceramic” Rose Vase

She had been pondering how to knock off an Anthro flower-bedecked vase and finally had her jumping off point. Terra bought a dime a dozen glass vase from Goodwill and coated it with some ocean blue spray paint. She finished the vase off by adding her faux ceramic roses with pretty pearl centers. Terra was inspired by the Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase from Anthropologie. Get the tutorial at Mama Says Sew. Circle Wall Art. Even if you’re not an artist, you may be amazed at your ability to create a piece of art that you love for your home.

Circle Wall Art

Kelli from A Happy Place Called Home rode the roller coaster of excitement to disappointment when she saw some circle art prints online AND their monster price tags. Fortunately, she was able to replicate the design with some paint and old restaurant tabletops she bought for a buck each. Kelli says, “I refuse to pay $775 for designer artwork when I can make it myself for less than $20.00!” Kelli was inspired by the Twister Wall Art by Michael Gold and Bob Williams. Get all the details at A Happy Place Called Home. Stenciled Wall Mirror. You all know I have about of a love affair with stenciling.

Stenciled Wall Mirror

With the endless design options and potential for taking the ordinary to extraordinary, there’s a lot to love. One thing I am yet to try stenciling is a mirror, but Beth from Free Stylin’ does a fabulous job showing how it’s done. Wire Baskets with Liners. Mary Anne from Purposedly Reinvented was in need of some baskets to tame the media mess that had taken over her built-in console.

Wire Baskets with Liners

Some wire baskets from Pottery Barn sent her straight into “knock off mode.” With the help of IKEA and a trusty can of spray paint, Mary Anne got the same look for way less than cash! Mary Anne was inspired by the Toscano Wire Basket from Pottery Barn. Get the whole scoop on Mary Anne’s baskets at Purposedly Reinvented. Silver Starburst Mirror. I am thrilled to have Mrs.

Silver Starburst Mirror

Polly Rogers back with another of her fabulous and frugal creations, and let me say that her starburst mirror is a true lesson in thriftiness! The secret ingredient here is bendy straws that Polly painted silver and attached to an inexpensive round mirror. Wood Framed Flatware Kitchen Art. Nick from Lifestyles of the Rich and the Davis’ was happy to oblige when his wife requested a trio of flatware canvases for their dining area.

Wood Framed Flatware Kitchen Art

With the help of Photoshop, Nick created his own stencils and painted the spoon, knife, on fork onto the canvases. Now, many would of stopped there, but Nick wasn’t done yet! Mirror Makeover. Sharon from Lilikoi Joy had the idea to place long mirrors above her nightstands to mimic the look of windows.

Mirror Makeover

Unfortunately, the mirrors looked more like the cheap plastic door mirrors they were than the pretty windows Sharon had envisioned. Instead of tossing them to the curb, Sharon decided to give the mirrors a “Hollywood regency style glam makeover.” They certainly don’t look cheap or plastic now! Sharon was inspired by these windows pictured from Interiors Magazine. Find the detailed tutorial at Lilikoi Joy. Chevron Painted Storage Bins. Angela from Life in Velvet was inspired by patterned canvas baskets from Anthropologie to paint her own storage bins and replicate the look.

She picked up some pop up canvas bins on clearance from Crate & Barrel that were pretty but definitely lacking pizzazz. Angela infused them with life by painting on a chevron pattern using a vinyl stencil cut from her Cricut. Lace Pressed Jewelry Dish. Esther from Wholly Kao wanted to come up with an original idea for a handmade gift swap with some friends. Instead of defaulting to jewelry, Esther was inspired to create a dish for holding rings and other small baubles.

I love the designs that Esther achieved by pressing lace into the clay prior to baking. So pretty! Esther’s dish is similar to this ring holder from Anthropologie. DIY Desk Organizer. With a new school year on the horizon, we’ve all got back-to-school organization on the mind. You know… homework stations, command centers, backpack drop zones, etc. Alexandra for Brit + Co shares a fun little project that might come in handy for organizing your student’s desk this year, and it basically just requires a collection of glass containers in varying sizes.

I am guessing we could all pull a few of those out of the cabinet, right? A little paint and glue, and you’ve got stylish desk storage on a dime! Alexandra was inspired by the Multiples Pencil Holder from Anthropologie. Origami Jewelry Dish. Many years ago, Jennifer from Brave New Home splurged on a frilly, feminine ring holder from Anthropologie. However, her style has changed over the years, and she was ready for something a little more modern. Jennifer broke out the air dry clay and sculpted a catchall dish that’s reminiscent of those little paper boats you may have folded as a child. Jennifer couldn’t resist deviating from her inspiration a bit and painting the interior yellow for a fun punch of color. Jennifer was inspired by the Origami Boat Catchall Dish that is no longer available from Urban Outfitters.

DIY Curtain Projects. Oh, curtains. They can be such a pain in the rear challenge when it comes to decorating. There are just so many factors to consider – length, weight, material, sheerness, rod style… Take all that and then try to find the color and pattern you want. That’s where I have found myself time and again turning to DIY projects to get the exact curtains I need and want for my space.

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